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Dennies store in Zenless Zone Zero

There are a variety of currencies in Zenless Zone Zero and it can be quite confusing to navigate especially if this is your first time playing a game with gacha mechanics.

However, you no longer need to be confused as TechRaptor has you covered!

Main Currencies

Zenless Zone Zero has a variety of currencies but the main ones are:

  • Polychromes
  • Master Tapes
  • Boopons
  • Monochromes
  • Dennies

Each of these currencies has a specific use case and usually doesn’t overlap.

Spending Polycromes to restore Battery Charge.


Polychromes in Zenless Zone Zero are the equivalent of Primogems from Genshin Impact and Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail. You can use Polychromes to buy Master Tapes or replenish your battery.

Master Tapes in Zenless Zone Zero

Master Tapes

Master Tapes in Zenless Zone Zero acts as your Fates from Genshin Impact and Rail Passes in Honkai: Star Rail. This means that the tapes are only used in pulling from banners, which are called channels in Zenless Zone Zero.

There are two kinds of Master Tapes: Master Tapes, and Encrypted Master Tapes. Master Tapes are used to pull from the stable channel which is the standard banner. Encrypted Master Tapes are used to pull from the exclusive channel which is the game’s rate-up banner.

The key items menu, showing that the player has 5 Boopons.


Boopons are exclusive only to Zenless Zone Zero. This is the currency you will use to pull from the Bangboo channel for new Bangboos. You can earn them from Events, Hollow Zero, and the New Eridu City Fund.

You will unlock the Bangboo channel once you reach Inter-Knot level 20.

The Monochrome Market screen, showing each package that can be bought.


Monochromes are the premium currencies in Zenless Zone Zero. They are bought with real money and are usually exchanged for Polychromes. The ratio for the exchange is 1:1.

Buying Trainee Investigator Logs using Dennies.


Dennies are the in-game currency of Zenless Zone Zero. You can earn Dennies in various ways including questing. Dennies are used to purchase items from the convenience store on Sixth Street. They are also used as a fee for dismantling and crafting, as well as other game mechanics.

Other Currencies

Zenless Zone Zero has other currencies aside from the main ones we’ve mentioned:

  • Residual Signals
  • Fading Signals
  • Bangbucks
  • Z-Merits
  • Investigation Merits

The Signal Shop screen.

Residual Signals, Fading Signals, and Bangbucks

Residual Signals, Fading Signals, and Bangbucks can be used in signal exchange. Residual Signals can be obtained from stable and exclusive channels if you pull a character that you already have.

Fading Signals can be obtained from the stable and exclusive channels by simply pulling from the banners. Bangbucks are obtained from the Bangboo channel with the same method.

Each tab represents the currency you will be using whenever you buy an item.

Purchasing items from the Outpost Logistics menu.

Z-Merits and Investigation Merits

Z-Merits and Investigation Merits are the currencies used by Casper in the Scott Outpost. Z-Merits can be obtained from Hollow Zero and can be exchanged for Master Tapes and Boopons to name a few.

Investigation Merits can be obtained from Shiyu Defenses and Notorious Hunts and they can also be used to buy certain resources like Hi-Fi Master Copy and Tuning Calibrator.

That's all for our guide on currencies in Zenless Zone Zero! Make sure to check out more of our guides below.

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