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Last Update: December 9, 2022


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Your train is your lifeline in Choo-Choo Charles, being the only way to effectively navigate the world or take on enemies. So naturally, you’ll want to give it some extra attention with some customisation options. Well, outside of visual changes due to upgrades, the main way you can change the appearance of your train is by using various paint cans to change its colour. In our Choo-Choo Charles Paint Can Guide, we’ll show you the location of each paint can that’s scattered across the map.

There are 12 different colors you can give your paint, with yellow being the default. After finding new paint cans in the world, they'll appear in your train. Clicking on them will change the train to that color — as you'd expect, this change is cosmetic only and doesn't change the train's performance.

Choo-Choo Charles Paint Can Map

Map showing the locations of the hidden Choo-Choo Charles paint cans.

Orange Paint Can

This one is hidden inside a burning building. Talk to the quest giver, then turn the nearby valve to put out the fire.

Red Paint Can

Just before leaving the underground location via the elevator, there’s a locked chest. You’re invincible while lock picking so it’s fine to have the nearby guard chasing you (there’s no way to lure him out into the open to kill with your train). Just make sure to grab the paint can and escape quickly via the elevator, otherwise you’ll have to go through the whole underground section again.

Pink Paint Can

Hidden in a locked chest at the top of the marked building.



Purple Paint Can

Out in the open, near a shed.

Blue Paint Can

In a locked chest at the northern underground. After entering the underground, head off of the railtrack, then left 2 more times to reach the room with the chest.



Teal Paint Can

Northwest part of the map, right at the very edge.

Green Paint Can

Locked chest inside the southern underground mine.

Lime Paint Can

Inside the marked building on a table.

White Paint Can

On the upper section of the abandoned railway station. Walk past the NPC, then look behind the nearby crate.

Grey Paint Can

By the building near the docks.

Black Paint Can

Inside the church on top of a bench.

And that’s every single Choo-Choo Charles paint can collectable. By finding all 11 of these, you unlock the “Dripped Out” achievement — this is the only achievement not tied to missions.

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