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Despite being Ryza’s third adventure at this point, she still has to unlock many returning features via the skill tree. This even includes alchemy recipes for items needed to craft equipment, with the game not indicating this clearly. In our Atelier Ryza 3 Skill Tree Guide, we’ll go over the general layout of the skill tree, and some things that are worth aiming for first.

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Atelier Ryza 3 Skill Tree Layout

The skill tree in Atelier Ryza 3 splits off into 4 directions from the center point. Each one generally leads to one category of upgrades, though all will contain item recipes. The general layout of each branch can be categorized as follows:

  • Up - This leads primarily to alchemy upgrades and certain key materials. There are unlocks for increases max quality, andreturning alchemy features from Atelier Ryza 1 and 2 like item duplication. This is also where the recipes for materials like Creaminea are contained.
  • Right  - This branch mostly contains recipes for consumable items. You’ll also get access to Core Crystal modification, and increased Key Modification time.
  • Down - The downward branch primarily contains multiple SP gain upgrades, along with weapon and armor recipes.
  • Left - This is where you’ll improve gathering by hand or with a staff. You’ll also unlock the Emerald Band recipe, which is needed to explore certain areas.

When you unlock a skill tree node, any connected nodes will then be revealed. The further from the center you get, the more expensive skills generally get.

Atelier Ryza 3 Skill Tree screenshot highlighting the SP Gain +10% skill.

The Best Atelier Ryza 3 Skills to Learn First

While you’ll want to unlock most skills eventually, there are a few early on that are worth getting early on. For starters, the downward branch starts with a +10% gain to SP making it a no brainer. There are further upgrades later in that branch, but these take far more SP to get.

The left branch is worth progressing to at least the Gathering Lv. 2 node (the third node in). This will let you gather a lot more items quickly, especially when you don’t have access to better tools. This node is also linked to Basket Size Up 1, which will reduce the amount of trips you need to make to an atelier to store items.

It’s the upward branch that is the most important for progression though. Going up will unlock an early upgrade to max quality of synthesized items. This also connects to a node that unlocks item duplication, a helpful way to make lots of an item without the right ingredients, or to duplicate crafted equipment.

Screenshot of the Atelier Ryza 3 Skill Tree showing the location of the Creaminea alchemy recipe.

How to Make Creaminea in Atelier Ryza 3

The upwards branch is home to the recipe for Creaminea too, an ingot that is needed for both gear and other items (many sidequests will require you to make this for quest items). However, you’ll first need to unlock three of the Max Quality Up nodes — Max Quality 300, Quality up 500, and Max Quality 700. From there, the recipe for Creaminea will be to the right of the Max Quality 700 node.

Unlocking the aforementioned quality nodes will also show the nodes for many other synthesizable items, like Poisonous Liquid and Sorcery Rose.

How to Farm SP in Atelier Ryza 3

There are 3 regular sources of SP in Atelier Ryza 3:

  • Synthesizing items.
  • Completing some sidequests.
  • Completing certain Random Quests.

When it comes to synthesis, you’ll gain more SP for items that have a higher level (shown at the top of the item stat display. So, for farming SP that way, your best bet is to keep crafting higher level items that you have lots of spare materials for. Startium is a good choice early on (unlocked via recipe morphing an Ingot using Arknite), as you’ll need a fair bit of it for gear and tool creation.

Before farming synthesis though, it’s always worth crafting everything that you haven’t already made before (shown by the icon being a silhouette in the synthesis list). This will net you useful materials needed to create other items, along with lots of SP.

For an extra SP boost on top of skill tree unlocks, you’ll want to build and synthesise at a Laboratory-type atelier. By default, this gives an increase to SP gain. Once you’ve progressed the main story until you’ve visited every region, you’ll unlock the ability to expand ateliers too. The Laboratory-type atelier can get a further 2 SP boosts this way.

Random Quests can be a good source of SP, if you’re lucky. Quests to take out powerful monsters will often give out hundreds of SP at a time. These quests can return again and again, giving a steady stream of SP as you explore a region.

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