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Knowing how to craft items in Chernobylite is key to surviving the Exclusion Zone. In this Chernobylite Crafting Guide, I'll break down what you need to know to make anything you'll need!

Chernobylite charges players with exploring the zone around the Chernobyl disaster while investigating a grand mystery. There are all sorts of bad guys and hazards you'll have to take on, but you can craft some pretty neat stuff to help you get the job done— whether you want to make guns, armor, or healing items.

Chernobylite Crafting Guide How To items on table

How to Craft Items in Chernobylite

Crafting items in Chernobylite must always be done at a workstation, although that doesn't mean you can only craft at your base. To start, your first encounter with crafting will be during the game's tutorial — you'll learn how to build a Stove in the field and make some basic healing items. These field workstations can make healing items, ammo, or adjustments to the guns you have in your inventory.

The vast majority of your crafting, however, will be done at your base (nicknamed "The Refuge"). Over a dozen different crafting stations are available, each of which makes specific items. Regardless of what you want to craft, it's going to take resources to build the workstations and the items that come out of them. You should make every effort to pick up all of the junk you can — you're gonna need it.

Chernobylite Crafting Guide Weapons and Ammo

Chernobylite Crafting Guide – Weapons & Ammo

Chernobylite weapons and ammo are crafted from distinct stations, each of which is split into its own specialty. Low-tech guns are made at the Electrical Lathe and are surprisingly cheap; higher-tech guns can be crafted at the Molecular Accelerator (which also makes high-tech ammo). Bullets are made at the Hydraulic Press.

Every weapon (except for the Molecular Plasma Thrower) can also be customized to change its stats and functionality in various ways. You can switch out the magazine, trigger, barrel, stock and handle, and sights to suit your tastes as long as you have the resources to make it.

Bear in mind, dying in Chernobylite can result in the loss of some of your items — and yes, that includes your guns. It's always a good idea to hold onto one or two spare guns at your base so you have an immediate replacement if you need it.

Electrical Lathe

  • Revolver
  • Shotgun
  • AK47

Hydraulic Press

  • Revolver Ammo
  • Shotgun Slug
  • Rifle Ammo

Revolver Calibration Tools

  • Revolver Magazines
  • Revolver Triggers
  • Revolver Barrels
  • Revolver Stock and Handles
  • Revolver Sights

Shotgun Calibration Tools

  • Shotgun Magazines
  • Shotgun Triggers
  • Shotgun Barrels
  • Shotgun Stock and Handles
  • Shotgun Sights

AK47 Calibration Tools

  • AK47 Magazines
  • AK47 Triggers
  • AK47 Barrels
  • AK47 Stock and Handles
  • AK47 Sights

Molecular Accelerator

  • Molecular Plasma Thrower
  • Molecular Battery
  • Railgun
  • Liquid-Filled Bullets

Railgun Calibration Tools

  • Railgun Magazines
  • Railgun Triggers
  • Railgun Barrels
  • Railgun Stock and Handles
  • Railgun Sights

Chernobylite Crafting Guide Armor

Chernobylite Crafting Guide – Armor

If you're taking a lot of damage, you're going to want to make some Chernobylite armor. There are three distinct levels of armor and each type has two variants; one variant focuses on preventing damage and the other variant focuses on stealth.

Armor in Chernobylite works a little differently than most other games. Each armor type requires a "plate" or "battery" that is placed into the armor when you equip it; each plate or battery equates to one point of protection. That plate or battery is consumed when you take a hit and will need to be replaced when you get back to base. You can also carry spare plates to immediately restore your armor in the field. Armor plates/batteries are automatically equipped to your armor when you put it on and they are unequipped (and deposited back into your inventory) when you take it off.

Sheet Metal Tools

  • Primitive Armor
  • Camouflage Armor
  • Metal Plate

Industrial Furnace

  • Tactical Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Ceramic Plate

Matter Negator

  • Force Field Generator
  • Disruptor Field Generator
  • Matter Negator Battery

Chernobylite Crafting Guide Healing Items

Chernobylite Crafting Guide – Healing Items

There are various Chernobylite healing items to keep you going. You might get lucky and find some in the field every now and again, but odds are, you're going to have to craft them at your base.

