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Starting out Death's Door you'll quickly learn that even some basic enemies can catch you off guard and send you back to a checkpoint. Throughout the game, you'll have the opportunity to increase your max health as well as your max magic power by finding shrines off the beaten path. There are a few that are really easy to find, but others that will leave you scratching your head. In this Death's Door Shrine Location guide we'll go over each shrine type, their location, and what requirements you might need to get access. We'll do our best to remain spoiler-free but will at minimum be naming which magic power you'll need to get access to a shrine.

There are 16 shrines hidden throughout the various lands of Death's Door. There are eight of Vitality, and eight for Magic. Like other games in this genre, it will take a number before you actually see any increase, for Death's Door you need to collect four shrines in either category before your health or maximum mp increases. It doesn't seem like much to have an extra two points of health, but in the long run, you'll find yourself thanking them more often than you'd expect.

Each of the shrines have been listed by their location, as well as any abilities that might be required to access them.

Death's Door Shrine Location - Vitality Crystal Shrines

Lost Cemetary

This one doesn't require anything to access it. From the Lost Cemetary head up the ladder that's south of the door and follow the natural progression of the area until you reach the elevator with the bombable wall. Instead of dropping down and heading to the right, which will lead you to the cemetery, go to the left and behind the tower. The camera will rotate showing ladders dropping down to a doorway. This is where the shrine is.

Death's Door Shrine Location
Just head North through that small gap

After obtaining the Hookshot Powerup head through the Grove of Spirits gateway and head North immediately to the doorway that will take you to the Lost Cemetary. Once in the Lost Cemetary point your camera into the top-left of your screen and you'll see a Hookshot pillar. Latch on and follow this pathway until you find the shrine.

Estate of the Urn Witch

After obtaining the Fireball power from within the Ceramic Manor head southeast from the Ceramic Manor's door. You'll return to an area where there are four platforms connected that you fought a number of enemies in a row. There were a series of braziers here that you were unable to light at the time. Walk around these platforms and set all four on fire and a new bridge will be created to a foliage-covered island. Cross over and drop into the poorly concealed hole to locate one of the Vitality Crystal Shrines.

The Urn Witch's Laboratory/Inner Furnace

This next Shrine is technically in the Laboratory, but it's the screen one before the Inner Furnace so it's faster to travel through the Inner Furnace door. In the center of the room is a square platform with places for the Bull Platforms to dock. Look to the North-East and you'll see a bull in the distance, shoot it with your arrow to draw it towards you. Once you're on it ride it back to where it was and follow the path to find the next Shrine.

Overgrown Ruins

Another Shrine that needs no power to obtain. From the village head as far North-East as you can. Eventually, you'll see a sewer plate on a ledge high above you, head West and you'll see the grate that you can drop down into. Follow the path and when you pop out you'll find the Shrine.

Mushroom Dungeon

After obtaining the Bomb power return to the Mushroom Dungeon. Return to the room where you fought the multiple waves of enemies that had water in the middle. The doorway on the North wall can be broken open. Inside is a short fireball puzzle and then you'll have access to another shrine.

Death's Door Vitality Shrine 2
Cue musical noise for revealed secret

Stranded Sailor

After obtaining the Hookshot power return to the Stranded Sailor door and head North-West to some docks. Hookshot across and defeat the enemies that begin spawning. Once you've completed the waves of enemies continue North and find this shrine.

Old Watchtower/Village of Free Crows

Travel to the Old Watchtower door but instead of heading forward into the area instead turn around and return to the previous area via the elevator. Alternatively head forward from the Village of Free Crows door and head further to the left. You'll know you're going the correct way when you see a sign for the Frozen Canyon. The Frozen Canyon is a time puzzle obstacle course that you'll need to complete for the final shrine.


Death's Door Shrine Location - Magic Crystal Shrines

Lost Cemetary

After obtaining the Bomb power make your way to the North West of the Lost Cemetary, you should be headed towards the cave that leads to the Stranded Sailor. Just a bit before getting to that cave the path will split, jump down a few levels, and then go to the left and you'll encounter a bombable wall. Destroy this and make your way through the cave inside to reach a Shrine.

Estate of the Urn Witch

From the front door of the Ceramic Manor head to the left and you'll end up in a small area with a tree, keep an eye out for the bushes and you'll see a gap you can walkthrough. Head north through the bushes and you will end up around the left side of the building where you'll find this Magic Shrine.

Death's Door Magic Shrine 2
An interesting art statement to have in your yard for sure!

Ceramic Manor

Inside the Ceramic Manor, there’s a bathroom to the North with seemingly nothing in it. If you look at the reflection on the floor you’ll see there are the same type of urn you’ve been using to unlock doors. Use their location on the floor reflection to break them in the real world and a hidden door will be revealed leading to a new Magic Crystal Shrine.

Overgrow Ruin

At the village in the middle of the Overgrown Ruins head to its Western edge. You should be able to look down at where there's a row of fire flowers. Head over this gap, falling into an area you can't see from this camera perspective, and the camera will rotate and you can see the Shrine from here.

Death's Door Magic Shrine
Drop off the ledge he's looking at here

After obtaining the Hookshot power return to where you arrived in the Overgrown Ruin on the gondola. Look to the North-West and you'll see a Hookshot pillar. Make your way across the gap and defeat a few waves of enemies to get access to this Shrine.

Flooded Fortress

From the very beginning of the Flooded Fortress as you're moving across the platforms you should see a stone archway to the North-West. Fire an arrow through it and it should trigger more platforms to appear. Following these, you'll end up at a new Shrine.

Stranded Sailor

From the Stranded Sailor doorway head north, at the point where the path splits (left to Castle Lockstone, right to a tower) follow the right pathway. If you destroy the ice and walk around behind the tower the camera will rotate and you can climb down. The bottom floor will have a sewer cover that you can ground attack through. Follow the path and where you come up there will be another Shrine.

Castle Lockstone

From the central area with the four braziers head out through the leftmost door that leads to the outside. From this room take the South exit and follow the path until you get to an area with three floating platforms with Hookshot pillars on them. Stand on the first floating platform and shoot your Hookshot at the wall to the north, through the keyhole design, and you'll get drawn in. Walk north slightly and you'll see a prompt to throw a switch. Flip it and the grate to the south will open revealing another Shrine.


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