Building Characters in Skyrim's Ordinator Mod

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Skyrim Ordinator Unarmed Build

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim is the most-downloaded perk mod on the Nexus for Skyrim Special Edition. Approaching five million downloads, it’s certainly attracted the attention of the Skyrim player base. With over 80,000 endorsements, it works to make just about every skill viable in its own way, making many more viable build options. It pairs well with Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim with its tabletop-inspired spells, as well as author Enai Siaion’s other works.

Inspired, I set to work recreating a Pathfinder party. Each character has seen actual play at a table, and it was a fun exercise to bring them into Skyrim. Gender and appearance are interchangeable, and even race doesn’t matter too much. Think of these as templates rather than optimized builds. The adept-level difficulty was used to test the builds, and in many cases, it was on the easy side. Either bump up the difficulty or use your difficulty mod of choice for more of a challenge.


Burning Light - Skyrim Ordinator Restoration Build

Skyrim Ordinator Burning Light
Put on your Heavy Armor for this one. It's slow, but its attacks are quality over quantity.

The first build comes from my own character. Gorruk is based on the Oracle, a spontaneous counterpart to the Cleric. With the Life Mystery, Gorruk tears through undead, and his falchion lets him handle himself against other types of foes pretty well, too. This build is obnoxiously durable, but you’ll want to make good use of a favorites menu to switch between your spells and weapons.

At higher levels, you can use your healing to empower yourself and your allies while damaging enemies. In fact, taking False Light (and going up the tree) can easily make things too easy. A more evil take uses Dawnguard to become a vampire with the disease-based spells and bonuses, but this build is more traditionally “good.” If playing without companions, swap the party healing and buffing for Heavy Armor's Break Upon Me line.

Early on, you’ll use your melee weapon and top yourself off with healing to help level Restoration. Gaining the Heavy Armor Mastery early helps level it much faster than normal. Armor spells let you level Alteration to get that coveted Intuitive Magic. You’ll eventually need at least 250 Magicka to use Apotheosis, but can focus primarily on Health.


Use your Restoration spells to keep your health and stamina up. Two-handed power attacks are your bread and butter. Alteration’s armor buffs improve your tankiness and offer useful utilities. Destruction is your ranged option, but you’ll prefer tanking attacks and wading in close instead. Heavy Armor improves your defenses and lets you eventually drop a powerful buff for you and your allies. Smithing and Speech provide some utility and opportunities for Septims. Gorruk will only really struggle against machines and inaccessible enemies like flying dragons. The Ironhand Gauntlets at White River Watch are a must-get early on.


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Race: Orc
  • Stone: The Lord, The Atronach
  • Offense: Two-Handed, Destruction
  • Defense: Heavy Armor, Restoration
  • Utility: Smithing, Speech, Alteration
  • Weapon: Battleaxe OR Greatsword
  • Attributes: Health > Magicka > Stamina


  • Two-Handed: Mastery (2), Trained Fighter, Greatsword OR Battleaxe Perks, Ferocious Strength, Trample, Bear Hide, Massacre, Enter the Arena
  • Destruction: Mastery (2), Dual Casting
  • Heavy Armor: Mastery (2), Heavy Armor Fit, Face of Death, Defiance, Revel in Battle, Rallying Standard, Warbringer, Battle Weary, Born to Fight
  • Restoration: Mastery (2), Dual Casting, Edgewalker, Respite, False Light, Lightwielder, In Thy Name, Descending Light, Warrior’s Flame, Sacred Flame, Ashes to Ashes, Battle Cleric, Eternal Flame, Apotheosis, Hallowed Burial (2), Exorcist, Overflowing Cup, Under My Wings, Spirit Tutors, Sacred Guardian, Pilgrim, Gods and Mortals
  • Smithing: Mastery (2), Meric Smithing, Expert Smithing, Exotic Smithing, Planar Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith
  • Speech: Mastery (2)
  • Alteration: Mastery (2), Dual Casting, Wild Shrines, Intuitive Magic (2), Alter Self: Resistances, Alter Self: Attributes

Bloody Knuckles - Skyrim Ordinator Unarmed Light Armor Build

Skyrim Ordinator Bloody Knuckles
Tell the Thalmor how you really feel and win every brawl with Bloody Knuckles.

