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A collectible that you'll be coming across as you head through the world of Niwel in Ori and the Will of the Wisps are the mysterious seeds. These are scattered around the world, and while you might have been able to collect a few, it's not too clear what you actually do with them once you've found them. In a world filled with all kinds of collectibles, these seeds are just one more to keep an eye out for.

What do I start with the seeds in Ori and the Will of the Wisps?

These seeds are part of a side quest called Regrowing the Glades. You can start this questline the first time you talk with Tuley, who can be found above the right entrance/exit to the glades. He will request that you gather these seeds so that you can make the Glades beautiful again. This isn't too dissimilar to Grom wanting you to collect Gorlek Ore to improve the glades. 

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Each seed you collect will sprout and give you access to different hard-to-reach areas in the Glades. There's all kinds of collectibles up in the trees such as light and health/spirit fragments, so these can be good collectibles to earn early in the game. For players who have already beaten Ori and the Will of the Wisps, chances are using various abilities and platforming skills, you've already collected these, but there's also a reward for completing the entire questline. Once the final seed has been planted, it will grow into a spirit tree that will reward players with a permanent 25% increase to Ori's damage.

Where do I find all of the seeds in Ori and the Will of the Wisps?

Seed #1 - The Mysterious Keeper Side Quest

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This side quest begins in the Silent Woods. Travel to the left from the Silent Woods spawn, and across the gap you'll find an NPC lamenting the death of a Spirit Tree. After giving you a piece of the tree, you'll take it to Tuley, who will inform you that it's too far gone. When you return to the NPC, he will give you the tree's seed instead.

Bring this back to Tuley and he will tell you where to plant it.

Seed #2 - Baur's Reach

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From the Warp Point in the middle of Baur's Reach, head to the left and up, as you did when exploring the world initially. After looping back to the right and traveling through the previously frozen waterfall, head to the other side of the open area and you'll find your missing seed.

Seed #3 - Mouldwood Depths

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From the Warp Point, head down and to the left. After passing down through the pit, start heading to the right again. There will be a drop, but you want to get up onto the ledge. From there you should see the seed. It's recommended that you wait until you have defeated this area's boss before going for this seed as your first passthrough of this area will limit your movement.

Seed #4 - The Wellspring

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Travel to the Warp Point at the very top of The Wellspring, this is inside the top door. From there simply travel to the right-most part of the room and you'll find the seed.

Seed #5 - Luma Pools

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From the first Luma Pools Warp Point, you'll need to head to the left. This is the first seed that is any distance from a Warp Point and Luma Pools is quite twisty, but once you get to the large room that you previously had to use bubbles to get to the top of, it's on the ledge to the left.

Seed #6 - Windswept Wastes

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Seeds

Another easy seed. If you go to the left from the top Warp Point, you can double jump to boost off a hanging flower. From there it's just on top of the ledge. If you are taking the normal route up to the top from here you should be able to see it while standing on the first hanging sand mound.

What do I get for collecting all seeds in Ori and the Will of the Wisps?

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Seeds Reward

Upon returning to the Wellspring Glades with each of these seeds, Tuley will ask what project you want to complete, offering options for each seed you've currently gathered. With each, you'll get a short sequence of Tuley sewing seeds or tilling the land while you can see the effect it has on the Glades. The Last Seed will give you access to the Spirit Tree and the Ancestral Light damage buff.

If that isn't enough of a damage boost, you can also receive a second Ancestral Light by completing the Midnight Burrows optional area of the map. If you're having difficulties opening the door though then you can check out our guide.

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