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Bear and Breakfast has a total of 11 different cities you are able to travel to, five of which will be home to some of the best five-star resorts you can build! In this guide, we will go over how each resort works in Bear and Breakfast, and what each new area requires for you to keep those guests happy and paying, so that your Bear and Breakfast resorts run smoothly.

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How Each Resort Works In Bear and Breakfast

With each new city that contains cabins for you to build your BnBs in, comes different requirements in order to keep up with the guest's requests. The first city you come across is Timber Crossing, which just sports the basics; Decor points and Comfort points. In A24, the guests realize that an outhouse will no longer do, and they require a restroom. Next up comes Highlake, where the guests have a hankering for a home-cooked meal, meaning you will need a kitchen. Winterberry is a blisteringly cold town where guests want to sit back and warm up by the fire, so to speak, so heaters are needed. Whereas in Pinefall, guests want a museum to "ooh" and "ahh" at to their heart's content. 

Read on for a breakdown of the five different resorts available in the Bear and Breakfast!

Screenshot of Timber Crossing, How each resort works in bear and breakfast

Timber Crossing Resort

The first area where you will be able to house guests is Timber Crossing, a beautiful area set back into the woods, covered in fresh green grass and flowers. As you arrive, you'll notice a little dinky shed that is in desperate need of a makeover.

Timber Crossing Requirements

  • Decor 
  • Comfy Beds

As you speak to fin, you realize that he will give you all the power and help you need to open your first BnB, but you have to put the work in yourself. Once you collect the materials and ask Tony the beaver for some help, the place is fixed up and ready to go! 

The guests here are pretty easy to please, as they really only require two things, a place to sleep and some pretty rugs. There is an outhouse outside of the cabin, which you can spruce up and make usable again, but they don't actually seem to use it. You will need to craft a bed, and head over to Took's dumpster to gather some pretty decorations to add to each room. Remember there is never too much decor, as the guests will require bigger and better things as you do more management quests. 

The A24 Screenshot in Bear and Breakfast, How each resort works in bear and breakfast

The A24 Resort

Once you have completed part of the main storyline, you will be asked to serve guests in a new area called The A24, which is located in a dry and unforgiving desert that hasn't seen water in far too long.

A24 Requirements

  • Decor
  • Comfy Beds
  • Bathrooms
  • Distillery Room & Bar

Once you have your Motel up and running here, you will notice that guests have become a little pickier. They now require a clean and pristine place to "do their business" and take a shower, as the heat is blistering in the desert.

You will need to build a bathroom in the Motel, making sure that the radius reached all of the rooms, or the guest left out will be quite unhappy and leave a bad review. Not only does not meeting all of their requirements lower your overall resort rating, but the guest also won't pay full price, as they don't believe their stay was worth it. Now that you have your facilities, you'll notice that the guests are a bit parched after they've roamed the desert lands all day. Good thing you have the ability to build an open bar, because they would be pretty upset if you didn't. 

Once you have completed a bit of the main quests, you will gain access to the bar blueprints at the Pawn Voyage, which you can purchase for coins. Once you have those blueprints, you will be able to build a bar that anyone would be proud to attend. 

Highlake Screenshot in Bear and Breakfast, How each resort works in Bear and Breakfast

Highlake Resort

The third city you will travel to is called Highlake, a serene and absolutely stunning environment surrounded by trees, water, and wildlife. The city is filled with much-needed crops that you will be able to use to cook meals for your guests, and that is the requirement that is focused upon in Highlake.

Highlake Requirements

  • Decor 
  • Comfy Beds
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen & Dining Room
  • Campsite 

Once you arrive, you will come into contact with a sweet goat named Julia, who will show you the wonderful world of cooking meals. She herself was a chef, and somewhat misses the idea of cooking for others (which will come in handy later). 

Once you've finished her quest line, you will have new blueprints available in the Pawn Voyage van that will teach you how to build both a kitchen and dining room. Once they've been built, you will need to add at least a cutting board to the kitchen, but we recommend adding a stove and fridge in there too if you can. The dining room must have at least one buffet table, a dining room table, and one chair to be functional. After that, the hard part comes; cooking the food for those hungry guests! 

Julia will allow you to purchase recipes from her shop to teach you more and more complex dishes to create. You will need to go out and gather the ingredients for each meal, bring it back to your kitchen, and cook the guests some meals. The higher the Food points of the meal, the happier the guests will be. Also be sure to look out for what their minimum Food points are, as if you don't cater to at least their minimum, they will be one unhappy camper. 

Speaking of campers, in Highlake you will also be able to build a campground for your guests to enjoy. You will stock it full of smores supplies with the use of a smores table, a cozy campfire, and a nice log for them to sit on and reminisce about the good ol' days. Some guests will only want to attend your resort if you have the campground ready to go for them, so make sure to keep that in mind when choosing guests as well. The campground isn't optional, as it ties into the main storyline, so keeping it clean and updated is also necessary as you progress. 

