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In this Deiland Guide for Beginners, I'll tell you what you need to know to understand this new Farming RPG from indie developer Chibig.

What is Deiland: Pocket Planet?

Deiland: Pocket Planet is a Farming RPG (with a dash of survival mechanics) created by indie developer Chibig. The product of a successful Kickstarter, this game is a remaster of Deiland that adds new features such as Seasons.

You take on the role of Argo, a young boy who has been living alone on the very tiny planet of Deiland. There's a lot of adventure packed into this little world -- let's get started with the Deiland Guide for Beginners!

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Getting Started

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Starting Your Adventure

Our Deiland Guide for Beginners kicks off with your very first quest: picking berries. This simple task also teaches you about growth. Plants need a certain amount of time to grow, and that's represented on screen by a little meter with a circle.

Immediately afterward, you're introduced to another new mechanic: Visitors. Visitors are people from outer space who will land on your tiny planet. (The first one lands automatically, but you'll have to decide where they should land for each subsequent visit).

This is where you'll meet Mûn of the Interstellar Patrol, a lovely lady who is all too eager to help you make the most of this tiny world. She'll also give you your first quest: crafting a Hoe and planting some food.

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Crafting Forge
You can craft items at your tent (and later, your house).

How to Craft in Deiland: Pocket Planet

Crafting is a simple process in Deiland: Pocket Planet at the beginning of the game. Simply walk up to your Tent, select a recipe, and you'll make it as long as you have the crafting materials.

This is, however, only easy in the beginning. As time goes on, you'll need to upgrade your Tent with more capabilities such as a Workshop and Kitchen. These upgrades will require more resources, some of which you'll have to earn for the first time.

Once you've crafted your Hoe, it's time to move on to Farming!

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Farming

How to Farm in Deiland: Pocket Planet

Farming in Deiland is fairly straightforward. There are two kinds of farming: Crops and Plants.

Crops need to be placed on fertilized soil; you'll find that there are three plots of fertilized soil right next to your tent. Plants, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere as long as they're near enough a source of water. You can grow Plants some by the Lake (including those berries you just harvested); later on, you can grow Plants within range of any Wells you build.

You'll need to build a total of two Wells to support all three fields on the planet. If you attempt to use the Wells, you'll learn the recipe for the Bucket; this will allow you to fetch water from the Well and water your crops which will speed up their growth. The Well will only get refilled when it rains.

Mûn will have you craft a Hoe in your tent. Talk to her again and she'll give you Carrot Seeds, but you're only able to plant one for now. Then, go over to the Lake and plant all of the Trees and Berry Bushes that you can. Keep in mind that while you will cut trees down, you will not cut down Berry Bushes (unless you want to destroy them).

Deiland Guide for Beginners - New Tools

Getting More Tools

Now that you've planted some Carrots, Trees, and Berry Bushes, Mûn will help you out by giving you blueprints for more tools, starting with the Hammer. You may also be able to harvest and replant your first round of Carrots.

Craft the Hammer and you'll gain access to your first housing upgrade: the Workshop. Unfortunately, Mûn has run out of Wood, so you'll need to get some yourself. She'll give you a crafting recipe for an Ax, so we're gonna make that, too. You're short on Stone, so equip your Hammer by pressing 1 or 2 on the keyboard and smack a nearby rock a couple of times to get the necessary Stone; then, craft your Ax.

You might want to immediately cut down those Trees, but don't do it just yet -- wait for them to finish growing and sprout Tree Seeds on top. Once that's done, shake the Trees to get the Tree Seeds and then cut them down. At this point, you'll likely have gotten a prompt that you can level up -- it's time to go to sleep.

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Level Up

How to Level Up in Deiland

You may have gotten a prompt that you have enough experience to level up. You can only level up while sleeping for the night. This will also recharge your energy.

Leveling up allows you to buff one of four stats, each of which has different effects:

  • Strength - Increases the power of your physical attack.
  • Intelligence - Intelligence increases the power of your magical attack and your energy points. It also improves the prices that your products fetch. (Source)
  • Agility - Agility increases Arco's speed and his defense against physical attacks.
  • Stamina - Resistance increases your health points and your altered states.

Based on multiple playthroughs, it seems that the two stat choices are different every time. Pick whatever makes the most sense to you!

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Building

How to Build in Deiland

Now that you've gathered a bit of Wood, Mûn will give you a task to build a Campfire. Before you do, make sure you get Tree Seeds from every Tree. Chop them all down, then replant them.

Collect a total of 5 Stone (using the Hammer on rocks) and 6 Wood (using the Ax to cut down trees). Then, select your Hammer, press E, and choose the Campfire blueprint. You'll use 4 Wood to build the Campfire and another 2 Wood to light it.

Mûn will then give you a blueprint for a Torch. Don't worry about crafting that right now; you don't need a Torch just yet and it's better to save your Wood. Next, Mûn wants to see something on the island.

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Combat
Mûn will help you in your very first fight, but you'll be on your own after that.

Your First Battle

You and Mûn head to a little device with a floating crystal on it. Once you get there, you'll have a short conversation -- and then you'll be under attack. A bunch of Slimes will pop up on your planet.

The Slimes might not show up in your immediate area. Look for the purple arrows on screen to find them. If you're still a bit lost, you can right-click to zoom out to a full view of the planet and look for them that way.

Take down the Slimes by working with Mûn. Note that you can't fight them barehanded -- you'll one to equip one of your tools. Each tool does different damage and the Hammer does twice as much damage as anything else against Slimes, so use that to take them out.

Once the battle is over, Mûn will leave. It's time to get back to work!

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Workshop
You can build a Workshop and get access to more crafting abilities. After that, you can build a Kitchen and then a Laboratory.

Building Wells and Upgrading Your Home With the Workshop

Once Summer begins, you'll unlock the blueprint to build Wells. You'll need to build a total of 2 Wells to make use of all three farm plots.

Make sure to build at least one of the Wells on the far side of the farm plots (that is, the side opposite your home). This will give you more room to plant trees and the like if you want to keep them close.

You're also going to want to upgrade your home with the Workshop. This will open up access to more things you can craft, some of which will be used for future quests given to you by Visitors.

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Visitors
Visitors can provide quests and sell or purchase goods.

Welcoming Visitors

Another mechanic that will be introduced is "Visitors". Mûn is just the first of many people who will drop by your planet.

Here's who we've found so far:

  • Mûn - Helps you out in the early game and provides quests.
  • Locke - Sells potions and provides quests.
  • Bram - Sells food and provides quests.

You'll be alerted when a Visitor shows up on your planet and you'll have to tell them where to land. You only have around 15 seconds to give them permission to land and they'll leave around 60 seconds after they land, so don't delay!

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Meteors
Meteors can be dangerous -- and are also a good source of Crystal.

Dodging Meteors

As with the friendly Visitors, you will also have some not-so-friendly visitors in the form of Meteors. You'll be warned that they're incoming and have a few short seconds to start rotating the planet to avoid them causing any damage.

Meteors can potentially be a problem, but they can also be a boon -- each Meteor can give you some Crystal which can be used to craft other items.

Deiland Guide for Beginners - Adventure

Deiland Beginner's Guide - The Adventure Continues

That brings us to the end of our Deiland Guide for Beginners, but it's not the end for you! There's still a lot more to do in the game.

Over the next few hours, you'll unlock the Kitchen, Laboratory, and More! You'll also make your way through several seasons and fight some new enemies, too. Have fun!

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