Bear and Breakfast Materials Guide

Last Update: July 28, 2022


Bear and Breakfast Materials Guide

Creating a beautiful Bed and Breakfast takes a lot of blood, sweat, and resources. That's where all of the materials scattered throughout the cities and lands come into play. In this Bear and Breakfast Materials guide, we will go over where all of the different materials can be found, as well as what they can be used for. 

Bear and Breakfast materials guide, screenshot of resort ready to be built



Within the first few areas, Timber Crossing, Sawdust, and Blackmoss, there are ample amounts of little piles of wood for the player to collect. Wood can be used for rebuilding resorts and crafting furniture to use within your BnBs. These are the types of wood available in Bear and Breakfast currently:

  • Plywood Planks 
  • Pinewood Planks 
  • Mahogany Planks 


Metal is fundamental in Bear and Breakfast as it is needed to craft items such as tables, buffet tables, stoves, refrigerators, boilers, fireplaces, and more. Metal is more sparse than wood is, as it is only primarily found inside of the A24 city. While it can be found when first entering different areas, that is quite a rare occurrence. Players who are able to open up The Dump early on will have access to chunks of metal that respawns daily. These are the types of metals available in Bear and Breakfast as of now:

  • Iron Nails
  • Copper Plates
  • Iron Plates 
  • Steel Plates
  • Steel Screws 

Fabric, Rubber, Glass, Electronics, and Stone

Within A24, Highlake, Winterberry, and Whitestone Bay, players will find plenty of piles of cloth, brick, and stones.

These are used for crafting things like beds, footrests, mirrors and vanities, sofas, armchairs, and more. As players progress in the game, the requirements for each resort will become larger and larger. Things like sofas aren't necessary for Timber Wood but are needed for Winterberry to build a lounging area. The types of Fabric, Rubber, Glass, Electronics, and Stone available in these areas include:

  • Cotton Sheets
  • Synthetic Sheets
  • Rubber Slabs
  • Porcelain Chunks 
  • Stone Bricks 
  • Plastic Boards
  • Electronics

That's it for our Bear and Breakfast Materials guide. Hopefully this helps you understand where each material can be located and what they can be used for!



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