All-Time Favorite Gaming Romances - February 2018 Reader Survey

This poll has given our readers to vote for their Favorite Gaming Romances of all time, and collated them in this easy-to-read article.

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february 2018 favorite gaming romance reader survey

There are a number of fantastic canon romances in gaming, and with so many to choose from, we wanted to poll our readers to find out what their favorites were! Triss and Geralt? Squall and Rinoa? Cloud and Aeris (or Tifa)? The list goes on, and on, so let's find out what our readers' favorites were!

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Here's our reader responses for All-Time Favorite Gaming Romances!

Cloud and Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)

"They're just so perfect for each other. Cloud's an angsty git that gets himself in trouble, Tifa is a sunny person who has a strong motherly side to her that makes her the yin to his yang. There's not really a part in FFVII where they explicitly kiss, so you could say it's unrequited in the game, but you cannot look at all those interactions and the story between them that's build up and tell me that's not going to lead to a romance." -Boss

cloud and tifa

Big Boss / Custom M1911A1 (Metal Gear Solid)

"As soon as Eva hands it to him, Naked Snake's interest immediately goes from her to this .45 handgun, and very few other things in the game receive the same level of appreciation from Snake as this weapon. This is speculative, but I suspect this is why his double doesn't get to have it in MGSV. He could be a part of the legend of Big Boss, but no one gets to share BB's true love, a highly customized .45 inexplicably retrieved from some GRU officer at Tselinoyarsk." - The Lieutenant

OK, maybe not a true romance but this was pretty good.

Geralt and Yennefer (Witcher)

"The turbulence and passion of their relationship. The fact that not even losing their memories could keep them apart. Their love for Ciri putting them together even when they were mad at each other, especially in the books, being willing to sacrifice themselves to save her. " - Wolfoso

"Yes" - Absolutionis

Not quite an explanation, but "yes" it's a great romance!


Enrique and Moegi (Skies of Arcadia)

"They have a lot of a cute moments together." -Alex

drake and elena

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

"Even though there were on and off periods, after playing through the whole series it is a genuinely happy relationship with two really loving characters." -FelipeFlops


9S and 2B (NieR:Automata)

"Without spoiling massive sections of the game, it's pretty much impossible to elaborate on." -Anonymous

Ok, fair enough, sounds like people need to just play the game :)


Aerie & the Protagonist (Baldur’s Gate 2)

"It’s a sweet story and the talks are really well fleshed out." -Anonymous

shepard miranda

Shepard and Miranda (Mass Effect)

"Both sides need to see past the distracting public personalities to discover the person underneath. A pairing of equals." -Anonymous

The Boss and Snake in Snake Eater

"The deepest and most complex love relationship in any game, not to mention it's Snake's love for her that basically triggers the events that will unfold throughout the entire series." -Anonymous


Thanks to all of our awesome readers who answered our January survey and our current monthly gaming survey is already live!

What's your favorite gaming romance?

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