Dead Space Chapter 4 Collectibles Guide - Obliteration Imminent

Last Update: January 27, 2023


Isaac wearing the Intermediate Engineer RIG in Chapter 4 of Dead Space

The remake of Dead Space is now out and it's time for Isaac to step back onto the Ishimura and witness the horror of the marker that was found on Aegis VII. As you progress through the game you'll encounter a wide variety of collectibles and equipment whether they be the text or data logs that reveal more of what happened aboard the Ishimura or upgrades for your guns and Engineer Suit. In this Dead Space Chapter 4 Collectibles Guide - Obliteration Imminent, we'll go over where everything you'll want to collect is so that you can get the whole picture.

Unlike the original Dead Space, there are a lot more secrets to reveal and backtracking to perform that manifest as locked doors with certain security clearances. You'll obtain more of these as you make your way through the story so it's in your best interest to progress through the game to the point where you have Security Clearance 3 before you decide to fully commit to returning to previous areas of the Ishimura. This will ensure you only need to backtrack once.


Dead Space Chapter 4 Collectibles

There are 17 items to collect for your database

It looks like we're missing one collectible logs in this area.

This chapter uses the Bridge as a central hub point. From here you'll first speak with Hammond, then take an elevator down to two separate floors, and then a separate elevator up.

Dead Space Chapter 4 Collectibles - Bridge

Note: There is a missable Audio Log in this section

  • The Marker - Obtained through story progression
  • Bridge Attack - After reaching the large atrium just after the shop head down the steps directly to your right. This log will be on the ground.
  • More Time - Text Log - In the Bridge after talking with Hammond walk to the right side of the room. You will find this Text Log next to the lit-up monitor.
  • Eckhardt's Clearance - Text Log - In the Bridge after talking with Hammond walk to the right side of the room around the center console to find this collectible.
  • <You Are Not Authorized Side-Quest> Initiate - Interact with the computer screen on the right-hand side of the room. You'll get a notification that you do not have the permissions to use it but a Side-Quest will unlock requesting that you collect a number of RIGs from crewmen who are dead across the Ishimura. Checking the Side-Quest in your HUD you'll be able to obtain the name of the employee who has died and a rough idea of where you can find them.
  • Captain's Fate - Video Log - After returning to the Bridge and fighting off the brute enter the room that it emerged from. You'll find the video log next to the workbench.
  • Missable Log: Shoot It In The Back - Audio Log - Once the brute appears you need to run away from it. After running away continuously for a while you'll get a call from Hammond. He'll let you know that the back of the brute is its weak point.
  • Node #1 - After fighting your first Brute when you return from talking to Hammond on the Bridge you'll find that he drops a Node for you.
The Bridge in Chapter 4 of Dead Space
Not only is this room important for plot but it also has the "More Time" and "Eckhardt's Clearance" logs

Dead Space Chapter 4 Collectibles - Elevator Down

  • Electrical Fault - Obtained through story progression
  • Tracking Infection - Text Log - Once you reach the room with the electrical floor panels with the switch at the end head into the room to the south. Shoot the fuse to unlock the door to the north of the room. Inside this room you'll find the text log.
  • Mining Admin Rerouted - Obtained through story progression
  • Believers - Audio Log - Once you go down the elevator to sub-level 3 enter the breakroom. Once inside this will unlock.
  • Unitology Article - Text Log - Once you go down the elevator to sub-level 3 enter the breakroom to the right. Inside this Log will be on a side table in the far corner of the room.
  • Pulse Rifle Upgrade - When you make it to the elevator sub-level 3 there will be a room in the middle with a locked door. Approach the broken window and use kinesis to pull the boxes next to the door. This will reveal a switch you can shoot to get in. Return to the door of the room and head inside to find the Pulse Rifle Upgrade directly across from you.
  • Watch the outlets - Obtained through story progression
  • Med-Sci Reports - Obtained through story progression
The solution to get the Pulse Rifle Upgrade in Chapter 4 of Dead Space
Pull some boxes away to get a clear shot and open the door

Dead Space Chapter 4 Collectibles - Elevator Up

  • Looking for Elizabeth - Audio Log - After taking the elevator up and seeing the figure dash away torn to the left and you'll find this log on the ground.
  • Intermediate Engineer RIG - Schematic - Take the elevator from the bridge up and continue through past the breaker box where you can reroute the power. In the hallway that has the dead end at the end (if you haven't flipped the breaker yet) there's a small room to the right. Inside here you'll find the schematic directly in front of you.
  • Manual Targeting? - Obtained through story progression
  • Sync the ADS Cannons - Obtained through story progression
  • <Side-Mission Audio Log> Hold On - Before you reach the airlock to fix the ADS cannon the wall to the right will have a panel with a mail icon.
  • <You Are Not Authorized Side-Mission> First Officer White's RIG - When you're out recalibrating the ADS cannons go to the building past where you activate the third ADS cannon and look to your left and you should see this RIG




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