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The character Isaac blushing

Chances are you've been getting into the romantic fantasy that is Boyfriend Dungeon, a game where you can date people that turn into weapons. It's a great mix of visual novel and dungeon crawler, but the big focus is maximizing your relationship with each romantic interest. The quickest way to do this is to give them gifts they would really enjoy. This is easier said than done due to how the game handles saves and the diverse personalities of kissable blades there are in this game. Thankfully, we have this Boyfriend Dungeon gift guide to help you navigate this minefield of love.

Boyfriend Dungeon gift guide: Craftable Gifts and Bought Gifts

Generally speaking, there are two types of gifts in Boyfriend Dungeon. The first are craftable gifts. Like the name implies, you have to first get a blueprint for the gift during a run through a dungeon, go back to your apartment, and then make it yourself. The downside here is that once you give one of these gifts, they cannot be crafted again. Worse still, the game constantly auto-saves, making it impossible to save scum.

Near the end of the game are high end craftable items that work on any character. These are the Love Letter and the Racing Video Game. Just pick whoever you want, you really can't go wrong.

Boyfriend Dungeon Gift
I only get shot with these, gotta make them count.

Alternatively there are bought gifts. Once again, these are gifts you can just buy, either from a ticket kiosk in the overworld or in a secret store hidden in the abandoned mall dungeon. Generally speaking, bought gifts cost a lot more, have more than one person they are most effective on, and can be bought multiple times.

Given how much riskier craftable gifts are, this guide will be focusing more on them. There will be some guidelines on most effective bought gifts but these won't be as comprehensive. So without further ado let's start with:

Boyfriend Dungeon – Best Gifts For Isaac

Isaac, the sharp-dressed estoc who takes you under his wing as a fencing instructor. Elegant, strong, direct, a competent business man, this guy has it all. Of course, if you enjoy great fashion sense, an old school honor code, and the allure of corporate power, you will want to make Isaac all yours.

To that end, getting a gift for Isaac is pretty straightforward. A Single Red Rose or even A Bouquet of Roses sells the idea of chivalrous virtue he loves to exude. The Sword Cufflinks are very much on-brand and complements his silver estoc lapel. Then there's the Marskye Cologne, which will make even more potential partners turn heads while he wears it.

There's not a whole lot in terms of bought gifts that really appeals to Isaac. What do you give a guy who can buy whatever he wants after all?

The character Valeria blushing
Name one other person you can have a casual conversation about stealing art from a museum. Time's up, you can't.

Boyfriend Dungeon – Best Gifts For Valeria

Next up is the modern artist and polyamorous vixen, Valeria. At first, it seems like she's pretty easy to pin down with her outfit covered in jewelry and her eye for modern art. This is a bit misleading. If you want to win your way to Valeria's heart, you gotta dig a bit more and get to her interests outside of her painting. For example, Bracelets and Fine Leather Gloves are practical and helps her stay warm while outside. Compounding this, a Travel Guide will really get her attention since she has a bit of wanderlust built into her backstory as well as other extracurricular activities.

As for bought gifts, there isn't much that sticks out given her skepticism to more actively commercial institutions. However, giving her Crimson Lipstick will entice her to try it out just for you.

Boyfriend Dungeon – Best Gifts for Sunder

Next up is the smoking hot club owner and potentially supernatural bad boy, Sunder. The makes jaws drop everywhere he goes and he knows it. If he isn't partying, he's waiting for the next party, and it shows.

To that end, the best craftable gifts for Sunder are self-explanatory: booze. Vodka, Single Malt Scotch, Raspberry Liquer, and Bourbon are the quickest ways to this guy's heart.

The K-Pop Idol Seven waiting for a gift
Help me split this pizza with a Netflix binge?

Boyfriend Dungeon – Best Gifts for Seven

Next up is the K-Pop idol, known as Seven. Once again, it seems difficult to pin down what this character really likes. He's part of a successful musical career, sports jewelry and a smoldering short hair cut, and does everything in his power to hide his identity while in public to avoid overzealous fans.

Well as the saying goes: the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Seven really enjoys food, but actively avoids stuff that's sugary or fatty, it would end his career. Instead, get him some Fried Mackeral and Pepperoni Pizza. Finally, he won't say no to a Fine Gold Necklace if you offer it.

As for bought gifts he'll enjoy, Ballet Tickets are the way to go. Seven has a thing for dance choreography and musical theater, who knew?

The character Rowan blushing
If I can get the bird to like me, I'm in.

Boyfriend Dungeon – Best Gifts for Rowan

Next up is the non-binary magician of the game, Rowan. They might be my favorite character in the entire game just from how imaginative they are. They have their own mansion, turn into a scythe, and have a pet bird named Crowley that talks. Better still, they prefer the finer things in life like tea, books, and contemplating the nature of life and death. The downside is they're working through the death of their sister, Alice. Yikes.

But Rowan enjoys keeping their appearances up, which is reflected in their ideal gifts. Dark Eyeliner and Glitter Eyeshadow will help their features pop while keeping up their gothic aesthetic. Furthermore, a Murder Mystery Novel will let them flex their combined enjoyments of intellectual stimulation and flirtations with the macabre.

As for bought gifts, both Crimson and Blue Lipstick will get their attention. Furthermore, Opera Tickets will make them really excited thanks to the high drama and inevitably high body count.


The character Sawyer waiting for a gift
Sawyer is so youthful and cheerful, so these daisies track.

Boyfriend Dungeon – Best Gifts for Sawyer

Keeping the non-binary finery going is Sawyer. They're a college student that is struggling with history class and has trouble cooking for themselves. Even something simple as boiling an egg is an endeavor for them.

As for gifts they'll like, similar to Seven, Sawyer enjoys food. Except Sawyer has more of a sweet tooth. Chocolate Trouffles, and Gourmet Cupcakes are the quickest way to get their attention. Furthermore, Sawyer enjoys anything that brightens up their dorm room, so hand them a Bouquet of Daisies while you're at it.

As for bought gifts, Concert Tickets have Sawyer's name written all over them. They're a big fan of Marskye and McQueen's act, and you would be doing them a major favor.

An orange cat named Pocket staring at the screen
The real ideal partner.

Boyfriend Dungeon – Best Gifts for Pocket

Pocket is a cat. Specifically, Pocket is a cat that turns into a pair of brass knuckles. If there is anything resembling a boss fight when it comes to figuring out the ideal gifts for a partner, it's Pocket. Cats are standoffish but affectionate, and can alternate radically between being interested in both mundane and shiny things in equal measure.

After two separate playthroughs of this game, here are the best gifts for Pocket. First up a A Potted Succulent. Pocket just likes sniffing and snuggling up to it. It's probably the closest thing to catnip this game has. Second is a Teddy Bear. Pocket will cuddle with it and use it to knead itself. Third is a Silver Ring. It's small, shiny, and rolls if you bat it around. Finally, give Pocket a pair of Sneakers. If you own a cat in real life, it should be obvious why this works.

As for bought gifts, pick up a Digital Camera. Pocket is not camera shy in the least and will love the extra attention you give him.

And that is our guide on the best gifts for your potential paramour in Boyfriend Dungeon. For more coverage of this game, stay tuned here.

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