This second Skyrim Ordinator build features captain Larke Bloodbane, the incorrigible pirate daughter of a high-ranking naval officer. Blending the Rogue and Brawler, every encounter is a deadly dance. This Sneak-based build will require some clever thinking to take on enemies.

At higher levels, you’ll weave in and out of melee range, relying on your huge Stamina pool to amplify your unarmed damage. Of course, that’s only if you manage to get spotted in the first place. The Pickpocket perks give you an extra 100 carrying capacity, so you can lug around more loot than your average adventurer.


Early on, you’ll need to rely on Archery for combat but resist the urge to make another stealth archer. It’s vital to snag Light Armor Mastery first, getting the necessary 20 Light Armor skill to get Iron Fist. Then, the build can start properly. Add some Health for survivability, but then start improving your Stamina, since your current Stamina affects your unarmed damage. Pick up Frost Resistance, since the Stamina drain from those spells will also tank your unarmed damage and thus wreck your day. If your Stamina starts dropping, just swap to a bow until it recovers.

Larke’s utility makes her a great trader in both legitimate and stolen goods. She’s pragmatic but doesn’t care to (metaphorically) punch down. You can’t apply poison onto your fists, but you can still make use of beneficial potions through Alchemy and use Brotherhood Cocktail to slip them to an unaware enemy. Don’t forget that Fortify Stamina enchants will increase your damage! The Gloves of the Pugilist in Riften’s Ratway will be a huge early help with its flat bonus.



  • Difficulty: Hard (becomes easier)
  • Race: Imperial
  • Stone: The Lady, The Shadow
  • Offense: Light Armor, Archery
  • Defense: Light Armor
  • Utility: Alchemy, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak, Speech
  • Weapon: None
  • Attributes: Stamina > Health > Magicka


  • Light Armor: Mastery (2), Iron Fist (3), Sweeping Wind, Rushing Tide, Hissing Dragon (any, Fire?), Breaking Waves, Unhindered, Light Armor Fit, Initiative (2), Lightning Strike, Windrunner, Wardancer, Fight or Flight, Survival Instinct, Tempting Fate
  • Archery: Mastery (2)
  • Alchemy: Mastery (2), Physician, Stimulants
  • Lockpicking: Mastery (1), Game of Fate, Wax Key, Locksmith, Seen This Before
  • Pickpocket: Mastery (2), Cutpurse, Brotherhood Cocktail, Trickster, On the Run, Death’s Emperor (2), Doomed to Plunder, Dragon Hoard
  • Sneak: Mastery (2), Sneak Attack, Problem Solver, Silent Roll, Dynamic Entry, Spot Detection, Light Foot
  • Speech: Mastery (2), Kinship, Business Relation, Salesman, Investor, Fence, Trade Prince, Bribery

Deathgale - Skyrim Ordinator One-Handed Build

Skyrim Ordinator Deathgale
This build may require some careful counting of your strikes, but you'll love the payoff.

Effervescent and perpetually drunk, Rham focuses on timed blocking and punishing overextending enemies. This Skyrim Ordinator build attempts to emulate the Swashbuckler, a melee fighter with surprising tankiness. Rogue’s Parry exemplifies this best. Until you unlock it, you can run with a shield just fine.

With timed blocks and power attacks, you’ll punish enemies for getting too close. With swords, you can debuff enemy attack power and give them a little bleed effect, as well. Count your attacks. After eight regular attacks, you can proc Thundering Blow and use a power attack. This will also increase your attack speed for a short while, letting you cut enemies to ribbons.

At first, you’ll play a pretty standard One-Handed warrior. Get the timing of your blocks down to muscle memory, and you’ll be rewarded later when you can parry and riposte. Since you’ll be blocking a lot, you’ll want some Health, picking up Stamina later. The Perform tree in Speech can earn you a few interesting perks and some cash. Smithing lets you keep your weapons in tip-top shape. Sneak is mostly for getting into a better position. This build can struggle against casters before getting Apocalypse Proof, but otherwise, its only weakness is enemies you can't reach (again, flying dragons). Track down a ring or gauntlets that fortify One-Handed.


