Blue Reflection: Second Light Dates & Talent Points Guide

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Dating has been used as a major marketing tool for Blue Reflection and its sequel Second Light. But don't be misled; the term "Dates" here simply refers to hanging out and spending quality time with companions. Still, it's an important part of the gameplay as it's one of the only ways to earn Talent Points. The other way is doing Requests, which are also very important. Our Blue Reflection: Second Light Dating guide has you covered on how dates work, and where to allocate your talent points.

The opportunity to go on Dates will occur frequently between trips to the Heartscapes, typically triggered either by completing main story quests or building new school development facilities. Because of this, going on Dates is important for keeping up with the increased difficulty levels of each Heartscape. 

Blue Reflection: Second Light - Dating Guide

Going on Dates is quite simple. You'll know if a character is available for a date if they have an obvious pink icon above their head or in their place on the minimap. You can also text them through FreeSpace to ask them out. 

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Dates will award three things: Talent Points for Ao, Talent Points for the companion character, and Fragments. You can add the potential for more Dates by building new facilities in the School Development menu. Each time you build a new facility, at least a couple of characters will have a new Date option available, which means more Talent Points and more Fragments. 

During the Dates, there will be dialogue options occasionally, but don't worry about answering questions incorrectly. It doesn't affect the overall outcome of the Date.

Blue Reflection: Second Light Talent Points

Talent Points are Blue Reflection's version of skill points. They can be used to purchase new skills, increased statuses like higher Attack and increased Ether Recovery Speed, additional Fragment slots, and new crafting skill boosts. You'll unlock new Talents as the game progresses.

Talent Points can be earned either by going on Dates, as noted above, or by doing Requests, which typically requires either crafting an item or hunting down a few specific enemies in a Heartscape. They're just simple side quests, but they'll award a substantial number of Talent Points each.

Where to Assign Talent Points in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Keep in mind that once you spend Talent Points, you can't go back, so choose wisely. There's no "right way" to spend Talent Points, per se, and allocating Talent Points may depend on each character's role. But you'll probably notice early that you take a lot of damage during combat, and it's essentially unavoidable. You'll end up using healing skills frequently throughout combat. 

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Early on, you'll want to focus on the basics such as increased HP, Attack, and Defense so you're not struggling with defeating minibosses and bosses. Crafting boosts -- listed as "Learned: Processing Boost" or "Learned: Weaken Boost," for example -- will add additional effects when crafting items, but should be a lower priority for Talent Points.

  • Tip: Don't Underestimate Ether Recovery Speed

Aside from those, allocating points toward Ether Recovery Speed is invaluable, and learning new attacks is very important as well. Ether Recovery Speed means how fast an individual character gains Ether during combat, or how fast they move across the timeline, and increasing Ether Speed has multiple benefits. 

Most obviously, this means you'll get to attack sooner in battle as well as more frequently. But faster Ether Recovery Speed means you can transform into a Reflector sooner because transformations occur when Ether Recovery reaches a certain speed. 

  • Tip: Don't confuse effects like Attack +5 and Attack Effect +10%

There's a difference between these types of Talent Points in Blue Reflection: Second Light. The "+5" means that it will directly increase the amount of damage that character does. While Attack Effect +10% will also increase the damage, it does so based on the School Development facilities located around campus. It increases their effectiveness rather than directly adding points to the Attack status, which can also be useful. 

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Spending Talent Points on Fragment Slots | Blue Reflection: Second Light Talents

Fragments are Blue Reflection's version of gear, which provides their own status buffs and other effects, varying from increased effects of healing skills to increasing the chances of a critical attack. You'll have access to three Fragment Slots at the beginning, however, Fragments have sizes, meaning they can take up more than one slot. This is the number to the left of the Fragment's name. 

While you won't want to allocate points on Fragment Slots at the beginning of Blue Reflection: Second Light, because you won't have many Fragments yet, you'll want to start purchasing them somewhere in the middle of your playthrough. If you find that you've purchased substantial Attack, Defense, and HP buffs, as well as the available skills in the Talents menu, and you're running out of things to buy other than crafting boosts, that's a good time to buy some Fragment slots. 

  • Tip: Assign a healer. Shiho is the best option.

Having a dedicated healer in Blue Reflection: Second Light is extremely useful because you'll be healing in battle quite frequently. You can use Fragments to allow add a healing skill to anyone, but some characters such as Shiho will have strong healing skills. Assigning Shiho as your dedicated healer while still using her to fight works well. You'll get her as your fourth party member after finishing Kokoro's Heartscape.

To "assign" a healer to your party, you'll want to allocate many of their Talent Points and Fragments to increased healing effects. You'll still want to use them for fighting, though, so make sure to leave some for increased Attack, HP, new attacks, and so on. 

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