The Six Best Halloween FPS Games

Published: October 31, 2014 8:00 PM /



Halloween is here, and you know what that means! It's the perfect excuse to sit down at your PC and play some nice, spooky video games! However, I'm going to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the horror genre. I usually prefer more fast paced games such as my personal favorite genre, the First Person Shooter. Thankfully for myself and like-minded gamers, I've found six great FPS titles perfect for the Halloween season.




Ah, Blood, one of my personal favorite FPS titles of all time. Blood is basically the horror response to Duke Nukem, trading out a level based on the Starship Enterprise to one based on Camp Crystal Lake. Not only is blood a superb first person shooter in every sense of the word, it's also a wonderful love letter to the horror genre. With buckets of gore, a treasure trove of shoutouts to horror flicks new and old, and a creative lineup of weapons, Blood is a must play for any fan of First Person Shooters.



Doom takes place almost entirely in Hell, so I can't see how this game wouldn't qualify as a horror shooter. In Doom, you get the chance to go knee deep into Hell and kill everything inside. From demons to imps to skeletons with rocket launchers, Doom is the quintessential First Person Shooter experience. The fact that it's perfectly in tune with the Halloween atmosphere is only an added bonus.




While this game can only be found in arcades these days. CarnEvil is a title you do not want to miss. While it's only roughly thirty minutes long, this quarter muncher takes place entirely in a haunted carnival split into four sections. Each section has unique enemies and set pieces, but they're all consistantly a blast. From jumping on a Ferris Wheel to shoot zombified christmas elves to running away from a giant killer baby, the games set piece moments constantly keep the player on their toes. Plus, who hasn't wanted to open fire on a creepy clown with a gun that shoots acid?




Painkiller is basically what would happen if somebody did nothing but watch slashers while listening to heavy metal before deciding to make it into a video game. Painkiller stars Daniel, a dead man who was given a second chance by God... By killing every single hellspawn in his way. The game starts with you killing skeletons and witches, and it only ramps up from there. Killer clowns, trolls, and kids wearing bedsheets soon follow in the assault during later levels, giving you plenty of spooky enemies to gun down.




While it's likely that everyone reading this piece already owns Left 4 Dead, it's still worth mentioning how wonderful this title is. In this co-operative zombie slayer, you and your friends are some of the sole survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Through teamwork and plenty of high-powered weapons, its up to you and your friends to plow through zombie hordes. If you're in the mood to just sit back and plow through spooky baddies with your friends, this is perhaps your best choice.



If you haven't gotten your zombie-slaying fill from Left 4 Dead, I would highly recommend gathering your friends and taking a crack at this british undead-slaying experience. Something about how guns feel in this game is just extremely satisfying, and popping heads in slow motion is beyond satisfying. Plus, the enemy designs are some of the creepiest you'll ever see in a game. The first time a big guy gets the jump on you, I can almost guarantee you'll freak out.

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