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After laying dormant for a decade horror franchise Dead Space is back. The remaster of Dead Space gives players a chance to return right back to the start of the Dead Space story as Isaac, a previously normal engineer, lands aboard the USG Ishimura unaware of the horror that he's about to face. While it's a remaster there are also a variety of other subtle changes to the game that fans of the original will want to check out including new puzzles and characterizations, not to mention the updated look. In this Dead Space Guide Hub, we'll go over each of the levels of the game and what you will be able to find within, as well as give some tips on completing certain side quests.

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Dead Space Tips and Tricks

What is different from the original Dead Space to the 2023 remake of Dead Space?

Dead Space is a remake of the classic horror game from 2008. While it's a remake there are a few things that are different from the original game. Some of those changes include:

  • Isaac talks now and there are improved characterizations of all characters
  • There are optional side-quests that reveal more about the Ishimura
  • Some puzzles/room layouts have been altered
  • Graphical improvement


What accessibility settings are in Dead Space?

Dead Space has a wealth of accessibility features that intend to make Dead Space a game that anyone can play. Not only have accessibility settings been added to assist those who are differently abled in getting a full experience of this remake but there are also a number of settings for those who want to experience the gameplay but would also like warnings prior to any depictions of self-harm or other triggerable content. The accessibility settings in Dead Space include:

  • Narration tools
  • Colorblind modes
  • The ability to toggle QTEs from repeated presses to holds
  • Alternating interacting with objects and windows from press to hold
  • Aim assistance
  • Subtitle options including sizes and colors
  • Toggling of displaying content warnings and hiding disturbing scenes

Part of the accessibility settings in Dead Space

How do I obtain each weapon, piece of equipment, and armor in Dead Space?

New Weapons

  • Plasma Cutter - Chapter 1 - Obtained in the room down from the lift after being chased by the first Necromorph
  • Stasis Module - Chapter 1 - From the tram station head outside to the tram track, down the path, and towards the malfunctioning door
  • Kinesis Module - Chapter 2 - At the very beginning of the chapter when you get into Intensive care it will be to your left
  • Pulse Rifle - Chapter 2 - After using the Kineses Module for the first time you'll find a wounded woman in the next room. After she dies she'll drop her gun for you.
  • Ripper - Chapter 3 - This weapon is obtained shortly after heading towards the Refuel the Engine waypoint
  • Flamethrower - Chapter 3 - Once you start making your way down to Fuel Storage
  • Contact Beam - Chapter 4 - After taking the elevator down and passing through the hallway with no air turn to your right and head through the locked door to find this. 


Suit Upgrades

  • Level 2 ($10,000) - Near the end of Chapter 1 at the first shop you reach
  • Intermediate Engineer Suit ($20,000) - In Chapter 4 just before you head out to the ADS cannons there will be a locker room to your right. Head inside to pick up the schematic for the Intermediate Engineer Suit


Dead Space Level Guide

The centrifuge being powered on in Dead Space

Dead Space FAQ

How long does it take to beat Dead Space?

While the number of levels are the same there are a few subtle changes such as new puzzles appearing, or more verbose dialogue between the characters. It's likely that the game would still take you about 12-15 hours to complete. With the addition of side-quests and more free movement to return to previous areas in the game the more you get completed the more time you'll find that you're taking.

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