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Farming is a necessity in Against the Storm, as a lot of the recipes and trading posts use vegetables, and there is also a high chance that the Queen may ask for vegetables in her orders. However, there aren’t always going to be the right conditions for farming. This guide explains farming in Against the Storm, and how to do it successfully.

Against the Storm Farming - Make Your Own Vegetables

The number one thing you need in Against the Storm to be able to farm is fertile soil. Without it, there is no possibility to be able to farm. There are no guaranteed spawns for fertile soil, but sometimes you'll be able to find it in glades.

You will know where the fertile soil is as it shows up on the screen as long grass stalks. You'll have to till these, which can be done through the food production tab by placing Farm Fields, as long as you have available workers.

Fertile Soil in Against the Storm

How to Farm In Against The Storm

To be able to successfully grow crops, you'll need a herbalist’s camp or a small farm nearby that can work the tilled soil. There will be a radius on the screen of where you can put the camp, which must have the tilled soil within it - to till the soil, choose "Farm Field" under the Food Production Menu and place them on top of the Fertile Soil.

These camps and farms help grow vegetables and grain, which are very useful resources that will be used throughout the game, either as a trading resource, or to make food such as bread, pie, and soup.

If possible, try to also make sure the farm is run by humans, as they work best in these environments, and this will make their resolve higher.  

A screenshot showing the food production menu
Against the Storm Herb Gardens - Increase Your Food Quality

Herb gardens are another form of finding resources for food, but these won’t give you vegetables or grain. Instead, they will give you herbs, which can be used in conjunction with crops or other food items to make better recipes, such as making higher quality soup or pie.

Farming herbs is similar to vegetables - till the Fertile Soil, place Farm Fields, and then place the Herb Garden near the fields to start planting and harvesting herbs.

Can't Find Fertile Soil In Against The Storm?

If you can't find fertile soil, which is possible, you can still use foragers' camps to scout for vegetables and ensure your villagers don't starve. That said, you can increase your chances for Fertile Soil if you put your settlement in an area with a bonus towards it via the "Fertile Grounds" bonus that varies in percentage.

This is how you farm in Against the Storm! Keep in mind that you may have to explore further into glades to be able to find fertile soil, so always have a backup in mind for food production.

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