The various ointments made on the Stove can be crafted when you're on a mission by building a workstation in the level. However, you can also make them at your base and it's always a good idea to take some with you before you leave. The higher-tier items will give you bigger bonuses (and occasionally downsides, such as with the First Aid Kit lowering your Psychological state by 1 point).

If you get irradiated, it will turn one or more health bars red and prevent you from healing until you use anti-radiation medicine. Radiation essentially puts a cap on your max health until you deal with it.

The Enriched Adrenaline is an important item to highlight. This essentially serves as an "extra life" that will revive you automatically when your health goes down to zero. You automatically start the game with 1 on Medium difficulty. They are, however, quite pricey to craft.

One last note on healing items: you'll occasionally have in-game events where you can give someone a healing item and these will sometimes confer a bonus. You should always try to have more healing items than you need. Your companions will also ask for First Aid Kits back at base if they are wounded during a mission, so do your best to keep them in stock.


  • Anti-Radiation Ointment
  • Calming Salts
  • Healing Salve


  • First Aid Kit
  • Anti-Radiation Medicine
  • Alcohol
  • Enriched Adrenaline

Chernobylite Crafting Guide Tools

Chernobylite Crafting Guide – Tools

There are several tools in Chernobylite that can make your life a little easier, whether you need to get through some smog or open a closed passageway.

Crafting Lockpicks is a must if you want to get some of the best loot in every level; they are almost always worth using and you can carry 5 in a stack. The "Locksmith" NPC also sells a single Lockpick every time you see him, but don't count on him being around most of the time.

The "Anti-Chernobylite Burner" is a higher-tech device that can open up closed passages. It's going to take some time to craft, but you should make them when you can; you can carry 3 of these devices in a stack.

Finally, there's the Gas Mask. The Gas Mask consumes Gas Mask Filters as you wear it. You will sometimes have to go through poisonous smog — you should always have your Gas Mask and at least 5 or so filters on your person.

Industrial Grinder

  • Lockpick

Roller Bending Machine

  • Gas Mask Filter
  • Gas Mask

Chernobylite Synthesizer

  • Anti-Chernobylite Burner
  • Chernobylite

Chernobylite Crafting Guide Food and Herbs

Chernobylite Crafting Guide – Food, Herbs, and Mushrooms

Chernobylite Food is used for two things: feeding yourself (and your men) and trading. At the end of every day, you can hand out no rations, half rations, full rations, or double rations to each person. Pay attention to the messages on the character window, because your choices here will have effects on your team.

Food is also used for trading. I always take 10–15 Food with me into the field, especially because it's a little easier to get Food as the game goes on. You can sometimes exchange 2.00 Food for 5.00 of another resource with traders; you can also use Food to buy equipment. Naturally, you can also sell gear in exchange for Food to certain traders.

You can also grow Food at your base. Vegetable Gardens are pricey, but they're worth it in the long run — having just two of them is enough to keep your team adequately supplied and have a little extra Food left over in the early game.

Speaking of vegetables, you can also build Herb Gardens and Mushroom Gardens. These cost 6.00 of their respective resource to build and will generate 0.5 of that resources every day; that means it will take 12 days for you to make a profit on this investment. Herbs and Mushrooms are used to make a lot of things (including pretty much all healing items), so I try to build as many of these as I can get away with.


  • Herb Garden
  • Mushroom Garden
  • Vegetable Garden

Chernobylite Crafting Guide Building Tools and Microprocessor Recycler

Chernobylite Crafting Guide — Other Crafting Stations

We've now covered all of the things you can make in this Chernobylite Crafting Guide, but there are a couple more things I want to touch on.  There's a simple tech tree with base building; each workstation has a different prerequisite under "Building Tools".

Building Tools

  • Work Table
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Chernobylite-Powered Tools

Fortunately, there are only three of these prerequisite stations. The stations themselves don't do anything other than unlock the other workstations in your base, although you may see your companions interacting with them.

Microprocessor Recycler

Finally, I want to address the Microprocessor Recycler. This device allows you to break down almost every item in the game and lets you reclaim 50% of the resources used to make it. This is especially helpful if you've looted some extra guns or armor that you don't need. As far as I can tell, the only items you can't recycle are Food and your core equipment such as Chernobylite and the Portal Gun.

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