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To The Green is our weekly look at one game current in Steam’s Greenlight process. There are many games mired here, and some of them have good ideas stuck in the gears that Valve has in place. Here we seek to bring to mind one game a week to discuss.

The Steampunk League is an Action Platformer that has taken to Greenlight with an aim at release in early 2015. In The Steampunk League, Thomas Edison has stolen Nikola Tesla’s inventions to make money off of them himself. In response to this dastardly deed, Tesla has gathered his friends to create… (roll credits) The Steampunk League.


  • Nikola Tesla as the young, brilliant inventor protagonist out to seek his arch-rival,
  • Ada Lovelace, his friend and colleague in inventions and master of small robots who has come to help,
  • H.P. Lovecraft, a friend and detective of the Occult who uses Tesla’s inventions on said investigations that he writes about,
  • And Lovecraft’s friend the macabre Edgar Allan Poe who’s mind is often in another place.
Steampunk League

Together they must fight Eidson and the forces he has put together. For Edison is not alone in his endeavours, as his robots are joined by the ally of questionable repute that he has beguiled to work with him against our valiant heroes:

  • A. Conan Doyle who succumbed to his darker side to ‘be Moriarty’ when Edison tempted him with Tesla’s inventions to fulfill those dark dreams,
  • The Dark Monk Rasputin who joined forces with Edison lending his powerful dark magics and creatures to the cause,
  • And Saint Germain the alchemist seeking to become immortal who mixes his alchemy with Tesla’s inventions to create abominations of all sorts.
In a mixture of action, platforming and puzzles, they will fight across 5 Victorian cities, using technology and magic in a desperate fight for the future!

That is type of game and style that The Steampunk League seems to be promising. A pulp steampunk experience, and its a bit infectious in tone. It seems to be very much tongue-in-cheek playing with history and making use of the regions and characters. While the 8 characters above are the main villains and the 4 playable ones, others are expected to appear as allies or foes.

You can play as any of the 4 major characters who each have their own unique abilities. In fact, you can even bring a friend with co-op mode being promised (whether it will be with story mode isn’t known for sure at this point). Levels are hinted at being large, so if you wish to explore and platform around to find hidden secrets throughout them you can, or you can race through as quickly as you can past Edison’s roadblocks – a mixture of enemies, puzzles, and difficult terrain.

One of the more interesting features of the game for its genre is that it will feature the ability to craft your own gear. It makes sense especially with the characters involved but it does promise some interesting schematics and ideas that it can use to allow customization of each. How they implement it will be interesting as there could be several ways – perhaps the most likely way is that they make it some of the loot drops or secrets to find blueprints that you can turn into them if you find enough pieces.

Steampunk League Wave Mode

In addition to the basic story mode the game will have a Wave aka Time Attack mode. In this mode it appears that enemies will be unleashed at you in waves to come and attack. Not much details have been given beyond the screenshot and the name but another mode like this can add additional time to the game especially with co-op play being available.

The Steampunk League will be released in early 2015 and is currently on Greenlight. You can watch the trailer below for more, or look at its IndieDB page for further updates.

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