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This Abiotic Factor Weather Guide will tell you how Weather Events work, how to survive their unique challenges, and when they end.

Abiotic Factor is plenty challenging with the constant threat of Base Raids and the challenges of securing enough food and resources to stay alive. Update 0.8.2 has added yet another obstacle for you to overcome: Weather Events that change the environment of the GATE facility. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Weather!

A Composer in the Flathill Server Room in Abiotic Factor
You'll likely experience your first bad Weather after you've completed the Flathill Portal World.

How Abiotic Factor Weather Works

Abiotic Factor Weather is a bit unusual compared to most other survival games — in this case, the Weather is happening indoors. The GATE Cascade Research Facility is massive, and sometimes, the gigantic rooms and corridors can be filled with deadly hazards.

Weather can create new hazards, introduce situational enemies, and even outright kill you if you're not prepared to deal with them. Read on to learn about each Weather event and how to tackle it!

A Symphonist in the Fog in Office Sector Level 2 in Abiotic Factor
Some Weather Events

Weather Events (and How to Deal with Them)

Here are all of the Weather Events we've experienced and what you need to do to survive them.

Fog Phenomenon

The Fog Phenomenon blankets the entire GATE Cascade Research Facility in a dense fog. Visibility is limited to a few meters in front of you and the temperature is lower. This means that you're more likely to suffer the "Cold" Debuff which reduces your speed and increases your Hunger and Stamina drain rates.

The chill and visibility limitations from the Fog Phenomenon are annoying enough on their own, but you're at greater risk from enemy attacks simply because you'll have a more difficult time seeing them. This Weather Event is a good time to stay at your base and focus on cooking and crafting until it's over.

Finally, the Fog Phenomenon has a unique enemy that will only appear during this event: the Symphonist. This is a smaller version of the giant "Composer" creatures that you encountered in Flathill. They're very tough and they hit like a truck, but killing one will get you some unique loot — including something you might need to open a certain locked Crate.

When Does the Fog Phenomenon End?

The Fog Phenomenon ends at 6:00 AM the day after it started.

Radiation Leak

The Radiation Leak event is pretty straightforward (though that doesn't make it any less dangerous) — you'll be subjected to constant Radiation exposure for an entire day. Although the amount of exposure is relatively small, you'll quickly be in trouble without the proper meds.

First and foremost, you should immediately take Iodine Tablets or a Pentetic Acid Syringe, even if you don't have any accumulated Radiation — you'll get a 50% reduction in incoming Radiation. You can then take Iodine Tablets or Pentetic Acid Syringes after this Weather has ended to remove the remaining Radiation.

You should also wear a Hazardous Materials Suit or Rat Suit to gain the "Hazmat Suit" effect which reduces incoming Radiation by 90%. You can find a Hazmat Suit in the bed of a pickup truck at the start of Flathill; this ensures that you can get one for yourself and anyone else you're playing with if needed.

When Does Radiation Leak End?

The Radiation Leak event ends at 6:00 AM on the next day.


Spores, as the name implies, spread Spores throughout the GATE facility for the duration of the event. You'll need environmental protection such as a Lab Mask or a Hazardous Materials Suit to reduce the negative effects from the Spores.

In addition to the Spores, you'll also have to contend with a minor change in enemies — Peccaries are replaced with Shroom Peccaries. This presents an additional risk of getting the Spores debuff.

When Do Spores End?

The Spores event ends at 6:00 AM the following day.

We've reached the end of our Abiotic Factor Weather Guide, but there's more to explore — check out our other guides below!

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