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Last Update: January 3, 2019


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Nutaku's newest game is well-deserving of this Booty Farm guide. It's a free-to-play title that took me a few days to really get a handle on. I've spent some time with the game since its debut and learned some things; now I'll be passing those tips on to you.

Booty Farm is an adult-oriented game in the style of Farmville. In a way, it's like a hilariously perverse version of Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, too. You've inherited the family farm and you'll have to improve things as is typical in these kinds of games. What is slightly less common is the wealth of hotties living in the neighborhood.


Throughout this Booty Farm guide, you'll learn what to do and what not to do. Some things might not be clear until you're a ways into the game, and this guide will hopefully equip you to make the right decisions.

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Booty Farm Guide - The Basics

Booty Farm is all about producing goods to deliver to the women in the town. Simply put, you'll plant crops. Those crops will be used to make goods. You'll then send off a mix of goods and crops to women in the town.

These ladies will pay you with experience, gold, and an increase to the relationship level. There are certain visual novel elements to contend with, too. Girls will ask you questions and occasionally ask you to remember certain facts about them, HuniePop style.

You'll get a sexy photo from a woman after building up a relationship to a certain level. That's the main hook of the game aside from the gameplay. It seems pretty simple, but there' s a little more to it than just that.


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Booty Farm Guide - How to Farm

Can't make a Booty Farm Guide without talking about farming, now can we?

Farming of crops and goods is a relatively straightforward affair. Plant the crop, wait the appropriate amount of time, and harvest it. You'll get two crops for each one you plant; this rate of growth is consistent for all plant types in the game.


Animals are a little more complex. You'll first need to create feed at a feed mill. Feed is made in batches of 2 units and 1 unit is needed to feed an animal. Once an animal is fed, they'll produce a good like eggs, bacon, or milk. Those goods can then be sold or used in the production of more complex goods.

Producing more complex goods requires specialized buildings that you can purchase. For example, the juice bar lets you turn fruits into juice. Some of these goods require simple ingredients, but some of these goods will require several layers of crafting. For example, making a watermelon salad will require the following:

  1. Harvest watermelon
  2. Grow corn and lettuce.
  3. Use corn and lettuce to make cow feed
  4. Feed cows and get milk
  5. Make milk into cheese
  6. Combine the watermelon and cheese into watermelon salad at a salad bar
Some of these steps can take several hours. Be mindful of these things when dealing with quests. Also note that there is a failsafe which prevents you from using your last crop; you'll get a single replacement if you accidentally use them all. Still, it's not easy to build up a stock back from a single crop (especially for the ones that take longer to grow), so please do try to avoid this.

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Booty Farm Guide - Quests and Interacting with the Women

Quests are the primary way to earn gold in Booty Farm and a major source of experience. They're also the way you'll get those sexy photos of the girls. Fulfilling a quest will give you a certain amount of experience, gold, relationship points, and a single key for the bonus chest. (More on that later on in the Chests (No, Not That Kind) section.)

Gold is arguably the most important resource for keeping your farm running, but each of the resources is important in their own way. Bear in mind how long it takes to create what the girls are asking for and whether or not you think it's worth the price they're offering. Selling a batch of 10 corn for 40 gold might not seem like a good deal, but corn grows quickly. Selling 3 salads for 180 gold when they take 2 hours or more to produce (each!) suddenly doesn't seem like that great of a prospect.


Completed quests take a few minutes to be delivered and then they'll be replaced with a new one. You can also just cancel quests and have them replaced in ten minutes. Don't be afraid to cancel a quest if it's no good.

After a quest is delivered, you'll begin a short conversation with the girl and be presented with a choice. Answer correctly and you'll get a tiny relationship bonus. Occasionally, you'll get the opportunity to learn a new fact and you may be quizzed on this by the woman later (much in the style of HuniePop). Finally, hitting a milestone will unlock one of those sexy photos you're probably chasing after; a short conversation will take place to progress the story before it gets unlocked.

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Booty Farm Guide - Photo Slots

One of the major rewards for quests is sexy photos of the girls. They often start off pretty innocent and gradually ramp up in how explicit they are.

Unfortunately, one of the free-to-play mechanics in the game is a limit on your photo slots. You'll get 15 for free and then you'll have to buy more. Batches can be bought with premium currency, but a recent post-launch change allows you to buy a single slot for 1,000 gold.

I think it'd be wisest to save up gold and get the photo slots you want that way. The images aren't going anywhere, are they? You can, of course, totally spend some real-world money and buy the slots that way, although I would argue your money is better-invested in expanding and upgrading your farm (which we'll address further on in this Booty Farm guide in the Upgrade And Expand section).

