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Death's Door, a new charming but tough ARPG adventure title from Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital has just released and it can be a bit chaotic first diving in. There's all kinds of upgrades and collectables along your journey, as well as secrets hidden throughout the game that you might stumble onto. We're going to cover some of these secrets in our Death's Door Tips and Tricks guide as well as some of the more complicated to solve puzzles along the way.


Death's Door Tips and Tricks - What collectibles are there?

Like any large RPG, there are all kinds of upgrades and collectibles for you to pick up along your journey. In Death's Door you'll come across the following during your playthrough:

Death's Door Tips and Tricks
One of these things is not like the other

Death's Door is a tough game where you have extremely limited health and magic so finding the Shrines is going to really give you a leg up. You can only get a maximum of two extra HP and MP, but when you only have four, to begin with, that's a huge help. Aside from health and magic the only other extremely important collectibles you get are the Shiny Items that answer puzzles, or grant further progression, but getting the Magic Attack Upgrades is crucial as that will give you access to your most powerful abilities.


Death's Door Tips and Tricks - Which Shiny Items are required?

The Shiny Items you collect will mostly be useless, there are a small number of them that have secondary abilities or are the hints towards puzzle solutions though. The Shiny Items that you'll want to make sure you pick up along the way are:

  • Old Photograph - Contains the answer to the Garden of Love puzzle (which solving grants you the Rusty Garden Trowel)
    • How to obtain: From the central hallway of the Urn Witch’s Palace head to the right. In the first hallway there’s an urn you can set on fire revealing a ladder in the north wall. Climb up and cross the beams to get to the Shiny Item.
  • Rusty Garden Trowel - In the postgame this item will glow if a seed is nearby
    • How to obtain: Solve the puzzle at the Garden of Love using the diagram on the back of the Old Photograph and find the Shiny Item on the other side of the newly created passage
  • Rusty Belltower Key - Grants access to the Belltower in the Lost Cemetary
    • How to obtain: Return to the location of the final boss battle after beating the game and it will be on the ground
  • Mysterious Locket - Required to obtain one of the Ancient Tablets of Knowledge
    • How to obtain: Trigger change in the world and travel through Betty's door and backtrack until you emerge in the Old Tower's area. There will be a lot of breakable ice to the north, destroy it and ascend the steps behind. A doorway with a symbol of the moon on it will appear that you can go through, the Shiny Item is here.


Death's Door Tips and Tricks - How do I find what items I'm missing?

How to find missing Seeds in Death's Door?

One of the requirements for 100% completing the game is to make sure you have planted all of the seeds in the game

  • If you're having trouble finding more seeds be sure you're breaking all boxes that could be in your path but you can also get the Rusty Garden Trowel that will glow in the postgame when a seed is nearby
  • If you're having trouble finding where to plant them you can speak with Pothead where you found the Rusty Garden Trowel and he'll point you to the right place

How to find missing Shiny Items or missing Shrines in Death's Door?

If you're having difficulties finding Shiny Items or Shrines you can speak with the totally human chef at the Stranded Sailor late in the game and he'll give general clues to where you can find items

Death's Door Shrine
One of 16 shrines that you'll find through the strange worlds of Death's Door


Death's Door Tips and Tricks - General Tips

  • When you come across the grey intricate-looking circles on the ground you might be left confused as to what their purpose is. I spent a lot of the game thinking they were going to be some kind of magic/teleportation circle as I always found them in pairs, it was only later in the game that I realized they were sewer grates. Find a vantage point above them and jump off the ledge, an attack in midair will cause the crow to ground pound sending you into a sewer tunnel.
  • In the postgame any door to an area of the game that has a seed, pot, Shiny Item, or Shrine left to find will glow with a red outline. This will help you further whittle down what you have left to complete
  • There are a few doorways or locations that can't be opened/reached until postgame, these locations include
    • The large doorway to the South in the Lost Cemetery
    • The large doorway to the North in the Old Towers
    • The large doorway past the Garden of Love puzzle in the Estate of the Urn Witch
    • The platforms to the North-East in the Flooded Fortress
    • The flooded area to the South in the Overgrown Ruins
    • The door behind the Gravedigger
  • The postgame quest chain you'll get no clues or hints about and you just need to somewhat stumble along to find the solution, or you can check out our Ancient Tablet of Knowledge Guide


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