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Music is a big park of Cyberpunk 2077, and really a major ingredient baked into the style cyberpunk tends to showcase. Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception, featuring 11 different radio stations to surf through to find the right tunes for yourself. From the hard rock tunes of famous Rockerboys, to the experimental sounds of new synthwave techno, you have a variety of sounds to indulge in while roaming through Night City.

Though you can't play as a Rockerboy in this game, it is no surprise that CD Projekt Red really went all in with the music, hiring tons of well-known recording artists to pen some tracks for Cyberpunk 2077 that add to the overall flavor. But the real question is, which station is the best one out of the bunch? 

Each station has plenty of sound and style to them, but I figure why not have a bit of fun and rank the stations in a quick little list? So let’s open our cyberware and get to the music, here is every radio station in Cyberpunk 2077 ranked from worst to best.

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Dancing to the beats!

11) 95.2 Samizdat Radio 

I really should be clear here from the get-go, but the stations in Cyberpunk 2077 are all pretty good, so being ranked the ‘worst’ on this list is kind of just a formality. In the case of Samizdat, it’s mostly due to the tones being incredibly similar to each other. 

The purest form of arthouse club music, Samizdat Radio is described as being the kind of tracks that are played in nightclubs where all the cool street kids hang. It certainly gives off that techno-industrial vibe, with a lot of conflicting sounds just sort of clashing to make some noise. Worth a few listens, but for me it makes good ambiance music that you really need to be in the mood for.

10) 103.5 Radio Pebkac 

Radio Pebkac is another techno-beat styled station, but this time has a bit more recognizable musical tones than Samizdat. I guess think of Pebkac as the ‘generic’ techno music station and you pretty much sum up the majority of it’s musical choices. 

Another reason why Pebkac, along with Samizdat, is low on this list is how ubiquitous the techno-styled beats are in Cyberpunk 2077. You already get some techno and industrial-sounding tracks in the other aspects of the game, right down to the custom compositions from CD Projekt Red composer Marcin Przybyłowicz. Out of all of the beats you can find in Cyberpunk, the techno-sounding dance music is probably the most common, and arguably the most overplayed. 

9) 92.9 Night FM

The last of the “techno” sounding stations, Night FM is really a combination of Samizdat and Radio Pebkac, where it is really pushing a heavy EDM vibe without much dubstep in it. It is also one of the stations to have artists Piotr Poloz and Bartosz Kruczynski on the soundtrack.

Overall, the same problems with Night FM pretty much encompass the same problems as the previous stations for me. Just too much of the same sounding beats that offer great background ambiance, but kind of just blend with the general sounds of the game. If there is one thing in Night FM’s favor, is that the lack of dubstep gives it a ‘purer’ sound that makes it more catchy to me.

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What genre do you like the most?

8) 88.3 Pacific Dreams

I am not really sure how to describe the music of Pacific Dreams station. Think of it as a cross between calming lounge music with some techno funk thrown in for good measure. Think GTA: Vice City’s '80s soundtrack mixed with electronic and synth instruments, where it gets more dynamic and bombastic as the songs go longer.

Pacific Dreams is definitely unique, and serves as a fairly nostalgic example of ‘older’ sounding musical arrangements. It is catchy and danceable, but lighter than the more hardcore EDM or techno you can find, making it easier to digest in shorter bursts. 

7) 89.3 Radio Vexelstorm

One of the more common stations in Cyberpunk 2077, Vexelstorm is the first of a few rock-and-roll stations available to you, and it contains probably the most ‘cyberpunk’ of all the music available in the game, with a really satisfying blend of rock and industrial-techno arrangements. Think '90s Nine Inch Nails, and you pretty much get what the station is about.

Radio Vexelstorm has a really good underground club feel to the music here, and also has some standout artists, with the Deafkids being the most well-known out of the bunch. It is a pretty good station, but for my own personal tastes, the other rock stations I feel get the edge on Vexelstorm slightly, though it is really only just barely.

6) 106.9 30 Principales

30 Principales is the resident Latino station, containing a ton of different Latin-specific songs from various genres. Whether you want some Latin hip-hop, some really hardcore reggaeton, or just some unique remixes, this is the station to go to.

