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This Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzles and Collectibles will tell you how to solve the Puzzles and find the Collectibles in the exciting third chapter.

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Now that we're in Chapter 3, Deliver Us Mars starts to pick up a bit in difficulty. The Puzzles are a little more engaging and challenging, but it's the story that really shines here. Read on for Puzzle solutions and Collectible locations!

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzle Solutions

Here are the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzle Solutions we've found.

Quicklinks: Hard Capture to ARK Labos | Get to the Bridge | Restore Power to the ARK
Abandon Ship | Don't Crash

Hard Capture to ARK Labos

Your first Puzzle will be to dock with ARK Labos in orbit around Mars. Once again, you're in your chair in the Cockpit.

A button on the right side of the center console will light up. Push it, and you'll find yourself looking through a camera at a docking port:

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Hard Capture to ARK Labos 01

You're attempting to dock your spaceship Zephyr to the ARK Labos. You'll have to maneuver the ship closer by paying attention to the three "Velocity" numbers on the right side of the screen:

  • Rate - Moving forward or backward. Controlled with W and S.
  • Horizontal - Strafing left or right. Controlled with A and D.
  • Vertical - Moving up or down. Controlled with Spacebar and Ctrl.

The Zephyr does not have the same automatic counterthrust that your EVA suit does, so you'll have to remember to slow down in the opposite direction. Thrust to the left slowly to line things up, then counter your momentum by thrusting to the right.

Once you're lined up on the horizontal plane, move the ship into position vertically. Again, make sure to counter your momentum by thrusting in the opposite direction.

Finally, move forward slowly with the W key, making sure to tap S to slow down so you don't slam into the ARK Labos. Make sure to keep your speed low as you get closer -- if the bars are orange, it's probably a good idea to slow down.

Don't worry about docking perfectly; you just need to get close. If the indicators on the screen are blue, you're good. This short Puzzle ends when you've docked.

Get to the Bridge

Just past the exercise room with the yellow robotic arms, you'll find STREAME tech next to a closed glass door -- the exact kind of technology you interacted with when you were fixing the MPT Dish in Chapter 1.

Align the first transmitter with the nearby receiver to open the door. In the next room, you'll find a small door on the floor that's sealed with clamps. Use your Cutting Tool to open the door and reveal another transmitter. Point this transmitter at the same receiver you just used to open the first door.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Get to the Bridge 01

Next, backtrack to the first transmitter, which has now powered down.

Aim it at the receiver in the room to the right.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Get to the Bridge 02

This will open up the white panel in the other room that was blocking your progress. It also reveals an Airlock that requires power.

Finally, go back to the second transmitter and aim it at the airlock door.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Get to the Bridge 03

This will open up the Airlock and give you access to the Bridge.

This Puzzle is done! Once you're on the Bridge, you'll have to find a door that's blocking off a hull breach and then access the main terminal opposite the holographic table.

Restore Power to the ARK

After you've explored the Bridge, you'll be tasked with restoring power to the ARK. Unfortunately, the process is a little complex -- it involves using STREAME transmitters to activate the correct receivers in the correct order.

Start by entering Room A aiming one of the two transmitters at the receiver marked with a single dot. You'll then have to activate the second one, but you won't have line of sight on it from there.

Turn around and you'll see an A.S.E. interface on the wall. Take control of your A.S.E. robot AYLA with C and activate the interface to unlock the door behind you.

Take care going forward -- the next room has a number of floating yellow power cells that are discharging electricity into the surrounding area. Get too close and they'll hurt you. Instead, you should keep your distance and aim your Cutting Laser at the black line highlighted in yellow on the outside.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Restore Power to the ARK 01

Once you've destroyed the yellow power cells, you can open up the other door by cutting the clamps. The next room is Room B, and it has two STREAME transmitters and a closed door. Use AYLA to open the door on the nearby control panel. Then, direct the STREAME transmitters to the second and third receivers, in order.

Next, control AYLA and send it through the nearby circular door. Go through the tunnel. When you get out of the other side, you can use AYLA to open up the lock.