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Booty Farm Guide - Chests (No, Not That Kind)

Like many free-to-play games, Booty Farm has chests that you can unlock. There are several ways to get them. Regardless of how you acquire them, chests all seem to give the same loot.

The first (and most reliable way) to get chests is by fulfilling orders. Fulfilling five orders will give you enough keys to open up a bonus chest (which resets after a while). You'll also gain a chest every time you learn a new fact about the girls through the visual novel portions of the game. Chests are occasionally placed on farm expansions, too. Finally, you will get a chest for some days in your daily login bonus.

Chests can contain gold, experience, premium currency, and upgrade items. You should always endeavor to get more chests if you can so things will run more smoothly.

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Booty Farm Guide - Storage (And How to Manage It)

Managing your storage is arguably the most important part of the game. You start with just enough space and it's a pain in the butt to increase it, especially because each new player level adds the number of things you can collect. Here's what to do.

Firstly, you should always be focused on increasing your storage. Buy wooden planks, metal nails, and hammers at the market (detailed in The Market section, unsurprisingly) at every opportunity. Upgrade whenever you can so you have more room to work with. Bear in mind that each successive upgrade will cost more planks, nails, and hammers than the previous one.

A powerful tip is to consider the buildings, animals, and fields as a way to store things for free. You don't have to harvest those crops or pick up those eggs just yet, do you? Pick up those products when you need them and save on some space.

I would advise that you keep no more than 4 or so of finished goods and around 10 or so of each crop. Things will be tight even with this system, but it's a good way to balance things in my opinion. This will become less of a hassle as you increase your storage size.

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Booty Farm Guide - The Market

The market is a way to earn some extra gold and dump your excess product. Ideally, any products you make should be going towards the girls to advance your game.

However, you may encounter a situation where you have just too much of any one thing. If it's only one or two items, your best bet is to sell them at low prices to free up your limited market slots as soon as possible.

It is, of course, entirely possible to make a profit with the market. Consider what it is that people will want to buy. I have found a degree of success in selling watermelons and sunflowers since they take so long to grow (2 hours and 4 hours, respectively). I always sell them in batches of ten so as to make the best use of my market slots.

You can also buy things in the market. It's rare that the prices are a good deal, but it does happen sometimes. I'd advise you focus on buying hammers, metal nails, and wooden planks so you can upgrade your storage and increase your profit-making potential. Anything other than that is a waste.

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Booty Farm Guide - Upgrade And Expand

You'll earn premium currency simply for playing the game. One might be tempted to spend it on speeding things up and I'd strongly advise against that. There are wiser ways to spend your shiny gems.

The best and most obvious way to use your currency is to increase the queue size of your production buildings. A bigger queue size means you can have more goods being produced and that frees up important storage space. It also helps you make efficient use of your time; you have to sleep sometime, and a longer queue means that overnight production won't be sitting idle for as long. I think this is the best way to use premium currency.

You can buy hammers, metal nails, and wooden planks at the cost of 5 gems each. I think this is way too much and not a worthwhile purchase. Your money would be better spent in ways to increase your production which increases your gold income and lets you buy them from the market with gold.

Upgrading and expanding your farm is the surest way of making everything go much faster. If spending premium currency advances these goals, do it. If not, hold onto it!

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Booty Farm Guide - The Most Important Tip

The single most important tip I can give is this: storage is the biggest bottleneck in the game.

If you take away anything from this Booty Farm guide, let it be this one tip. Your storage limit will frustrate you as you play through the game. You must have a single-minded focus on making your storage bigger at every opportunity.

Once you've played for a few weeks, you'll hit a point where you won't really need to be buying storage pieces anymore with gold. Then you can start unlocking photos with gold and building up a nice chunk of change. You could be well-prepared for the next update at that point!

Welp, that's it for our Booty Farm guide. Hopefully, there are some tips in here that you've found helpful!

I get a certain amount of enjoyment of trying to figure out free-to-play games while spending as little money as possible (and ideally none). I think I've managed to do it here, although the wait timers sure can be a pain sometimes.

This is far from the worst example of a free-to-play game that I've seen. This scratches the Farmville itch in just the right way for me. If you do enjoy Booty Farm, consider tossing Nutaku and the developers a few bucks when you can. I've certainly spent my money on less entertaining things! For now, you can play Booty Farm for free at Nutaku's website [NSFW].

Disclosure: Nutaku provides perks for TechRaptor members, and TechRaptor participates with an affiliate linking program with Nutaku. Some of the links in this article are affiliated.

What did you think of our Booty Farm guide? Are there any tips you'd like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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