Julias workstation menu in bear and breakfast, How Each Resort Works in Bear and Breakfast

Cooking can become very difficult, as the ingredients get harder to gather as time passes. Luckily, when you make it pretty far into the main quests, Julia will offer to be your personal cook for each of your resorts! For a heft fee per day, she will whip up some delicious creations for your guests to enjoy during their stay, completely automating the process so you never have to worry about them going to bed on an empty tummy again.

All you need to do to have Julia cook for your resort is build her cooking workstation that you'll unlock when she offers to work for you, place it in the kitchen, toggle her on in the Front Desk menu, and choose what you want her to cook. Keep in mind that if you choose more complex dishes, she will charge a more complex price. The better the dish, the more you dish out of your pockets. Choose dishes that make the customers happy, and your pocketbook happy too. 

Screenshot of Winterberry, showing off the heaters needed, how each resort works in Bear and Breakfast

Winterberry Resort

The fourth area you will come to is Winterberry, an extremely cold and frigid area nestled on a mountaintop, and requires a fair amount to keep your guests happy.

Winterberry Requirements

  • Decor 
  • Comfy Beds
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen & Dining Room
  • Utility Rooms & Boilers
  • Lounge Room 

The guests here will request heat in order for them to be happy with their stay, so you will need to build utility rooms that will house the boilers. Once you meet Jax, a loving shaggy dog that is native to the area, he will give you a line of quests to complete that will lead you to be able to build utility rooms, and boilers, and even purchase wood from his shop to use as fuel for the boilers. 

The boilers go through fuel like nobody's business and need to be restocked daily or the temperature in the cabins will drop to freezing. The guests will not be happy to wake up with icicles hanging from their nostrils, so be sure to keep the place nice and toasty for them. The guests will have a minimum temperature they prefer, so try to keep it at least to their minimum standards. You can do so by building multiple boilers instead of one or two, upgrading them as you go along, and collecting better blueprints. 

The guests will also want to curl up next to that cozy heater and read a good book, so you will also need to build a lounge in your Winterberry cabins. You'll see the room available in build mode, and will need to add a cozy sofa, scratchy armchair, and a bookcase to keep the guests happy and occupied. Remember, some of the guests are specifically coming to your winter wonderland in search of a good lounging area, so keep it updated and cozy. 

Screenshot of Winterberry, showing off Jax coming to help fuel where needed, How each resort works in bear and breakfast

As stated prior, filling up the fuel tanks in the boiler can be super tedious. Luckily, Jax is a great pup who wants to help! Once you have made it further down the storyline, he will offer his fuel restocking services, for a fee of course. Just like with Julia, you will need to toggle him on in the Front Desk menu and choose which boilers you want him to keep stocked up. His services are quite expensive, as fuel is not cheap. You will need to install one of Jax's famously hot heaters in one of your cabin's utility rooms to get him going, then it's smooth sailing from there. 

Screenshot of the Museum in Pinefall, How each resort works in bear and breakfast

Pinefall Resort

Pinefall Requirements

  • Decor 
  • Comfy Beds
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen & Dining Room
  • Utility Rooms & Boilers
  • Museum 
  • Theater Room 

The final city you will come to is Pinefall, the mid-city filled with spacious grounds, wonderful sights to see, and an old lady that will melt your heart. Pinefall is teeming with new and exciting things to explore, and that is apparent in the need for a museum here. The guests that request to come to your Pinefall cabins will be looking for a museum to check out some creepy and maybe cursed objects to gawk at and take pictures of. 

The museum is quite easy to build, though you will need to follow the main questline to unlock the ability to build one, as well as find your first special item to display there. Once it's all set up and ready to go, your guests will expect more than one item on display, so make sure you have a few handy. 

As if that wasn't enough, your guests will want a place to chill and watch some movies, so you will also need to build a theater room to keep them happy and raving about your BnB. This is also unlocked by following the main storyline, so make sure to learn the necessary blueprints from the Pawn Voyage van to stock your theater with seating and a flat-screen. 

Screenshot of garbage piled high in BnB, How each resort works in bear and breakfast

Does something look a little --- trashy to you? Yes, that is the trash left behind from some of our loving guests, and you have the job of picking it all up. That is, until you hire Wade to come in and sweep it all up for you. As your progress, Wade the rat will offer his garbage collection services at a very decent price per day, letting you focus on the more important tasks rather than picking up after the filthy humans in your cabins. To get him ready for the job, you will need to build him a garbage cart, and toggle him on just as you did the rest. 

For those who want to focus on gathering supplies, you can hire Gus the possum to book your guests for you! Once you make Gus your famous egg drippy meal, he will offer his services to you for a daily fee, and you can employ him to book your guests every night. This actually helps a lot, as booking guests becomes very time-consuming with the number of cabins you have to fill at the end of the storyline. Build his little concierge stand, and he is ready to go. 

Well, that's it for our guide on how each resort works in Bear and Breakfast. Check out even more helpful guides below!

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