Exit controlling AYLA and move to the newly-opened Room C. Use the STREAME transmitters on the fourth and fifth receivers. There's an airlock at the back of this room -- go in and push the button to cycle the airlock. The next room is Room D; aim the STREAME transmitters to the sixth and seventh receivers.

Finally, return to Room A (the first room) where you activated the first STREAME receiver. Use it to activate the eighth and final STREAME receiver.

This is what the final configuration looks like:

  • Room A - 1 and 8
  • Room B - 2 and 3
  • Room C - 4 and 5
  • Room D - 6 and 7

Look directly above the bank of receivers and you'll see an opening. Go through it and continue until you hit an Airlock. Go through the Airlock and you'll find yourself back on the Bridge. Interact with the console in the center of the Bridge and the ARK will power on again. You'll then be prompted to turn the MPT back online; instead, you'll be ordered back to the Zephyr so you can land on Mars, ending this particular Puzzle.

Abandon Ship

When the Zephyr attempts to land on Mars, things go badly wrong. The Commander orders two of your companions to an escape pod while you and her try to stabilize the ship.

First, you'll have to move the four sliders on the bottom panel so they stop on the lights. Then, push the button to the left of the slider.

Next, you'll have to use the two knobs to the left of the slider to input attitude adjustments. Here's what to do:

  1. Rotate the bottom knob to 10.
  2. Push the button
  3. Rotate the top knob to 2.
  4. Rotate the bottom knob to 25.
  5. Push the button.
  6. Rotate the top knob to 3.
  7. Rotate the bottom knob to 60.
  8. Push the button.
  9. Rotate the top knob to 4.
  10. Rotate the bottom knob to 40.
  11. Push the button.

Your next step will be to undock the A.S.E.s. Look at the panel to the left. Drag the slider down. Then, flip the switches for AYLA and ALEX. Conclude this step by pulling down on the sliding handle control.

Unfortunately, it won't be enough to stop the ship from crashing and you'll have to abandon ship.

Don't Crash

This sequence of events is fast and not too difficult to figure out. Keep your eye on the control panel to the right side of the window. You'll be prompted on the screen to follow these steps:

  1. Drag the slider down to deploy the parachute.
  2. Push the lit button to manually eject the heat shield.
  3. Below the screen, push the throttle lever forward to start the thrusters.

Do everything right and you'll land on Mars (albeit a little roughly). This is the end of this short puzzle and the conclusion of Chapter 3.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Collectible Locations

Here are the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Collectible locations we've found.

The People of Outward #1 / Outward Colonist's Uniform

The Colonist's Uniform can be found floating in the "Structures" section of ARK Labos after you enter it. You'll find it floating in the middle of a room with a small table attached to the wall a short distance from the Airlock. It's difficult to miss it.

The People of Outward #2 / Luxmi to Mayooran

Before you come across the next collectible below, you'll have entered a large vertical room with a number of pods. Along the side, near the door to the right of where you enter, you'll find an open pod, which has this message for you to scan.

On Running a Colony #1 / On the Edge of Greatness

"On Running a Colony" is a Hologram that can be found in the large vertical room with dozens of cryo pods. When you get near the glowing orb, take control of AYLA and maneuver it so that it's in the correct position and at the correct angle to project the hologram; use the orange and blue lines as guidelines to work out how to line up properly.

The ARK Engines #1 / POTENTIA

POTENTIA is one of the ARK Engines. You can find it after the cryonics chamber -- continue traveling straight up and go through the door. Keep moving forward in a straight line and you'll see a group of glowing yellow cylinders in the distance.

Comics #4 / Marsman Issue #1 "Marooned"

After finding the ARK Engine POTENTIA, turn right and continue moving through the tunnels. When you reach a room with yellow robotic arms, go forward a little and turn left into a side room. Turn on your flashlight (if it's not already on) and turn left again -- you'll find Marsman Issues #1 "Marooned" in the corner.

The People of Outward #3 / Jeremy to Kofi

In the same room with Marsman Issue #1 "Marooned," turn around and head to the opposite end. You'll find an Astrotool with a glowing orange screen. Interact with it and you can get this Collectible.

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That's the end of the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 3 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide. Have a gander at our other guides below!

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