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Congratulations, you've finished Death's Door, beaten the final boss, and restores balance in life and death to the world. Surely it's time to kick back and relax, maybe collect some of the few things you have missing right? Wrong, turns out that there are some pretty significant changes to the world now that you've finished the main story. Let's break down some of those differences and teach you about the Death's Door Ancient Tablets of Knowledge.

Death's Door Ancient Tablets of Knowledge - Post Game Changes

The first big thing you'll realize back in the Reaper office is that some of the doorways that you've been using all game now have a red glow around them. Doors glowing red mean any of the following criteria have not been completed

  • All seeds found/planted
  • All Shiny Items collected
  • All challenges completed
  • All secrets found

Another change is that you can no longer upgrade your Crow's abilities from the central area, instead, you'll need to travel to the Village of Free Crows where the upgrade Crow is.

The other large part of the Post Game is the hidden collectible, the Ancient Tablets of Knowledge. There's no tracker for these in the menus, no indication that they're a thing, and no clue for how to find them. All you have to guide you is the knowledge that some of the doorways are still red. In order to get to where you can begin hunting for these Ancient Tablets of Knowledge though you'll need to change the world from day to night.

Head back to the center of the Raven Office, to where you beat the final boss, and on the ground will be a rusted key. Take that key to the belltower to the west of where Death's Door used to be in the Lost Cemetary. Climb up the belltower and strike the bell and it will suddenly be nighttime. This nighttime will affect the entire world, places that you go can have different enemies, characters will be in different places, and there are a number of new puzzles to solve.

Death's Door - How to get all Ancient Tablets of Knowledge

There are new hidden collectibles to find, these are so secret there's no way to even check them in your inventory. There are seven Ancient Tablets of Knowledge, some are really easy to find, and others will have you trekking all across the worlds mopping up anything you've missed along the way. Below we'll go through each of the Tablets of Knowledge and where to bring them to unlock the true ending of the game.

Death's Door Ancient Tablets of Knowledge
You'll know the statue is active when it glows red

Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge 1 - Lord of Door Ghosts

When you first change the land from day to night the first difference you'll likely spot is there are floating red ghosts at various points in the Lost Cemetary. These are all the ghosts of the previous Lord of Doors. Near each ghost you'll also find a statue of the Lord of Doors, lead the ghost to a statue and they will insert themselves. Each ghost will be relatively close to a statue so I'll be listing down all statue locations that you can use as the base for your hunt.

  1. Directly South-East of where Death's Door was
  2. West of the Graveyard
  3. From the belltower head south-west (not into the mausoleum though) and you'll cross a bridge with the statue on it.
  4. From the door head north and then West and you'll see a statue in the wall
  5. Continue west from (4) and there will be a statue at the bottom of a ladder
  6. This statue is on the other side of the ladder from (5)
  7. At the southernmost point of the map (left of the cemetery), there's the final statue

To the left of the final statue is a large doorway that you likely walked by in normal play and scratched your head at, this should now open and you'll be able to enter and obtain an Ancient Tablet of Knowledge


Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge 2 - The Gravedigger's Lost Soul

Take the door to Betty and leave to get back to the Old Towers section of the game. Head north and you'll see a pathway hidden behind ice, destroy it and walk up the steps to get the a landing at the top. As it's nighttime a doorway with the symbol of the moon on it will appear and open. Inside is the Shiny Item "Mysterious Locket", it is the locket that the Gravedigger has been referencing if you've been speaking to him recently.

Death's Door Ancient Tablet
Finally he was able to rest

When you return to where he normally is in the Lost Cemetary you'll see he's not there, but the door he's been in front of the whole game is now open. Head inside for a boss fight against him. He's not an extremely hard fight (especially if you're using a combo of the Reaper's Greatsword and the upgraded Hookshot.) Once the battle is complete you'll be rewarded with another Ancient Tablet of Knowledge.


Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge 3 - Final Mission In Avarice

Return to the Overgrown Ruins and go to the gondola station. The water that was raised up to the south has now cleared, with it you'll have access to a final avarice chest. Like the other Avarice challenges you're dropped into a room and have to fight off four waves of enemies. This one is by far the hardest spawning massive numbers of enemies. After completing this challenge you'll be rewarded with another Ancient Tablet of Knowledge.


Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge 4 - Secret Beneath Flooded Fortress

This is a bit of a stranger one. Head to the Stranded Sailor and head into the bar, the old man will be slumped over in a box while the squid is hanging out in its water bowl. It reveals to you that its been the one to puppeteer the human the whole time (no real shock there) and will offer to come with you on an adventure to the Flooded Fortress. The squid does mention the Ink Covered Bear so that may be a quest requirement, if you don't have the Ink Covered Bear it can be found to the South-East of the bar, Hookshot away from the dock.

Death's Door Ancient Tablet Squid
Time for a road trip, leave the dead weight behind

With the squid on your back, you can't use doors so you'll need to make your way across the world. Travel through these locations in order to get there:

Stranded Sailor West Exit -> Lost Cemetary West Gondola Ride -> Overgrown Ruins into the dungeon -> Mushroom Dungeon East exit -> Flooded Fortress

Once you get there you'll see there are new glowing platforms on your way to the fortress proper. Follow these glowing platforms and you'll end at a switch you can place the squid on. A spiritual squid will appear and hand you another Ancient Tablet of Knowledge.


Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge 5 - Old Tower Flames

Take the door to the Old Towers region ensuring your Fireball has been upgraded so it will cause a burn. From here you'll need to look out for the different red towers that have braziers suspended off them.

  1. From the door drop down to where the elevator is to the free crow village and look to the top right to find a brazier
  2. From the door latch across the gap and head to the right. Drop down and you should see a brazier near the top of the screen
  3. Continues through the old Towers until you get to where you climb a ladder and there's a health urn behind a small fence to the right. Off the right edge is another brazier
  4. North further you'll see two red towers. The one on the right you can hit following the normal path (head to the left from the door you're trying to unlock)
  5. From the door, you used to get to the area keep going forward until you take an elevator up and then hang a right. Hookshot across the gap and drop down a level to set fire to the brazier behind the second tower you saw earlier
  6. From the first door in the area head forward and where you make a leap across the gap to a different Hookshot point look to your left and you'll see the last brazier

After you have lit all six braziers head to the north of the map and you'll find a large door that will now open for you. Much like the large door in the Lost Cemetary you'll simply find the Ancient Tablet of Knowledge inside.

Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge 6 - Repair the Fragments

This tablet is different from the rest as you'll be chasing an owl down across the world. Each time you encounter this own they will give you one of three fragments to an Ancient Tablet of Knowledge. The owl can be found in the following locations:

  1. Estate of the Urn Witch: Go to the right of the doorway to the Urn Witch's palace and speak with the owl and you'll get a shard of an ancient tablet of knowledge
  2. Overgrown Ruins: At the very northern part of the Overgrown forest, up past where you got the horn you'll find the owl once more
  3. Old Towers: Continue forward on the path until you go up an elevator and go to the right. Follow the path to the sliding ice path where a Lazer will chase you, get through this area and you'll run across the owl again. Get another shard from it.

After collecting all three you don't need to do anything further.


Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge 7 - Plant Every Soul Seed

Here's a big one, you need to have collected and planted every seed in the game. The big doorway for this Ancient Tablet of Knowledge is located in the Estate of the Urn Witch. You get here by completing the Garden of Love puzzle and going through the passageway. If you've been collecting and planting every seed you encounter in the game chances are by the time you get here you're still going to be a few off.

Death's Door Ancient Tablet Seed
The hints below will REALLY speed up the process

There's no real way to find out exactly which seed/urn corresponds to which of the lights on the door so all I can do here is give you tips on finding seeds, pots, and ruling out areas.

  • Red outlined doors are your friends - Anywhere a door doesn't have an outline you should know not to explore that region
  • The Rusty Garden Trowel Shiny Item - This collectible will shine when a seed is nearby that you haven't picked up
  • Pothead to the rescue - After showing Pothead the Trowel when he's at the Stranded Sailor he'll move to be near the doorway we're trying to unlock. He'll feed you hints about where unused pots are

Once you've run out of seeds return to the door and it will open granting you access to another Ancient Tablet of Knowledge.


Death's Door Ancient Tablet of Knowledge - Where to bring the Ancient Tablet of Knowledge?

Take the door to the Village of Free Crows and head to the back. There's a small shrine with indents, each will light up corresponding with which of the Tablets you've obtained. After getting them all the doorway will open and you'll be able to go in and get the true ending of the game. We won't spoil that here though.


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