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Bravely Default 2 Gambler

The Gambler is the first fully optional job which can be encountered in Bravely Default 2. It is not collected via following the main plot. Instead, players must complete a multi-step side quest, "Taking a Gamble," in the town of Savalon in order to unlock this job.

Gambler is a fun job which allows characters to spin roulette wheels in battle with a chance to do tons of powerful physical or elemental damage. This guide details how to unlock this job so your characters can use these powerful luck-based abilities.

Bravely Default 2 Gambler Job
Adelle equipped with the Gambler job

Bravely Default 2 Gambler: Where to Find the Gambler Job

The Gambler job becomes available once you have completed the main plot in Savalon and obtained the Water Crystal. Prior to collecting the Crystal, the gambling hall in Savalon will not be open to the public.

Head to the north of town and pass through the bright red doors to find the Gambling Hall. Inside, a woman named Shirley will be marked with a blue side quest indicator. She is the holder of the Gambler Asterisk and the person you must defeat to gain the Gambler Job.

Bravely Default 2 gambler Gambling Hall
The Savalon Gambling Hall

Bravely Default 2 Gambler: Introducing B n' D in Bravely Default 2

Talk to Shirley and she will introduce you to a game called B n' D. (Nope, it doesn't stand for "Brave and Default" this time, but "Bind and Divide!") Shirley will give you several cards and play some tutorial matches with you in order to teach you the rules.

B n' D is a simple game in which each player places six cards on the game board in order to claim squares. At the end of six rounds, the player with the most squares claimed wins. Job and Character cards have special effects which can increase your score or decrease your opponent's.

After playing your first games against Shirley, you can view the B n' D rules from the Tutorial menu at any time.

Bravely Default 2 BnD
Fight back against your opponent's attempts to conquer!

Bravely Default 2 Gambler: Gaining Experience

Next, Shirley will tell you to gain more experience in the game before facing her again.

First, talk to Orpheus, the former holder of the Bard Asterisk, who is hanging out by himself in the corner of the gambling hall. He will give you his own character card for free. The Orpheus card is extremely useful as it can potentially weaken cards in the enemy's hand.

There are several B n' D players located in the gambling hall. All are marked with a card symbol over their heads. Each victory earns you points which you can use to purchase cards from your opponents. Powerful cards found in the gambling hall typically cost between 20 and 45 points.

After this, win at least one match against the young man seated at the card table. He holds two powerful cards: the Horten Character Card and the Beastmaster Job Card. Defeat him enough times to claim at least one of these for your own deck. (You may play against him as many times as you like.)

Finally, challenge the old woman standing near the bar and win a match or several against her. She holds two powerful cards: the Anihal Character Card and the Bard Job Card. Defeat her enough times to claim at least one of these for your own deck. (You may play against her as many times as you like.)

There are other B n' D players located in the hall. Although only the above two are required, you can play as many rounds as you wish before facing Shirley.

Bravely Default 2 Gambling Hall Inside
Challenge anyone with the card icon over their head

Bravely Default 2 Gambler: Challenging Shirley

Once you're ready, play a round of B n' D against Shirley. Make sure to SAVE before doing so, as she will attempt to take your party's Asterisks if you lose.

Shirley this time will have slightly better cards than during the tutorial matches. In particular, she tends to play a number of job cards, including the previously mentioned Beastmaster and Bard as well as Gambler, which randomly shuffles claimed territory. She may also play the Shirley Character Card, which will boost the power of certain cards she holds.

Unfortunately, winning this game isn't enough, as Shirley turns out to be a bit of a sore loser. She challenges you to a battle, with Orpheus and two of her guards assisting.

Bravely Default 2 Shirley Card
Shirley's powerful both in-game and in-battle

Bravely Default 2 Gambler: Battling Shirley & Orpheus for the Gambler Job

This battle is against Shirley, Orpheus, and two guards. Take out the two guards first, as they have much lower HP and can be eliminated quickly.

Although he's lost his Asterisk, Orpheus still possesses his Bard powers. He tends to Default for several turns and then unleash a flurry of powerful buffs. The Square One skill from the Freelancer job can strip the buffs from him and his targets. Orpheus can also cast Sleep spells, so make sure to have a few Wake-Up Bells in your inventory. He has a random chance of countering both physical and magical attacks against him with a Sleep spell.

Leave Shirley for last, as she hits much less hard when not buffed by Orpheus. She tends to alternate between two attacks, Odds or Evens, which does physical damage, and Elemental Wheel, which can do any kind of elemental damage depending on what it lands on. High numbers can lead to tons of damage, so make sure to have a White Mage in your party and several Phoenix Downs in your inventory. Your frailer characters may find themselves knocked out more than once.

Having characters in high-Evasion jobs, such as the Thief, or high-Defense jobs, such as the Vanguard, is a great idea, as Shirley's elemental attacks can hit the entire party. Elemental resistance charm accessories can also help out in a pinch. You can also run a Bard of your own and buff your party members to help them survive her powerful hits.

Once you've won this battle, Shirley will finally hand over the Gambler Asterisk, and your characters can put their own luck to the test on the battlefield.

Keep in mind that, although it is no longer required after completing the Gambler side quest, you can continue to play B n' D throughout the game. NPCs bearing the card mark above their heads will appear in a number of towns and areas, so keep collecting those powerful cards!

Bravely Default 2 is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.


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