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Need to expand your clan into one that can take on all challenges? Our Chained Echoes Clan Guide will go over how to expand your clan and the rewards you’ll get for doing so.

Chained Echoes Clan Basics

Glenn and the party will gain access to their very own clan during Act II of the story. The clan base is situated on Hermit’s Isle, though it’s not much to look at early on. In fact, if you don’t go out of your way to recruit new members to the clan, then there isn’t actually much to do at the base. You’ll be able to talk to your current party members, who often have things to say about current story events, but that’s about it.

To build up the clan base and unlock new features, you need to start recruiting members from across Valandis. They can be found in both new and previously visited areas, with the only unlock requirement usually being that you’ve reached a certain act of the story. Recruiting more and more clan members will eventually increase your Clan Rank, which improves the look of your base. Certain members also need a certain Clan Rank before they’ll do anything at the base, though this usually relates to minor features such as BGM selection.

The Clan Ranks you can obtain are:

  • Rank 1 - Unlocked by default once your clan is made
  • Rank 2 - Recruit 5 members to the clan
  • Rank 3 - Recruit 16 members to the clan
  • Rank 4  -Recruit all 23 members to the clan

While most of these ranks are more for flavor than actual benefits, Rank 3 is one of the requirements to unlock the optional character Mikah.

Chained Echoes Clan Member List

Act II

  • Guy - New Wyrnshire.
  • Deimsch - Farnsport. Unlocks equipment upgrade options in the Clan Base. Initially in the cave, moves to the shop building at Clan Rank 3.
  • Bernd - Rockbottom.
  • Bao - Mount Rydell. 50% chance to gain extra SP after defeating enemies.
  • Tehlla - Arkant Archipelago. Gives more information on where materials and loot come from when viewing equipment upgrades.
  • Vesta - Shows how many chests, buried treasure, and hidden caves you’re missing while in an area.
  • Archy - Shambala southwest
  • Thopas - Shambala northeast. All Crystal Sources give an extra crystal.


  • Pignon - Flower Fields of Perpetua north. Opens an Onsen in the Clan Base at Rank 4.
  • Eddie - Ship flying around at the west side of the world map. Will let you choose the clan base’s music at Rank 3.
  • Pavel - Southwest of world map in the ocean. Gives a random material every in-game hour.
  • Triony - Farnsport southeast
  • Bob - Tormund west
  • Gormit - The Hooge east (Available after completing the sidequest “The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry”. Need to take a moving platform at the north side of the map.
  • Murchand - Flandern (Kortara Moutain Range). Opens shop on Hermit’s Isle
  • Kayn Sivar - Farnsport (north of teleport crystal). Allows you to buy airships on The Hooge.
  • Linus - Tormund Underground (running around)
  • Falora - Hermit’s Isle (outside by the dock). Can pay money to get hints on new clan members.

Act IV

  • Gimaj - Ograne Grottos southwest. Needs Incocybin Berries to get past enemies, bought from Goblin Village (available during and after the sidequest “A Goblin’s Dilemma”). 50% chance to get extra SP from battles.
  • Zellor - Flower Fields of Perpetua southeast. Discount at all shops.
  • Bernd’s Wife - Rockbottom (same house as Bernd). Can make crystal sources drop only one type of crystal.
  • Jack - Fiorwoods Camp.
  • Fridolyn - Southern island on world map (requires completion of the sidequest “A Little Vacation”)

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