Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles Guide - Course Correction

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Isaac restarting the centrifuge in Chapter 3 of Dead Space

The remake of Dead Space is now out and it's time for Isaac to step back onto the Ishimura and witness the horror of the marker that was found on Aegis VII. As you progress through the game you'll encounter a wide variety of collectibles and equipment whether they be the text or data logs that reveal more of what happened aboard the Ishimura or upgrades for your guns and Engineer Suit. In this Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles Guide - Course Correction, we'll go over where everything you'll want to collect is so that you can get the whole picture.

Unlike the original Dead Space, there are a lot more secrets to reveal and backtracking to perform that manifest as locked doors with certain security clearances. You'll obtain more of these as you make your way through the story so it's in your best interest to progress through the game to the point where you have Security Clearance 3 before you decide to fully commit to returning to previous areas of the Ishimura. This will ensure you only need to backtrack once.

Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles

There are 15 items to collect for your database

Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles - Outside the Airlock

  • It's Mine - Text Log - Once you get back to where your landing ship was destroyed look on the ground between the path you're on and the one to your right. You can float in anti-gravity to it or use Kinesis.
  • <You Are Not Authorizes Side-Quest> Voelker's RIG - This level starts with a large anti-gravity section. The intended route here is to fly to the right and you'll be able to find a garage door that's open that you can drift down towards the Engineering Control Room. Instead head to the left side and you'll find someone floating in the air. When you get closer you'll be able to pick up Voelker's RIG. This is part of the You Are Not Authorized questline though the questline itself will not activate at this time.
The location of Voelker's RIG in Chapter 3 of Dead Space
Head to the left side of the open airlock to find an O2 cannister on the wall and Voelker's RIG

This section uses the Engineering Control Room as a hub so expect to return here a few times.

It looks like we're missing two collectible logs in this area.

Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles - Engineering Control Room

  • Growth - Text Log - After returning to normal gravity this log will be right next to the plant-like growth directly in front of you.
  • Engine Diagnostics - Obtained through story progression
  • Temple's Log 01 - Audio Log - After entering the Engineering Control Room look to your right. Next to the shop is a set of seats with the audio log on it.
The Growth log in Chapter 3 of Dead Space
The Growth log will be pretty hard to miss as it's right in front of you

After making your way into the Engineering Control Room you'll be given a number of objectives. Your objectives will take you to Refuel the Engines and Activate the Centrifuge. The collectibles will be divided by section.

Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles - Refuel the Engines

  • His Own Teeth - Audio Log - Head down the stairs towards refueling the engines and just to the left of the Ripper weapon there will be a bathroom door. Inside this bathroom is the audio log.
  • Temple's Log 02 - Audio Log - After making your way across the slow horizontal elevator and defeating the spitting Necromorphs walk up the hallway to the left and follow it around to find this Audio Log on the ground.
  • Kendra is Alive - Video Call - Obtained through story progression
  • Node #1 - After getting the key and unlocking the Fuel Management Office turn immediately left to see a Node box on the wall.
The way to the His Own Teeth log in Chapter 3 of Dead Space
Upon entering the Centrifuge area keep heading straight to the bathroom to find "His Own Teeth"

Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles - Activate the Centrifuge

  • Chaos - Text Log - Head down the elevator and to the room on the right. Continue down this hallway past the workbench and you'll find a locker at the end with this text log.
  • Medium Med Pack - Schematics - After the decontamination chamber sequence this will be in the locker directly across from where you exit
  • Node #2 - When you have the choice to head to the North or South Centrifuge Control head north to find this Node. 
  • RIG Transcript - Text Log - Head towards South Centrifuge Control and this will be on the ground in the middle of your path next to a giant hole in the wall.
  • Centrifuge is Online - Obtained through story progression
  • They Found an Artifact - Obtained through story progression


After completing the previous tasks you'll be able to continue to the Fuel Storage section of Engineering

Dead Space Chapter 3 Collectibles - Fuel Storage

  • Node #3 - When you first arrive in Fuel Storage take a left and go through the door that's next to the elevator down. Inside you'll find the Node.
  • Temple's Log 03 - Audio Log - When you first arrive in Fuel Storage take a left and go through the door that's next to the elevator down. Inside you'll find the Audio Log
  • Ripper Blades - Schematics - After descending down the first elevator walk into the room with the dying woman. To her left is the scematic.
  • Node #4 - In the Engine Room find the small office space underneath the platform to the right to find this Node.
  • Flamethrower Fuel - Schematics - In the Engine Room walk up the platform to the right and reach the large monitor. The schematic will be sitting on the chair to the right.
  • Go to the Bridge - Obtained through story progression
  • Nicole? - Obtained through story progression

The location of the office in Chapter 3 of Dead Space

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