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Bear and Breakfast Collectibles Guide, screenshot of character menu

There are several helpful items to collect in Bear and Breakfast that are quite easy to miss if you focus on the storyline quests alone. In this Bear and Breakfast Collectibles Guide, we will discuss each collectible that is available, what it does, and how to obtain it. 

To see each and every collectible you have gotten so far, you will need to take a look at the Character menu at the bottom of your screen in-game. It unlocks right in the beginning of the game in Timber Crossing when you receive a notebook that allows you to read quests. 

Collectibles in Bear and Breakfast

Screenshot of the compass collectible, bear and breakfast collectibles guide

Compass & Atlas

The compass is a vital collectible that players receive from completing quests for Oliver and Sabine (also known as Beanie). Once you arrive to Timber Crossing and finish building your BnB, the bus driver Oliver will ask you to give "Beanie" pieces of an atlas they have been putting together. You will unlock the Compass on the first few quests with them, then the atlas directly after, at the end of their questline. The atlas allows you to see a world map, rather than just the city you are currently in, like the compass does.


Trail Mix 

Trail mix is acquired pretty early on as well by doing management quests in Timber Crossing. You will get a quest that asks you to three or more five-star reviews at your Timber Crossing resort. Once that is complete, the management quest reward is the trail mix. This collectible increases your overall speed by 50%, making you the fastest bear in the woods.

Recipe Box

The recipe box is also obtained through management quests, but ion Highlake. About two quests in, you will get a quest that asks you for a level two kitchen within your Highlake resort. Once that quest has been completed, you will receive the recipe box as a reward. This collectible gives you the ability to auto-fill cooking cards for any recipe you know, which saves a lot of time with cooking. 

Tape Measure

The tape measure is obtained through management quests as well, but this collectible comes in pretty handy throughout the game. The tape measure allows players to build from anywhere, rather than just at the crafting table. Though, there does need to be a building nearby that has buildable aspects, such as a cabin or campsite. This helps a lot when you just need to move an item, or craft something in a hurry.

The Watch 

The watch is exactly what you think it is; it allows you to tell the time, rather than guessing by the day and night cycle. Yes, there is a moon in the center of the minimap that tells you when it's midnight, but the watch lets you track time throughout the day to see when you may lose daylight, or exactly what time your items will respawn at the dump. This collectible is also found by doing management quests. 


This one comes in handy in Winterberry for sure, as the thermostat tells you the temperature outside. This can be found by doing the management quests in Winterberry, and once you have it, it can become helpful in determining how warm to keep your cabins. Remember that the temp inside of the cabins will be three degrees higher than the temperature outside. 


This bad boy really makes a difference in the game, as now you are not bound to work from your Front Desk inside of your resorts. The pager is a nifty collectible that allows you to check the status of each of your resorts remotely, rather than having to travel to each resort. You can toggle your workers on and off, book guests, and check up on your reviews while you're away.

The Fanny Pack

This has to be the best collectible thus far. This collectible is found by doing management quests in Timber Crossing, and it instantly doubles your inventory space once you complete the quest. Let me tell you, the bag space you start out with is great, but as you progress it becomes impossible to keep everything. This fanny pack is a true game changer because you now don't have to choose what to keep and what to throw away.


That's all of the collectibles available in Bear and Breakfast. For more guides check out the links below:

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