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Race: Redguard
  • Stone: The Lady, The Lord
  • Offense: One-Handed, Archery
  • Defense: Block, Light Armor
  • Utility: Smithing, Speech, Sneak
  • Weapon: None
  • Attributes: Stamina > Health > Magicka


  • One-Handed: Mastery (2), Furious Strength, Overrun, Disciplined Fighter, Rogue’s Parry, Thundering Blow, Aftershock, Clash of Champions (1-3), Cross Cut (2), Falling Sword, Windswept, Judgment, Wandering Warrior
  • Archery: Mastery (2)
  • Block: Mastery (2), Timed Block (1-2), Poke the Dragon, Apocalypse Proof (2), Timing Streak, Break Their Teeth, Deliverance, Dragon Scales, Quick Reflexes, Power Bash, Skull Rattler, Mocking Blow
  • Light Armor: Mastery (2), Light Armor Fit, Initiative (2), Keen Senses, Lightning Strike, Windrunner, Wardancer, Glancing Blows, Tempting Fate
  • Smithing: Mastery (2), Meric Smithing, Expert Smithing, Exotic Smithing, Planar Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith
  • Sneak: Mastery (2)
  • Speech: Mastery (2), Performer, Serenade

Agent of Chaos - Skyrim Ordinator Conjuration Build

Skyrim Ordinator Agent of Chaos
Let your minions do all the work. Fighting is hard, and you have magic.

Last but not least is Amara. She represents the Summoner class, frequently calling minions to serve her. Abhorring the undead (purely for aesthetic reasons), she turns to summoning Daedra to protect her. She prefers to stay far away from direct combat, as she is quite fragile. Amara also takes what she wants and doesn't care too much about who gets hurt in the process.

Amara has some of the most freedom in her build. She’ll start summoning a Familiar to deal with low-level threats, upgrading to stronger creatures when she can use the spells. Once her friends are up and running, she offers some offensive support using Destruction spells. Her auras and perks make her allies durable and powerful, with a focus on protecting her. Illusion gives her most of these auras, which can be used to debuff enemies, as well. Most importantly, you need to keep moving in combat, as your armor spells only offer so much protection. Watch the fire on your Autocannon, as it can put some hurt on you if you aren’t careful.


This build is a bit Magicka-hungry before you can get Intuitive Magic. Have enough to consistently cast your buffs and summon allies at the start of a fight, then add a bit of Health to stay alive. Craft plenty of potions and enchant the best gear you can as often as you can. Concentrating on a Novice-level Destruction spell will increase your Daedric allies’ attack power, so pick an element and go wild. Keeping near your Daedric minions also boosts your Destruction damage. Work your way up to the 750 base Magicka for multiple minions, as every 250 gives you an additional slot for an ally. Your weaknesses include Shock mages who will drain your Magicka and direct attack. Snag some robes (either Destruction or Conjuration, dealer's choice) to boost your regen and cut down on the cost.


  • Difficulty: Hard > Easy
  • Race: Breton
  • Stone: The Atronach, The Shadow
  • Offense: Conjuration, Destruction
  • Defense: Illusion
  • Utility: Alchemy, Alteration, Enchanting, Smithing
  • Weapon: None
  • Attributes: Magicka > Health > Stamina


  • Conjuration: Mastery (2), Dual Casting, Planemeld, Atromancy, Pact Magic, Maelstrom, Elemental Potency, Unleash Hell, Summon Resist, March of Oblivion
  • Destruction: Mastery (2), Dual Casting, Force of Nature, Robe of the Magi, Any line of Elemental Perks
  • Illusion: Mastery (2), Dual Casting, Imposing Presence, Shadow Refuge, Commanding Presence, Crown of the False King, Imperious Splendor, Protect Your God
  • Alchemy: Mastery (2)
  • Alteration: Mastery (1), Mage Armor (3), Philosopher’s Stone, Wild Shrines, Intuitive Magic (2), Distorted Shape
  • Enchanting: Mastery (2), Soul Siphon, Gem Dust, Regalia, Attunement, Twin Enchantment, Arcane Nexus
  • Smithing: Mastery (1), Dwarven Autocannon, Remote Control

Of course, there are many more potential builds with Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim. Don't forget to take a look at some other mods for Skyrim Special Edition, either. The synergy in some of the wackier builds is quite impressive, and you're only really limited by your imagination and theme. Restoration is now a perfectly valid school of magic. Stealth archers no longer reign supreme. Share your own odd builds with us, whether that's down in the comments or via our social media.

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