Bugsnax - How to Catch Every Snak in Sugarpine Woods

Published: Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 15:29 | By: Kate Mitchell Jewett
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Snak on Sweets in Sugarpine Woods

Sugarpine Woods is a freezing cold area that is primarily home to sweet-flavored Bugsnax that make the perfect dessert. It's also home to the Grumpus inventor Snorpy Fizzlebean, who provides you with not one but two new tools: the Snak Grappler and the Trip Shot. You will need to make use of both of these tools to add the ten Bugsnax found in this area to your collection.

Here's every single one of the ten Bugsnax which can be found in Sugarpine Woods, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods that aren't covered in this guide.

Bugsnax - How to Catch Kwookie

Bugsnax Kwookie

The fast-moving Kwookie moves far too quickly to be caught in a trap. You'll have to use your newly acquired Trip Shot to disrupt its path. First, use your Snax Scope to observe the Kwookie's movements. They tend to prefer wide, looping paths that cover most of the Sugarpine Woods area.

Then, place the Trip Shot in the Kwookie's way, and wait for it to run itself into the wire and stun itself. A stunned Kwookie can easily be picked up in your Net. If you need to lure them closer to your wire, you can shoot some peanut butter in the area - this Bugsnak simply can't resist it!


Bugsnax - How to Catch Cinnasnail

Bugsnax Cinnasnail

The sugary Cinnasnail clings to rocks around the Sugarpine Woods, moves extremely slowly, and sticks to any surface it comes into contact with. Snagging it with your Snak Grappler alone won't work, as the Snak will simply remain stuck to the rock. First, lay your Trip Shot across the Cinnasnail's path and wait for it to stun itself. A stunned Cinnasnail is no longer sticky and can be safely grappled.

Alternately, you can place your Snak Trap at the base of the rock or cliff wall and lure the Cinnasnail into the trap using its favorite sauce, chocolate. Keep in mind that using this method requires patience, as the Cinnasnail moves quite slowly even when motivated by chocolate.

Bugsnax - How to Catch Hunnabee

Bugsnax Hunnabee

Like Cinnasnail, the flying Hunnabee is incredibly sticky, and will stick to anything in its path, including traps, the ground, and even your player character. To catch this slowly circling Bugsnak, you'll have to either catch it in midair or stun it to give you a few seconds to grab it without getting stuck.

Scan the Hunnabee's flight path using your Snax Scope, and then place your Trip Shot between two rocks or trees in its way. This will stun the Hunnabee and cause it to fall to the ground, where it can be picked up in your Net without being able to use its sticky abilities. A second method involves placing your Snak Trap on top of your Lunchpad and launching it into midair to catch Hunnabee while it is still flying around.

Bugsnax - How to Catch Charmallow

Bugsnax Charmallow

Charmallow is a Bugsnak that survives the freezing Sugarpine Woods at night - between its active hours of 4 PM and 4 AM - by keeping itself constantly burning. In order to catch Charmallow, you will have to put out its fire, or else it will burn you or your Snak Trap. While the snow on the ground won't put out a Charmallow's flame, there are several things in Sugarpine Woods that will.

Set up your Trip Shot over the pond so that Charmallow will stun itself and douse its fire at the same time. This will give you a few seconds to quickly dart into the freezing water and grab the Charmallow with your Net. Alternatively, you can lay a trail of chocolate or peanut butter to lure Charmallow into the path of the Big Bopsicle. If the Charmallow attempts to dive-bomb the Big Bopsicle, it will succumb to the larger Bugsnak's freezing power and its flame will sizzle out.


Bugsnax - How to Catch Bopsicle & Big Bopsicle

Bugsnax BopsicleBugsnax Big Bopsicle

Big Bopsicle is a large, aggressive Snak which will charge you if you get too close - and can also freeze you or your Snak Trap solid. Like its beach-dwelling cousin, the Paletoss Grande, the Big Bopsicle is actually made up of two smaller Bopsicles fused together by the cold.

