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Croftlands Workshoppe is a shop management game that relies on you understanding how to run a successful business. This daunting task is heavily reliant on how you manage and decide to spend your money as you make it. There are tons of different ways to invest in your character and your workshop, but not all of them are going to turn a profit. To help you make the most out of your game, the guide below is here to go over the best strategies for making a successful workshop. Here's some Craftlands Workshoppe Tips!

How to Manage Your Time in Craftlands Workshoppe

The game has a fast-moving in-game clock that doesn't affect as many aspects of gameplay as you would think. There are 24 hours in the day, and it's easy to reach the wee hours of the morning without noticing it. I highly recommend taking a few game days to get used to the clock so that you can figure out how much time you have before you need to jump in bed or, more importantly, close your shop. Here is a quick list of tips regarding time managment:

  • Shop guest will arrive at 8 am and will leave at 9 pm,
  • It doesn't hurt anything to leave your shop open while you are out buying supplies or in the back making items.
  • The shops in the game never close, so you can easily go out at any time to buy ingredients.
  • Your character does need to sleep, but as long as you are in bed by 7 am, the game will give you the effects of a full-night sleep.

To be honest, one of the easiest ways to play the game is by using the night hours to go shopping or create items. Since you can literally go to bed at 5 am with no negative effects and still wake up at 7 am, sleeping is just a means of skipping to the next day and regaining stamina. Your character will start to get tired after midnight, and during this period of time, your stamina will rapidly drain. You won't pass out if it hits zero though, you simply aren't able to do actions that normally cost energy. You can fix this by just walking to your bed and going to sleep.

The Workshop Shopping List

backpack purchase

The next part of getting a leg up on the workshop game is by shopping smart. There are quite a few things you will want to keep on hand, work towards buying, and just a few general shopping tips that can help save you a lot of time.

  • You can buy upgrades for your bag that let you carry more items.
  • You can always choose to ship items to the chest in your home.
  • When going shopping, always empty out your inventory; items like letters will waste your space.
  • Always have a sponge or two on hand so that you can switch recipes,
  • It's best to bulk buy items when you can, as it will save you from running back and forth.
  • You will want to pick up permits as quickly as possible; these will let you make more types of items.
  • There is a farming permit; get it ASAP to grow your own seeds.

The backpack expansion is going to be especially useful when you begin farming and harvesting your own materials. The first thing you will likely want to work towards is getting the rest of the crafting permits. This allows you to master more recipes, which means that your workers can choose from a larger pool of items to make and sell to your customers. Keep note of any sales the shops are having, as it's a good time to stock up on needed items and save some money.

Craftlands Workshoppe Money Management

farming ingrdients

Next, let's talk about your money and how to manage it. The last thing you want is to end up with so little money that you can't even make items anymore. While this is unlikely, it can be tempting to blow through your money. When your money gets low, you may have to stop paying your workers, which makes the workshop process fall back on you. While it can be tempting to just run out and buy all the permits, it's never a good idea to put yourself too close to the red.

There is an accounting book in your crafting room, so be sure to use it to figure out how all of your money is being spent. Generally, keeping an income flow is pretty easy in the game, given that you set spending goals and don't go over them. When buying expensive items, always make a bit more money than you need to buy the items. This ensures that you can always make recipes, even if it's using your own character. Remeber that making your shop look nicer can help make you more money, as can advertising the items that you currently have on hand to sell.

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