World War II Comes to Life in Men of War II

Published: November 23, 2021 5:45 PM /


Tank in Men of War II, a World War II RTS

Men of War II is an action-packed RTS set on the frontlines of World War II with stunning visuals. This upcoming game in the Men of War series provides updated graphics and smooth gameplay as players battle to push the frontline further into enemy territory. With a focus on historical accuracy and fast-paced gameplay, Men of War II will pit players against each other in PVP matches or cooperative modes as teams work together to take down enemy units.

When Is the Men of War II Release Date?

Aircraft in Men of War II


As of right now, the Men of War II release date window is 2022. This game will be going back to the roots of the series by revisiting World War II, and giving the player full control of their unit loadouts with many combinations.

What Is the Men of War II Gameplay Like?

Units fighting in Men of War II

In Men of War II, the frontline divides the map into two distinct territories. Units like infantry can push the frontline further into enemy territory, giving you control of more of the map. Tanks can't move the line by themselves, and sending tanks into enemy territory is risky as they'll immediately appear on the opponent's radar. As you move the frontline, units like engineers can set up mines, trenches and other obstacles on your side of the map to help drive back the opposing team.


During the battle, you're not just locked to the overhead RTS view, giving you more versatility in how you experience these battles. At any time, you have the choice to enter the Direct Vision mode and take control of units on the field. This puts you into a first-person view of the unit you've selected and allows you to directly command them. This is one of the updates designed to put you in the middle of the action, making you feel more immersed as a soldier on the ground fighting in a huge battle.

There are over 300 units to command in Men of War II, and developer Best Way put a major focus on historical accuracy. This accuracy can be seen not in just how units move and fight, but even in the design of how armor reacts to different munitions. Tanks have complex penetration rules designed to emulate real-life tank armor as closely as possible. Attacking a tank head-on is risky, but tank armor tends to be thinnest at the sides, so players will have to adjust their approach depending on which unit they're taking down.

Tanks themselves offer both armor-piercing and high-explosive shells, giving players options whether they're attacking enemy tanks or going up against armies of infantry. As the frontlines shift and battles change, no single unit will lead to victory. Players will be able to create unit loadouts to easily select what armies will look like moments before joining a battle.


Will Men of War II Offer Mod Support?

A tank in a snowy town in Men of War II

When released in 2022, Men of War II will offer full mod support, allowing you to fight both past and future wars. Whether you want to wage a revolutionary war battle with British soldiers or customize a battle of your own design, you'll be able to do so with available mods.


Men of War II will hit PCs in 2022 and offer singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op modes. Are you looking forward to this latest RTS in the Men of War series? Let us know in the comments!

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