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Matter Compiler Perks

The Anacrusis is a new co-op experience that has players playing through an episodic story, with a few different levels per episode. As players play, they'll encounter Matter Compilers, which offer perks to enhance weaponry, grenades, or healing. There's a number of perks available in the game, so we've created this The Anacrusis Perks Guide, as well as a The Anacrusis Weapons Guide that will tell you what perks work best with each weapon or piece of equipment!

What are The Anacrusis Matter Compilers?

You'll encounter these littered in the levels of The Anacrusis, and Matter Compilers will give you 3 randomized perks to choose from. These are worth your time to find!

Matter Compiler Anacrusis

Where to find Matter Compilers In Anacrusis?

The easiest way to find Matter Compilers in The Anacrusis, is to explore. There are some that have set spawns, but others that have different spawns for each load of a map. Check every nook, cranny, and door to find them all.

Each level in Anacrusis (multiple per episode) has a set number of Matter Compilers available to players, usually 2-4 in total. They emit a sound, so when you're near a Matter Compiler, you'll be able to find them a bit easier.

Check out the list of Matter Compiler perks you can find below:

The Anacrusis Perks List

Below you'll find every The Anacrusis perk, a total of 34 thus far (more to be found/added) sorted in alphabetical order. If you want to find out which work with which weapons and items - see our Anacrusis Weapon Guide!

  • Adrenaline Booster - Move faster, take less damage, and deal increased damage after using a health booster.
  • Auto Charge - Moves one shot from your ammo reserve into your gun, every few seconds.
  • Blaster Amplifier - Blaster shots affect a larger area.
  • Bounty Protocol - Killing a marked enemy grants ammo for your primary weapon.
  • Burstfire Pistol - Fire three-shot bursts with your pistol.
  • Charge Extender - Primary weapon and pistol hold more charge between reloads. (+50%)
  • Criticality - Enemies killed with critical hits explode.
  • Defensive Goo - Standing in goo protects you from damage.
  • Fast Healing - Use health scanners and revive downed allies faster.
  • Fire Resistance - Take less damage from Fire
  • Goo Nullifier - Move at full speed while on alien goo.
  • Grenade Amplifier - The area of effect for grenades is larger.
  • Grenade Extender - Carry more grenades.
  • Healing Extender - Healing items restore more health and can overheal.
  • Health Extender - Increase your maximum health by a small amount (+25)
    • Health Extender 2 (Requires Health Extender) - Increase your maximum health by a large amount (Additional +25 for 150 total)
  • Healing Goo - Deploying goo grenades grants temporary health to nearby players.
  • Penetrating Plasma - Plasma Rifle shots go through multiple enemies.
  • Pulse Amplifier - The area of effect for your Pulse is larger.
  • Pulse Extender - Gain an additional charge for your Pulse.
  • Pulse Overcharge - Hold Pulse to unleash a powerful blast that damages and knocks back enemies.
  • Pulse Recycler - Your Pulse recharges faster after an ally Pulses near you.
  • Pulse Screen - After using Pulse, gain a protective shield that blocks one hit.
    • Reactive Screen (Requires Pulse Screen) - Enemies who attack you while your screen is active are electrocuted.
  • Rescue Adrenaline - Move faster, take less damage, and deal increased damage after an ally is downed or incapacitated.
  • Reserve Extender - Carry more ammunition for your primary weapon (2x)
  • Revive Adrenaline - Take less damage and deal increased damage when you are downed or incapacitated.
  • SMB Tracking Rounds - Shots fired with the SMB automatically track nearby targets.
  • Special Charge Extender - Special Weapons come with more ammunition.
  • Temp Health Stabilizer - Temporary health decays much slower.
  • Target Protocol - Automatically ping special enemies while aiming down sights.
  • Turbo Pulse - Your Pulse recharges faster.
  • Weapon Handling - Switch weapons faster and move at full speed while aiming down sights.
  • Weapon Stabilizer - All weapons have less recoil

There you have it, details for every The Anacrusis Perk we've found in the launch version. We'll keep this guide updated as more things get released, and we find more perks!

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