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Hitman 3 recently "hit" the market, and it wouldn't be a Hitman game if everyone's favorite smooth-headed assassin wasn't taking out his targets in the most bizarre of ways? Sure, you can shoot someone with a gun, strangle them with a piano wire, or even slip some slow-acting poison into their drink—but where's the fun in that? Agent 47 is a master of the craft, able to use every element of his environment to pull off some absolutely insane kills.

Here are 10 weird, wild, and wonderful assassinations Agent 47 can carry out during the six missions currently available in Hitman 3.


10. Waaagh! - Berlin

Hitman 3 Waaagh
A weapon fit for a Road Warrior

This kill is all about the weapon you use to carry it out. In Berlin, Agent 47 can choose to abandon his favored subtle methods of assassination in favor of the Scrap Sword, a deadly, jagged piece of rusted metal seemingly inspired by the film franchise Mad Max. While killing any of the assassins targeting 47 with the Scrap Sword isn't easy, as avoiding detection after stabbing someone is quite the difficult task, it's worth it for getting to use one of the most bizarre improvised weapons the Hitman series has ever come up with.

9. One for the Ages - Dartmoor

Hitman 3 One for the Ages
Smile for the camera, Mrs. Carlisle!

Hitman 3 sees Agent 47 bringing a new "spark" to his usual methods with multiple unique electrocution-based killings. One in particular which stands out is Dartmoor's "One for the Ages," in which the Agent disguises himself as a photographer and sabotages the camera equipment. This causes family matriarch and Providence executive Alexa Carlisle to receive the "shock" of her life while taking a family photo in front of a fountain. This kill is particularly epic because it happens as the photo is taken, leaving 47 with a memento of his success.

8. Icarus - Dubai

Hitman 3 Icarus
The sun'll flame out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow - He'll be dead!

Another electricity-based assassination, "Icarus" ever-so-slightly edges out "One for the Ages" due to the sheer strangeness of the object that Agent 47 must sabotage. Hip, fashionable target Marcus Stuyvesant decides he absolutely has to have his picture taken in front of "The Sun," an art installation which is essentially a giant light bulb. Critics can debate whether or not a big light really counts as "art," but there's absolutely no question that this slick assassination certainly does.


7.  Big Bada Boom - Chongqing

Hitman 3 Big Bada Boom
Really awesome giant explosion in 3...2...1...

Kills which eliminate two targets at once are always especially fun, as they often involve 47 setting up a chain of unlikely events which happen one after another like perfectly arranged dominoes. Chongqing's double kill requires precise timing, as it can only be carried out while targets Hush and Imogen Royce are conducting a brief secret meeting. After shooting down drones to make sure he isn't observed, 47 can choose to kill them with a gun or an explosive—and it's obvious which one results in the much cooler assassination.

6. Paging Dr. Greenthumb - Berlin

Hitman 3 Paging Dr Greenthumb
The targets are about to be "Pukin' In the Rain"

Each mission in Hitman 3 provides at least one opportunity for Agent 47 to use either lethal or emetic poison on his targets. It was extremely difficult to choose just one poison kill to put on this list, but, ultimately, "Paging Dr. Greenthumb" made the cut for the way in which the poison is delivered. After discovering a secret drug-growing facility, Agent 47 poisons the sprinklers which keep the valuable herbs watered. Not only does he take out one of the agents following him, but probably ruins an entire crop's worth of product in the process!

5. Angry Birdy - Dubai

Hitman 3 Angry Birdy
He looks pretty TEE'd off

Prickly Carl Ingram is a difficult target to eliminate, as he is extremely paranoid and remains locked up in his penthouse suite at all times. One way 47 can eliminate him is by taking advantage of his short temper. If the agent sets off enough loud noises in the suite, Ingram will retreat to his private rooftop golf course, where he vents his frustration by whacking balls towards the Dubai skyline. All 47 has to do is replace one of his normal balls with a trick exploding one and—FOREEEE!!!!!!


4. Pencil Pusher - Mendoza

Hitman 3 Pencil Pusher
Agent 47 keeps his EYE on the prize

This kill makes the list for providing the perfect combination of elegance, simplicity, and sheer gruesomeness. Nobody but an assassination genius like 47 would even think of using a humble pen to deal death. If he successfully disguises himself and arranges a meeting with target Don Yates, 47, will have many murder methods at his disposal in the man's office. Choosing a pen out of all of those, and then impaling the victim through the eye, is a risky move that's so 47's style. Plus, 47 gets to dispose of the body in a shredder; how cool is that?

3. Medium Rare - Chongqing

Hitman 3 Medium Rare
The hands-off approach

Ah, delicious, delicious irony. Agent 47 can sometimes be a bit of a workaholic, so once in a while, it's nice to let him sit back and let others take care of the job for him. To get this kill, all the Agent has to do is put on a disguise and fire three of his target's employees. The disgruntled employees are so annoyed with their bad boss that they each sabotage something on the way out, eventually leading to a critical mechanical failure and the boss's "accidental" demise—all without 47 so much as lifting a finger.


2. Pulp Friction / A Thick Must - Mendoza

Hitman 3 Pulp Friction
Agent 47 takes advantage of a "grape" opportunity for a kill

A tour through a winery in gorgeous Mendoza allows for plenty of opportunities to wind up with 47's target "in the drink," as the saying goes. The ever-creative Agent can use both the grape crusher and the grape presser to eliminate Tamara Videl. These are definitely some of the most brutal deaths in the entire game, and 47 simply standing by as a woman is literally turned into pulp makes for a chilling visual. Let's toast to our favorite assassin—that is, if anyone is brave enough to take a drink!

1. Vertical Impact / Mile High Drop / Monkey Business - Dubai

Hitman 3 Monkey Business
Guess he should have kept his eyes PEELED!

Agent 47's first mission takes place atop the exclusive high floors of the world's tallest building, the Sceptre in Dubai. With such an opportunity to send targets flying to their death, who could resist? Not Agent 47, that's for sure! The first opportunity for such a kill comes when Agent 47 gets target Marcus Stuyvesant alone on the balcony, but there's a far more satisfying kill chance if the agent displays just a little patience. By hacking the computer system, he can trigger an evacuation which will cause both men to head for the parachutes and jump off the side themselves. From there, Agent 47 can choose to either sabotage the parachutes, if he prefers subtlety, or take inspiration from the classic cartoons and place a banana peel right at the edge of the balcony. It's the most ap-peel-ing kill Agent 47 can pull off, that's for sure!

These are just 10 of the many strange yet memorable ways in which Agent 47 can eliminate his targets in Hitman 3. Which one is your favorite? Are there any you wish had made this list? Let us know!

Hitman 3 is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and PC. Be sure to check out TechRaptor's helpful guides for tips and tricks on how to take down those targets!

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