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Apex Legends fans are certainly no strangers to developer Respawn’s consistent introduction of new events. These usually include a wide selection of new character and gun skins, trackers, badges, and other cosmetic items – some of which can be earned by completing challenges, and others that must be purchased with Apex coins.

As Respawn wraps up their recent Raiders Collection event, datamining has brought forth information about the developer’s next big showcase. Expected to be called “Dark Depths”, this new ocean-themed event will introduce plenty of aquatic character and gun skins. It’s expected to last about 3 weeks.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Dark Depths Event.

What Dark Depths Event Skins Are There?

Earlier this month, Twitter user iLootGames leaked out the skins that players can expect to see in the Dark Depths event. Among them are a solid collection of aquatic character and gun skins that will assumedly be purchasable with Apex coins.

Here’s what has been leaked so far:

Fuse Dark Depths Skin Broseiden
Fuse Skin - Broseidon
Ash Dark Depths Skin Denizen Of The Deep
Ash Skin - Denizen of the Deep
Lifeline Dark Depths Skin Mywave
Lifeline Skin - My Wave
Loba Dark Depths Skin Bioluminescence
Loba Skin - Bioluminescence
Bangalore Dark Depths Skin Mil SPEC
Bangalore Skin - MIL-SPEC
Revenant Dark Depths Skin Deep Sea Dread
Revenant Skin - Deep Sea Dread
Rampart Dark Depths Skin Feelin Koi
Rampart Skin - Feelin Koi
Valkerie Dark Depths Skin Blue Bomber
Valkyrie Skin - Blue Bomber
Horizon Dark Depths Skin Overfloater
Horizon Skin - Overfloater
R99 Dark Depths Skin Sirens Song
R-99 Skin - Sirens Song
R301 Dark Depths Skin Barnacle Buster
R-301 Skin - Barnacle Buster
Volt Dark Depths Skin Inked and Infused
Volt Skin - Inked and Infused
Spitfire Dark Depths Skin Sea Stalker
Spitfire Skin - Sea Stalker

According to multiple sources, Caustic and Octane are also receiving skins during the event, though further information about those is hard to come by.

In addition to the skins, you can also anticipate trackers for Horizon, Fuse, and Lifeline, a handful of new weapon charms, and some fresh poses and frames for multiple characters.

When Will the Dark Depths Event Begin?

Since Respawn hasn’t confirmed the event yet, we don’t have a secured release date for it. The team is in the midst of a very successful eleventh season of the game, and they just wrapped up the Raiders Collection Event, which included tons of new skins and the introduction of Wattson’s heirloom.

It stands to reason Respawn would want to put a little time between events, as usual, possibly even pushing Dark Depths off to Season 12, which is expected to begin right after Season 11 ends on February 8.

Now that the Raiders Collection Event is old news, we can assume Respawn will speak up about Dark Depths relatively soon.

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