30 Principales is actually a pretty solid station, though the mish-mash of genre styles boiled down to a single station because of it’s own musical tokenism does make it a tad uneven. Still, artists like Baron Black and Deadly Hunta are solid additions to the soundtrack, allowing Principales to offer a bit of spice for players looking for something outside of their comfort zone.

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Rock and Roll is in the Cyberpunk DNA

5) 91.9 Royal Blue Radio

Who knew smooth jazz would be so popular in the future? Royal Blue Radio is to me, the hidden gem of the radio stations. It is a jazz station that also serves as the “classic rock” station in Cyberpunk 2077, as almost every song I heard on it so far comes from jazz titans from the 20th century.

Yep, even in the future, the arrangements of Miles Davis and Theolonious Monk make their way into pop culture. It is also strangely fitting to hear them too, juxtaposed to the neon lights of Night City that offers a stark contrast of styles that go so well together. Royal Blue Radio is one a lot of folks may sleep on, but I can’t think of anything more ‘punk’ than classic jazz in Night City. 

4) 107.3 Morro Rock Radio

Morro Rock Radio is probably the most important station on the airwaves, since it is the ‘generic rock’ station out of the bunch. What makes it work well is that it is clear the demographics of Morro Rock Radio are folks who enjoy rock music now. It is an ‘older sound’ in comparison to the more industrial tunes of Vexelstorm, but it still fits well, and that is due to the lineup on the station.

It is clear Morro Rock Radio has a lot of starpower, if you consider bands such as Rat Boy, METZ, Aligns, and Refused being just some of the artists you can find here. Refused also gets special mention as they are depicted in game as the fictional band Samurai, the most famous “classic” Rock Band in the Cyberpunk universe, and that is thanks to the guitar player and Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand. Refused has a number of songs created and credited to the Samurai name, so for the real lore hounds out there, Morro Rock Radio is where the Rockerboy roots thrive still.

3) 101.0 The Dirge

The Dirge is a hip-hop-focused station that has some of the best-sounding arrangements I've ever heard from the genre. The beats and snare are all top notch, the rhyming from the artists is quick and crisp, and you get a solid mix of new styled hip-hop with a hint of futuristic sounds as the backbeats, all with a garage-band sound to give it some extra kick. 

Some key artists from The Dirge include Run the Jewels, Yugen Blakrok, and A$AP Rocky, offering some familiar names that compliment the hardcore hip-hop style the station offers. I was surprised by The Dirge, as I normally don’t go for hip-hop at all, but it is definitely a great station that fits the urban sprawl of Night City like a glove. 

2) 96.1 Ritual FM

My personal favorite station out of the entire lineup, Ritual FM is where the more hardcore metalheads go play. Sporting a ton of black- and death-metal sounds, Ritual FM is like Royal Blue Radio where it has no frills or gimmicks. It is just a pure station for the headbangers to mosh hard to.

It also has an impressive amount of recognizable bands in the death metal scene too. Converge is probably the most well known, being a metalcore band from the U.S. You also get more underground acts like Canada's Tomb Mold thrown in for good measure. For metalheads, Ritual is a very sweet candy that is hard to resist. 

1) 98.7 Body Heat Radio

While Ritual FM is my personal favorite station, the best station on the list, the one that really captures some of the Cyberpunk spirit the best, is Body Heat Radio. Body Heat Radio is the pop station of Cyberpunk 2077, but here the influences come mostly from K-pop and J-pop sounding tunes, reflecting the cultural importance countries like Japan had on the Cyberpunk setting since the 1980s. Body Heat Radio is also home to the most musical artists, including Gazelle Twin, Sophie, and Namakopuri to name a few. 

The real strength of Body Heat Radio is how effortlessly the musical arrangements fit into the world around you. There is a swagger to many of the songs that captures a bit of that counterculture feel that Cyberpunk should invoke, and it doesn’t sound forced or deliberate, but instead natural and even a bit sensual at times. The tunes and beats are catchy, moody, dynamic, and perfect blends of previous genres to create a sound that is as rich and colorful as the neon-plastered walls of Night City. 

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Which station is your scene? 

And there you have it, my rankings of the radio stations found in Cyberpunk 2077. Do you agree with the lists? Got a favorite station or song you want to shout out? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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