5 Gnosia Crewmates to Befriend (and 5 to Beware)

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Gnosia Crew Ranking Feature

In the social deduction game Gnosia, you are trapped on a spaceship attempting to determine which of your crew has been infected by the titular shape-shifting aliens. The game operates via a time-loop system, meaning who is human and who Gnosia will change each time you play. However, some characters make good allies when you can recruit them to your side, while others are downright terrifying enemies who make it near impossible to lead the crew to victory.

Here's five members of the Gnosia crew to get on your side if you can—and five more to watch out for:

Befriend: Setsu

Gnosia Setsu

Setsu is the only other character, besides the player, who knows about the time loops. Collaborating with Setsu is the best strategy for escaping the loops and finding out the truth about the Gnosia. Even when they're not on your side, the information they provide you with is generally accurate and useful.

Beware: Jonas

Gnosia Jonas

"Space cowboy" Jonas may act like a goof, but he is in fact a wily opponent with a skill for lying and a tendency to doubt the player even if you're both human. He's that deadly combination of clever and unstable and will stand in your way as an obstacle more often than not. Plus, can you really trust someone wearing that hat?

Befriend: Comet

Gnosia Comet

Comet is the most naturally intuitive member of the crew, and thus most likely to sniff out who is lying. Additionally, her own lack of skill at lying makes her an easy Gnosia to detect and defeat. Get this colorful character on your side as soon as possible to gain an early-game advantage over your alien enemy.

Beware: Raqio

Gnosia Raqio

Practically the polar opposite of Comet, Raqio is cold, logical, and a practiced liar. Their obsession with intelligence makes them highly unlikely to listen to anything the player has to say until you've maxed out all your stats. If you ever need to vote someone out but don't have a clue who the Gnosia might be, Raqio is a solid choice—the others mistrust them as well.

Befriend: Otome

Gnosia Otome

Otome is an intelligent bottlenose dolphin hailing from Sea Planet. She loves fish and swimming, makes adorable "squeak" noises, and is a terrible liar due to her minimal experience with human speech. Otome is also one of the characters most likely to offer or accept a team-up with the player, and her high Charisma and Charm earn her many allies in debates.

Beware: Kukrushka

Gnosia Kukrushka

The other charming, charismatic member of the crew, Kukrushka is far more dangerous than Otome. She is smart, plays innocent, and is extremely good at getting others on her side, so they'll almost never vote her out without definitive proof of infection. Your first priority every single round should be determining Kukrushka's identity and handling her accordingly.

Befriend: Shigemichi

Gnosia Shigemichi

Loyal Shigemichi is quick to get attached and even quicker to defend his chosen friends. Once he's on your side, you've got a friend for (very short) life. His special skill involves pausing a debate to rally people behind his ally and insist that they should not be suspected. If you need to sway the debate in your favor, then Shigemichi is your guy... er... alien?

Beware: Sha-Ming

Gnosia Sha-Ming

Sha-Ming has average debating skills and is considered fairly untrustworthy, but he is one of the most dangerous crew members because of his special skill: Grovel. If voted out, Sha-Ming will beg for his life and, more often than not, the crew will spare him. This makes him an absolutely terrifying enemy and one you should focus on eliminating early.

Befriend (Yes, Really): Yuriko

Gnosia Yuriko

Enigmatic Yuriko lies well, can sway others to her cause, and dislikes the player in most loops. She seems like a natural enemy, but in fact, she is someone you should seek to add to your side. The reason for this is that Yuriko knows more about the Gnosia than any other character and is key to solving the game's central mystery.

Beware: SQ

Gnosia SQ

At first, SQ may seem like a tempting ally, as she is charming and tends to like the player immediately. However, one of her defining traits is that SQ is wishy washy, and she can turn on you simply because she feels like it. Don't fall into the trap of relying too much on SQ if you want to survive past the first few votes.

Do you agree with this list? Which Gnosia characters do you think make the best allies or the most dangerous enemies? Let us know!

Gnosia is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.


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