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Published: April 2, 2021 11:00 AM /


Friday Night Funkin Tutorial example

First designed for Ludum Dare 47, Friday Night Funkin’ has grown beyond its humble origins. Though it did not win any particular categories in that game jam, the homage to Flash games has become a runaway hit thanks to a great soundtrack and challenging gameplay. For some, however, the base game is not enough. Thankfully, there is a handy solution to their problem: Friday Night Funkin’ is open source.

Because Friday Night Funkin’ is open source, hundreds of modders have thrown their hats into the ring with their own content. Players can download new UIs, new characters with new songs, and all sorts of other gameplay changes. TechRaptor has compiled some of the most popular ones to keep the Friday nights funky. Installing mods is easy, and is as simple as dragging and dropping into the correct folders.

Friday Night Funkin Mods - Our Recommendations

VS Whitty Full Week

Providing an entire week of original songs, VS Whitty adds fan-lore to Friday Night Funkin'. This rockstar and his short fuse challenge the Boyfriend to a bombastic musical duel. Tracks include the oddly chill "Lo-Fight, Overhead," which builds to an intense crescendo, and "Ballistic," featuring shredding with a heavily distorted guitar. Other assets include a new background, replays, and a new input system. A full playthrough is available on Kade Dev’s YouTube channel, one of the team members. The VS Whitty Full Week mod can be downloaded from Gamebanana. Be aware that it does change the default binding on your keys by using Kade Dev’s engine.

Friday Night Funkin Whitty Mod
The Whitty mod adds a number of new assets and functionality to Friday Night Funkin'. (Original image credit: Nate Anim8, Gamebanana)

Hatsune Miku Full Week

Developed by evdial and GenoX, this adds a separately coded week to Friday Night Funkin’ starring international music sensation Hatsune Miku. Living in the shadow of your older sister is tough, especially when she insists on meeting your Girlfriend at a packed concert! Now the Boyfriend must perform in front of thousands of people. Boasting four separate tracks with vocals from Hatsune Miku ("PoPiPo," "Aishite, Aishite, Aishite," "Suck It Up," and "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku"), they all include new voice banks for the Boyfriend. Other new things include sprites for Hatsune Miku and a new background (a large concert). Watch a playthrough video on YouTube and download the mod from Gamebanana here.

B-Side Remixes

Perhaps one of the largest, most extensive mods, the B-Sides mods remix all of the music in the game. Each track gets a new feel to it, adding new challenges to each of the six current Weeks. It gives the characters new spritework and palettes, as well. If you feel you’ve mastered the original songs but are looking for something a little bit different, you can get the B-Side Remixes on Gamebanana. One of the composers, Rozebud, has a demo of Weeks 5 and 6 on their YouTube channel. There are additional options to leave the sprites untouched, making B-Side Remixes compatible with other purely visual mods.

Friday Night Funkin’ Minus

This visual mod replaces the default sprites with characters resembling their HUD icons during duels. Perhaps the most striking are the Father and Mother, who have pretty extensive changes to their sprites. The Father, in particular, is much more dynamic in Friday Night Funkin’ Minus compared to his rather stiff animations from Week 1. Download the mod from Gamebanana here, and check out the mod preview on YouTube.

Friday Night Funkin Minus Mod
Featuring lots of new artwork, the Minus Mod brings vivid colors and designs to the fore. (Original image credit: IagoAnims, Gamebanana)

The Tricky Mod

The Tricky Mod introduces Tricky the Clown, a noseless, eyeless green clown being with noticeably sharp teeth from the Madness Combat animations. It currently features two different phases, though it remains in development. The first track, "Improbable Outset," introduces the harsh, gravelly “voice” of Tricky. Serving as his first phase, it’s nearly two minutes and is an indicator of things to come. The second track, "Madness," ramps up the intensity as the second phase begins. In his second phase, Tricky unleashes frantic barrages of notes for the Boyfriend to follow, the heavy distortion matching his erratic movements well. Kade Dev features an up-to-date playthrough on their YouTube channel, and you can find it on Gamebanana.

Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod
Tricky enters the fray with a harsh, demonic growl, but the Girlfriend seems to be holding up well. Original image courtesy of Banbuds.

Friday Night Funkin’ But Bad Mod

There’s something charming in the Friday Night Funkin’ soundtrack. There’s also something to be said about the appeal of trainwrecks. The Friday Night Funkin’ But Bad mod takes the visuals and audio of the original game and completely butchers them. The peaking low-quality audio and MS Paint spritework create something that is equal parts awful and incredible. You can check out its rendition of Week 6 on YouTube, and download it from Gamebanana. The Friday nights have indeed gotten all Funked up.

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses Mod

Another full-week mod, Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses features a whopping four new original songs. Designed for the Sarv Engine, the engine is intended to provide better inputs and more control schemes than the base game. It also lets you see your total accuracy and misses to get a better gauge on your performance than pass/fail. The Boyfriend and Girlfriend encounter Sarvente, a nun. Sarvente is incredibly polite and welcome, but there’s something beneath the surface. She’s very insistent on the two of them joining her Midnight Mass. Of course, the two Einsteins were just looking for the bathroom. In true Friday Night Funkin’ fashion, a musical duel ensues. The original tracks and charts include multiple double notes and plenty of other dense note clusters. You can watch a trailer for the mod on YouTube and pick it up on Gamebanana.

V.S. Pompom Full Week

Pompom brings three new songs to the table with her week. With her sliced-apple pigtails and sweet attitude, Pompom is one of the cutest adversaries yet. The mod’s art direction is great, with a fun, almost Animal Crossing-like character design and all sorts of little nods to other mods carved into the tree. The progression of the soothing "Sugar Cookie" to the energetic "Key Lime" is really fun. The twangy, harmonica-like voice also works well. Her final song, Stomachache, is a blast when it gets going. Unlike many of the other weeks, the ending is undeniably wholesome. The Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Pompom sit down and have a picnic the next day. The mod only dropped a couple of weeks ago, so it’s fresh like a warm apple pie. You can grab it on Gamebanana, but if you want to just watch and listen, there’s a full playthrough online, too. V.S. Pompom is a solo mod by ArtCarrot_ using the Kade Engine.

Friday Night Funkin' Vs Pompom
Pompom has a really fun, colorful art direction. Original image and the Featured Image are courtesy of ArtCarrot_

There’s still a lot of undiscovered gold in the Friday Night Funkin’ mod community, with more every day. Thanks to the game’s open-source nature, the mod community has exploded. Share your favorites, or check out the Friday Night Funkin' Kickstarter. Sure, it was funded in about two hours, but there's still plenty of time to meet those stretch goals! Friday Night Funkin' is free to play and can be downloaded from Be sure to take care when directly modding game files.

Of course, these are but samples of the massive number of mods available for the game. At time of writing, Friday Night Funkin’ has six different Weeks for players to conquer and jam out to (not to mention all the mods!). The game is currently free and available for download via


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