To catch a Bopsicle, first encourage the angry Big Bopsicle to chase you. Run towards the pond, a campfire, or the territory of a hungry Charmallow. Once the Snak either gets wet or catches on fire, a countdown timer will begin. Stay a distance away if you don't want to get caught in the explosion! When the Big Bopsicle explodes, it will split into two smaller Bopsicles, both of which will be stunned. Simply scoop up both stunned Bugsnax in your Net before they wake up.

To catch a Big Bopsicle, you'll need to first trigger the countdown timer and then stun it before it explodes. Have it chase you into a pond or campfire as described above. Once the countdown begins, quickly string up your Trip Shot between two rocks or trees. Have the Big Bopsicle continue to chase you until it runs into your tripwire, at which point it will be stunned. Quickly pick this Bugsnak up in your net - if you let it wake up, the Big Bopsicle won't be happy!

Bugsnax - How to Catch Yellow Peelbug

Bugsnax Yellow Peelbug

Like other varieties of Peelbug, this shy Bugsnak hides in tunnels located deep within the rock walls surrounding Sugarpine Woods. The holes they hide in are far too small for your player character to enter, so you'll have to use something much smaller to lure them out.


Set up your Snak Trap at one end of the tunnel. Then, douse your Buggy Ball with chocolate and guide it through the tunnel. The nervous Yellow Peelbug will flee out of the tunnel and become caught in your Snak Trap. Keep in mind that there are several tunnels in this area, so you might have to try a few times before finding one which contains a Yellow Peelbug. Additionally, there is an aggressive Big Bopsicle that hunts in the area near where the Yellow Peelbugs can be found, so you might want to catch it first if you don't want to get charged while guiding your Buggy Ball.

Bugsnax - How to Catch Sprinklepede

Bugsnax Sprinklepede

The donut-shaped Sprinklepede can only be found clinging to the side of the wooden watchtower which the grumpus Snorpy uses to observe the area. To catch one, you'll have to lure it down onto the ground so that you can catch it in your Snak Trap.

Use your Sauce Slinger to create a trail of chocolate leading down from the tower. As soon as the Sprinklepede hits the ground, it will begin quickly rolling around. Use your Snax Scope to measure the path of its crazy rolling. Then, place your Trip Shot in the Sprinklepede's path to stun this fast-moving Bugsnak and snap it up with your Net.

Bugsnax - How to Catch Rainbow Sweetiefly

Bugsnax Rainbow Sweetiefly

The most colorful member of the Sweetiefly family can be found zipping around the Grumpus Chandlo's homemade basketball court from 4 AM until 4 PM. Like other types of flying Bugsnax, the Rainbow Sweetiefly moves too quickly to be caught in a trap, so must be captured when it sets down to take a nap.

Chart the Rainbow Sweetiefly's course using your Snax Scope, then watch it to see where it stops to rest. You can tell that a Rainbow Sweetiefly is napping because a sleeping emoji will appear above its head. You can set your Trip Shot in this area in order to stun the Rainbow Sweetiefly when it attempts to land and take its nap. Alternately, you can wait until the Snak has fallen asleep and then use your Lunchpad to send your Snak Trap flying into the air and capture this many-colored Bugsnak.

Bugsnax - How to Catch Nutty Snakpod

Bugsnax Nutty Snakpod

The Nutty Snakpod likes to camouflage itself by disguising its brown color against wooden structures such as Snorpy's cabin, Chandlo's basketball hoops, or the watchtower. Keep your eyes peeled to find a Nutty Snakpod hiding out as you explore the Sugarpine Woods. Once you've found this Snakpod, simply scoop it up with your Net. If it's too high up, you can use Snorpy's present - your Snak Grappler - to pull it down and add it to your collection.

That's all the Bugsnax in Sugarpine Woods! Have you managed to catch them all? Let us know!

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