Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Moscow Guide

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Moscow Guide

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Moscow map is as tough as the Iron Curtain, but there are a few ways to break down your enemies like the Berlin Wall. Here's a guide on how to improve your gameplay on this seemingly unpopular map. 

Key Locations in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Moscow Map

The Metro is the center of the action and the most dangerous area in the game. However, it's where you can make the most difference in the Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed scoreboard. If you enter from the left side, you will see a flight of escalators on the right. Don't linger around this spot for long, but if you can, get a few sneaky kills by crouching below the middle section and firing on either the left or the right side.

Once you go down to the main Metro area, you'll see a small white wall with a red finish on the top. It will be by some white seats. Crouch down there and you have an awesome sight line towards the overwatch point on the opposite side. You also have a good vantage point on any enemies coming in from the right, if you stand up. 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Moscow Metro

Another good area in The Metro is at the doorway with Lenin's gold bust. Crouch behind the bust as cover and shoot enemies coming in either side. I've seen some people stand at the corners of the metro area, but this is a bad idea. You're very susceptible to grenades and open fire; if you crouch beside the sitting statue of Lenin, you'll have more solid cover. The main key tip I want to give you with the Metro is always be alert and be aware of where the enemy is coming from; try to expect where the enemy is coming from as they respawn to the opposite side of the map and adjust. 

The Globe is another busy area of the game as it's an entry point to The Metro. If you go into either the hotel or the apartments overwatch areas. These are obvious and solid viewpoints into the action, but I recommend to equip a mine if you are dead set on setting up in these spots.

Another good area to shoot unknowing leavers of The Metro is behind the trees that are close to the windows of both the hotel and the apartment building. It provides good cover. Don't take cover near the globe as it is way more open to those in the Metro. If you go up the stairs, you'll see a van. That can also be a good spot if you have a longer range weapon. 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Globe Moscow

The Fountain has a few handy areas to hang out at. You can crouch or stand behind the stone benches on the left, stand by the fountain, or camp by the steps (but be careful as enemies can come in on the right side). I tend to find that you have to be very careful with this location as those who flank tend to go in this direction so watch out! 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Moscow Fountain

Recommended Loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Moscow Map

Short- and medium-range weapons are what I found best in this map as the center of most people's attention requires shorter-ranged combat. If you do like to snipe, however, you can chill out on the road at the right side of this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War map (Boulevard).

As there are a lot of people that hover around The Metro, submachine guns can be effective as their rapid rate of fire allows for faster kills. Light machine guns can also provide a powerful punch to the battle as well, but make sure you can hide in a good spot while you reload slowly. Stun grenades and hand grenades are a must as people tend to cluster.

Proximity mines can be handy, especially if you want to hang around The Globe.  Field mics can disrupt comms on the opponent's side if you place a cheeky one under cover; it might be helpful if you want to capture a point in a small area like The Metro.  

As grenades will certainly bombard these key areas in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War interpretation of Moscow, it's key to equip a Flak Jacket, as they let you take less damage from explosives and molotovs. The Assassin perk gives you more awareness of where enemies are, and in a constantly shifting map, it's important to equip it. Lastly, the Ghost perk will help you run aloof without fearing being detected. 

Hopefully with these tips, either Mother Russia or Uncle Sam will be proud of you. 

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