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Last Update: June 10, 2022


Blue Runner Egg The Cycle

One of the more rare items to find in The Cycle: Frontier are Blue Runner Eggs, which are extremely limited spawns of only one egg at a time. These are valuable to sell, but you'll also need to hunt for them for missions assigned back at the station. If you need them, our The Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Egg Guide will give you some pointers on what to look for if you need these rare beauties.

How Do You Find Blue Runner Eggs In The Cycle Frontier?

Unlike materials like Azure Tree Bark and Waterweed Filament, The Cycle's Blue Runner Eggs aren't a dedicated spawn area with multiple to find - you'll have to keep an eye out for tracks on the ground that will lead you to a nest with an egg in it, and it's not guaranteed. If you see these tracks on the ground, make it a priority to follow them so you can snag the egg (hopefully) before other players.


Tracks Blue Egg The Cycle

Where Do Blue Runner Eggs Spawn In The Cycle?

There are a handful of spawns on the Bright Sands Map, where you can find Blue Runner Eggs. They're not guaranteed, and each map spawn will have a limited number.

You can find Blue Runner Eggs and their associated tracks:

  • North of Power Plant
  • North of Rock Pools
  • South of East Collection Plant
  • North of North Uplink
  • We're still exploring / finding more - sound off in the comments if you know of more!

Blue Runner Eggs are worth keeping an eye out for, not only for the Osiris Mission, but to sell to Osiris and other Factions for additional K-Marks and Rep. If you see tracks, take the opportunity to snag the egg if you can, but keep an eye out for other players who may be doing the same!


That's it for our The Cycle Blue Runner Egg Guide - for more Cycle guides, check the links below:

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