6 Characters We'd Like to See in Kingdom Hearts III

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Most anticipated release for 2019? Easily Kingdom Hearts III. It’s the game we fans have been waiting over a decade for, sated by intermittent releases of spin-off games that are somehow unrelated and related in the most convoluted of ways, expanding the story of the Kingdom Hearts universe while simultaneously putting it through a blender and making you question your own sanity and the linear passage of time.

But the wait is almost over! In less than two short months, we return to the universe with some of our favorite characters. While we’ve seen many characters in the trailers for the game, which have been released more and more frequently, there are still a couple of big question marks where some familiar faces should be. So, here are our top 6 picks, in no particular order, of who we want to see in the game.


Haiiiiiry baby!


Mochi - Big Hero 6

The resident troublemaker of the Big Hero 6 universe, Mochi is hands down adorable. And he could meet Chirithy! But in all seriousness, Mochi (and Aunt Cass) are the important and stable parts of Hiro and Baymax’s home lives. Despite the bright colors, the story of Big Hero 6 gets very dark, and if it goes that way in the Kingdom Hearts universe as well, we’re gonna want some comedic relief to break the tension—and our favorite oversized feline is the perfect way to do so.


khux tifa
She has no qualms about punching Heartless in the face with her bare hands.


Tifa - Final Fantasy VII

While we have received confirmation that Final Fantasy characters will be back in the mix in the final game of the saga, we haven’t seen any of them in trailers yet, which leaves us to speculate. Chances are, Leon and the Radiant Garden gang will be showing up again, which includes Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cid. But what about the rest? Tifa was a blast to fight with in Kingdom Hearts II, and we never did get to see the resolution of her storyline with Cloud in the game. On the whole, if it’s a choice between characters, I’d slide the Gullwings right out the door in favor of Tifa.


Okay, so there's not a whole lot of good images of Faris out there


Faris Scherwiz - Final Fantasy V

There are a lot of rumors flying around banking on new Final Fantasy characters being introduced in the game, and it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll see at least one new/old face. While Noctis and Lightning do seem to be the most likely possibilities, I’d be happy to see something a little different and have a character from back in the catalog dusted off. VII, VIII, and X all have major character representation in Kingdom Hearts, and bringing in another character from IX brings up somewhat horrific implications with the nature of Vivi, so why not go for a game we’ve seen no one from? Final Fantasy V is underappreciated, but that’s not the reason why Faris is on this list. That reason is simply: there’s a Pirates of the Caribbean world; we need this crossover people!


kingdom hearts raptor 6 sora mother


Sora’s Parents

Setting aside the 18 years of joking about child neglect, we’re pretty sure Sora’s mom exists. We’ve heard her voice, at the very least, albeit for five seconds. So why not bring her, and possibly his dad, into the real canon and explain why they let their son go galavanting off to other worlds? While meeting them would be interesting, I’m really just here for the poor parenting jokes at their expense. Also to see which side of the family Sora gets his spikey hair from.


screenshot 65
So bedazzled cloaks used to be a thing. Cool.


The Foretellers - Kingdom Hearts χ 

It's already confirmed that we're going to see Chirithy from Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, but given the ambiguity that surrounds the Keyblade War even after this many games, not to mention the fleshing out their story got in Back Cover, it seems absurd that the Foretellers wouldn't make at least a cameo appearance in this game, or hopefully one that shines some light on the Keyblade War. While we're at it, you could throw Luxu in as well for an appearance, and keep your fingers crossed for the Master of Masters to appear as well.


And yes, they should all appear exactly like this. Art style overhaul!


Disney Villains

Disney villains have always been a key part of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, usually under the direction of Maleficent. But so far, with only Pete, Hades, Mother Gothel, and Davy Jones confirmed for the third installment, we’re looking a little villain-lite at the moment. That’s the problem when you make all of your movies have twist villains—putting them in video games spoils the surprise. Even if Square Enix doesn’t want to retread old ground and bring back villains from previous installments, there’s still plenty to choose from—Doctor Facilier, the Horned King, Madam Mim, Shere Khan, Cruella De Vil, and Professor Ratigan, to name a few. Madam Mim would also be an excellent excuse to bring Merlin back to the game again, and who doesn’t want to go mano a mano with the Horned King? While The Black Cauldron may not have been Disney’s best movie, it provided us with one of the most terrifying villains.

What characters do you want to see in Kingdom Hearts III? How are you counting down till the release? Let us know in the comments below!

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