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In this guide, we'll share the basics of Hokko Life fishing, tips for earning money from fishing, and some advice about fishing for treasure!

Hokko Life is out now and I am sure a lot of PC players are looking forward to an Animal Crossing-like experience. One of the hallmarks of Animal Crossing was of course the myriad of activities you can do, but none were more fun or exhilarating than fishing.

Thankfully, Hokko Life has you covered was a similar fishing experience for you to enjoy. 

Hokko Life Fishing Basics

Hokko Life Fishing Mini
Just reel them in, gently...

Fishing in Hokko Life is simple, involving a mini-game that takes a bit of practice to get right at first, but is really easy to master.

Depending on your control scheme, you need to either hold down A on a gamepad or E on the keyboard to reel your fish in. Once you get a fish to bite, a bar will pop up on the screen with a fish icon on top of it. From here, you simply need to hold down the reeling button continuously to wrestle the fish in, but if you hold it for too long you are at risk of breaking your line, which is shown by the yellow and red stress lines that appear across the bar. 

As the bar fills up, the fish icon will violently move either left or right on the bar, indicating that the fish is trying to break the line. You need to simply move the left thumbstick on a gamepad or A and D on the keyboard in the opposite direction to move the fish icon back to the center, giving you a little boost as you fill-up the bar.

Hokko Life Fishing Mini 2
Remember to be careful as you veer left or right, or else your line will break. 

Sometimes you will need extra help to attract a fish to your line as well, meaning you need to find some bait. Bait added to your fishing rod will not only attract different fish but also make it more likely that fish will go after your line instead of it being bare.

The easiest way to get bait is to actually dig for worms. Once you obtain a shovel, you simply make some holes and use a net to capture the worms as they pop up. Worms are easy to find in the forest area north of the meadow, where you find Sally’s workshop.

So long as you prevent the fish from breaking the line, catching them will become second nature. 

Making Money Fishing 

Hokko Life Fishing Derris
Derris loves fishing, and water, apparently. 

You gain your fishing rod by talking to Derris the Bear, who appears along the coastline in your town after a few days when you first start up Hokko Life. Simply talk to Derris and he will give you the rundown of all of the fishing basics.

Derris seemingly never leaves the town once he arrives, hanging out at the beach and later seen in the forest once you access it. Derris also becomes important for one key reason; as you catch fish, he can offer you money for hard gotten gains.

Fishing is one of the quickest (and arguably only) ways to make money in the early stages of Hokko Life since you can start fishing after the first few days in the game to help you build up more resources for things like housing, and crafting.

Each time you catch a new fish, Derris will give you 20 coins just if you show it to him. He will also give you coins for large sized-fish you find. All of the fish have different sizes, measured in cm. Simply put, the bigger they are, the more likely Derris will give you some coins. 

The size of the fish doesn’t matter much when you sell it to Moss as his store, though. He pays you a flat price based on the fish type, and it’s not a large price when compared to what Derris offers. Still, once your done showing your fish to Derris, you should definitely sell them off to Moss for extra coins. 

On Fish and Treasure

Hokko Life Fishing River Fish
You will eventually fill out the entire fishing index for all three water types found in the game. 

There are a total of 20 fish you catch in Hokko Life at launch. Six of them are found in the sea and are arguably the easiest to grab. You can find seven more in the riverways around the meadow, and another seven types of fish in the pond.

The pond area is only accessible in the forest map, which in turn is only accessible if you both cross the river gap in the meadow and find a way to climb over a small hill to get to the forest area. 

The best way to do both of those feats is to build a bridge. You can learn more about that in our bridge guide here

Finally, at random times a treasure chest icon will flash at the top of the screen during the fishing minigame. If you are quick enough, you simply need to press the button icon it shows at the top and you should be able to nab some treasure. In my entire time fishing, I only saw the treasure icon pop up once and wasn’t fast enough in getting the treasure box, so I couldn’t say what the contents are inside of it.

Relaxing by Fishing

Hokko Life Fishing River
Now kick back and relax.

And that is pretty much it for fishing in Hokko Life. It’s a pretty decent and involved process that actually adds a bit of challenge and variety to the fishing experience. Of course, Wonderscope will likely update the game with even more fish to catch and more secrets and events to uncover as Hokko Life continues to grow, so who knows what is in store for fishing in the future.

For now, though, it’s a simple little mini-game that will help players in the early goings of their village experience.

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