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When it comes to games that use portals, transportation is the first thing that comes to mind but that’s not how Unbound: Worlds Apart works. You play as Soli, a mage who is able to open portals around his body. However, instead of acting as gateways to the different worlds, they act as enhancers to Soli’s environment. You need to use the portals to affect the properties of objects, remove obstacles and change Soli’s behavior. The challenge comes with mastering the use of portals in combination with the game’s areas of precision platforming. There will be some frustrating moments but you’ll need to stay sharp and focused.

Unbound: worlds apart - Soli’s Moves

Unbound: worlds apart
Despite being a child, Soli is quite athletic. He can run, jump and control his direction mid-air. He’s also able to pull switches (even while jumping) and can push/pull various blocks. During the adventure, you’ll encounter points of magic where Soli will be granted new moves in order to make progress.

  • Double Jump: This is the first ability that Soli learns. It grants him wings of fire that can launch him a short distance when used in the air. This move can be used to cross larger gaps, get to ledges out of reach, or used to slow your fall.
  • Dash: The second ability that Soli earns extends his range and speed. It allows him to charge forward in a straight line over a short distance. It can be used on the ground or in the air to get around faster. This combined with the double-jump lets Soli cross over larger gaps and overcome mid-air obstacles. After being used, Soli needs a few seconds before it can be used again.
  • Double-Dash: The third and final ability that Soli earns. As the name suggests, it lets Soli dash twice in mid-air. He can either do them close together or far apart. It refreshes after he lands or after a few seconds when used on the ground.

Enemies And Encounters

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Despite all the power that Soli seemingly possesses, he is still a child. Contact with any sort of danger will take him out so you need to be careful, especially around enemies. There are a lot of different creatures roaming Soli’s world and most of them are dangerous. Despite how many types there are, some of them are more common than others.

  • Turncoat Butterflies: These insects are small with a yellow-black pattern and large heads. They’re harmless in this form but when exposed to a portal, they turn into large purple-black monsters with eyestalks and stingers. They’re also invulnerable and will pursue Soli on sight.
  • Claw-Heads: These creepy creatures are fleshy mounds with multiple eyes, insect-like eggs, and a long claw sticking out of the top of their heads. They wander back and forth and will slash at Soli if he gets too close. Despite this, they’re vulnerable to long falls, spikes, and projectiles. They can also be turned into blocks by using portals.
  • Spike-Heads: Similar to Claw-Heads, these creatures are mounds of flesh with lots of eyes and insect-like legs. However, the tops of their heads are covered with a row of large spikes. They move across the area and will get larger when exposed to portals. You can take them out with spikes or projectiles.
  • Bounce Crawlers: These smaller creatures are spider-like and slightly smaller than Soli. They move quickly back and forth with spikes on either side of their bodies. Their tops act as trampolines and can be bounced on to reach new heights. Even so, they can be squashed with enough force.
  • Fire Spitters: An orange spout-like plant that can be found all over the world. They shoot out fireballs in various patterns at different speeds. They’re indestructible but will only shoot in a straight line over long distances. Depending on the type of portal, the fireballs can be sped up, turned into bubbles, or platforms.

Portal Properties

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The primary mechanic of Unbound is being able to conjure and remove portals with the touch of a button. You only get access to one type of portal at a time which is determined by special stone gateways scattered throughout the different areas.

  • Rune Portal: The first type of portal Soli learns to open. This simple portal doesn’t move from where it’s opened and is able to remove blocks with runes as well as some hazards.
  • Light Portal: A niche portal that only appears in one extremely dark area. This portal opens automatically around Soli and lights up his surroundings. The catch is that it only stays open as long as Soli doesn’t move so you’ll need to navigate carefully.
  • Inverse Portal: This tricky portal switches gravity and sends Soli hurtling towards the ceiling. It also affects certain enemies and objects. It can also be used to fly around in a way by triggering the portal on and off rhythmically.
  • Strength Portal: This portal imbues Soli with the strength of giants and allows him to push around blocks that are much larger than him.
  • Time Portal: By using this portal you can take your surroundings back to a simpler time. This is used to restore broken switches and defunct elevators. It can also freeze certain objects in place and turn fireballs into platforms.
  • Block Portal: A strange portal that transforms Soli into a red block with his face on it. The portal stays on him as long as it’s active and he can’t move. While in this form, he’s immune to projectiles and most enemy types but not spikes. As a block, Soli is heavy and is affected by gravity which will let him break through rubble and crush certain enemies.
  • Shrink Portal: A silly portal that turns Soli into a miniature version of himself. The portal follows him so he can squeeze through narrow passages and ride in slime bubbles. However, this makes him vulnerable to enemies that would otherwise be harmless.
  • Boost Portal: This follower portal enhances Soli’s speed and jumping ability. It’s only used in one specific gauntlet.
  • Blaze Portal: This portal creates a surge of energy wherever it’s opened. It destroys enemies as it opens, including the butterflies. It’s only used during one encounter.

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