Could You Survive The Dying Light 2 Virus?

The Dying Light 2 Virus is deadly, but could YOU survive against the apocalypse?

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We’re all guilty of discussing, planning, and imagining ourselves in an apocalyptic situation. Usually, we give ourselves main character syndrome, where we overcome the many feats which cause the demise of our favorite (and least favorite) characters in entertainment. That’s no different when it comes to the Dying Light franchise.

How about we give you a wake-up call? Let’s imagine this: The year is 2023, reports of a Rabies-like virus is spreading and turning infected people into nasty little chompers. How would you react? Wait, how do you even survive this situation? It’s not as easy as it may seem. But we’re giving you a headstart with this idiot’s guide to surviving the Dying Light 2 virus. 

The Idiot’s Guide to Surviving "The Harran Virus"

Knowledge is Power

Knowing your enemy is fundamentally better than not, and we all know that knowledge is power in the end. Now, we have crazed dead-looking people chasing their latest feast and well, it’s too graphic to discuss here. All I’ll say is, lunch is served. Not all hope is lost though; you still have that small, minuscule chance of surviving. 

The virus that’s taking over in Dying Light 2 right now is a variant of The Harran Virus, a pathogen similar to Rabies which, as far as we know, was created by some nasty humans in lab coats. Luckily, this variant of The Harran Virus (which we will call THV1 and THV2 respectively now), is a lot easier to survive than THV1. If you find yourself on the dinner plate of someone infected and they get a nice taste of you, you’re likely infected. However, staying in the sunlight and/or ultraviolet light sources will keep the virus at bay. Good old Vitamin D!

If you need to go out at night while infected, make sure to take anything which can prolong the virus. Hopefully, by the time you, unfortunately, catch the virus, they would’ve developed an Immunity Booster, which in-game, is an inhaler-type device to stop the virus from taking over your brain. Speaking of nighttime…

Try and Avoid Night, Things Get Spooky

The Peacekeepers Using UV lights on Infected
Get That Ultraviolet Ready!

The first few months of the virus are mainly the infected called Virals (super-duper fast infected which are hungry and recently turned) and just your standard infected (kind-of hungry, but tired, like when you stumble to the fridge at 3 a.m.). Use these starting months to turn your home into a fortress. Buy generators, because the power grid will stop soon, as well as any lighting devices which can use ultraviolet bulbs. I’m talking about floodlights all around your house. 

When things start getting wacky at night, that’s when your odds of surviving go from "meh" to "you're screwed." New infected, such as Volatiles, will come out to play when the sun goes away, and these creatures are fast. Not only that, but they are ridiculously vicious and strong. Make your nighttime trips a thing of the past, and if you need to go out at night, make sure it’s completely necessary. No more late-night walks with your friends, no more going out drinking. Stay. Inside. 

Time to Learn New Skills

If you aren’t incredibly crafty and great with DIY, a master at weaponry and armor, or an agile unlimited-stamina parkour runner by day one of THV2 hitting the streets, well, you’re already behind. While your character in Dying Light 2 seems pretty well-versed in all three of the above, you’re better off learning one of the skills to mastery rather than attempting to become a master of all trades, if you will. 

Let’s say your preference is DIY, and you learn more about how to set up traps, build tools and equipment to survive, as well as create attachments to modify weapons, you already have a good opportunity to join other survivors. You can use your knowledge of building to allow a community to accept you in, likely trading you some food and other essentials in return for your particular skill set. The same can be said for the other skills, such as freerunners being able to outrun infected at night and make those last-minute daily explorations, or masters of weaponry being able to defend themselves and others from the infected. 

There are likely many other ways you could survive the virus, however, mastering one of those three jobs will put you first in line to whatever group of survivors you choose to join. It’s also easier for you to survive on your lonesome (if you so wish), but I’d recommend finding some like-minded individuals. We are social creatures after all. 

Dying Light Renegade in Full Armour
Dress to Impress!

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? 

Congratulations, you hopefully survived the first few months of the virus. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high five and quickly get back to surviving. But, what about the remaining years of your worried and barely surviving life? The virus seems to mutate and benefit the infected quite often (with Dying Light 2’s zombies seeing major upgrades over 15 years), so you best keep yourself ready. 

It’s best to keep your guard up, even with other survivors. There’s bound to be some who go from side character to antagonist in your story of survival. It’s just one of those things that come with the territory. But if you keep your wits about you, you’ll hopefully make it past the five-year mark. I wouldn’t place bets on you though. Sorry.

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