A Celebration of Video Games Where You Can Kill Hitler

Published: April 20, 2020 12:00 PM /


Games Where You Can Kill Hitler

It's 4/20! This is a day mostly known for other reasons. Reasons that involve Snoop Dogg, a pretty great guy that I just happened to see recently in the movie Starsky and Hutch. However, 4/20 is also the birthday of the mass-murdering objectively awful human being Adolf Hitler. So we're going to 'celebrate' by giving a shout-out to some video games where you can kill Hitler, as should be allowed in all video games.

What Games Let Players Kill Hitler?

Wolfenstein 3D

While I can think of a couple of Wolfenstein games where you can kill Hitler, for example, you can kill him in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, although this is ultimately non-canon, we have to give a shoutout to the original game. Hitler shows up at the end of Wolfenstein 3D as a boss fight, inside of a mech suit. Thankfully you get a chance to do what B.J. Blazkowicz does best: take various weapons and shoot Hitler until he's dead. A great way to start off the day. Or any day really.


Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando Hitler

If you played Bionic Commando in a place that wasn't America, you may remember that the final boss was none other than Hitler himself. It gave you a chance to put that robotic arm to use and give Hitler some of his own medicine. Sadly, when the game made its way to America, Hitler was localized out of it and replaced with a generic, but still very killable, Master-D. So that's something. Worst case, you can just pretend Hitler is the Master-Dick.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin

It's not often you get to fight Hitler in turn-based combat, but in Persona 2: Innocent Sin you'll get a chance to do so. Hitler is revived by a neo-Nazi cult where he promptly uses the Spear of Destiny (you know, the one that was used to stab Jesus) to fight the party. He's probably the most hilariously over-the-top evil here. It's the goofy sunglasses. Just look at those things! It's glorious. Anyway, you get to kill Hitler, which is always a good thing.

Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron 4

While you may not kill Hitler directly in this one, Hitler is one of the many real-life leaders of countries that can be found and fought in this dramatic World War 2 4x game. Well, unless you play in Germany, where he's replaced by a shadow version of himself known as Shadow Hitler. Thanks to the way the game works, you can stop Hitler from ever being Hitler by taking him out before his country even gets a chance to go full Nazi. Always a nice change of pace.

Sniper Elite series

Sniper Elite 4 Hitler

Several games in the Sniper Elite series, starting from v2, have had DLC that gives you a chance to kill Hitler. Naturally, the game's focus on gore and what you can do to a human with a single bullet means you can get some very impressively bloody deaths. Perhaps the most interesting feature? Because you can do groin shots the Sniper Elite series does something most other games can't do: accurately show the fact that Hitler only has a single testicle. You can also blow it off if that's your sort of thing. Which it should be.


Operation Darkness

Operation Darkness Hitler

Probably one of my favorite weird obscure games, Operation Darkness is a strange 2008 Xbox 360 strategy game where you play as a group of British soldiers as they hunt down Nazis. Oh, also, the British are werewolves, the Nazis are vampires, and magical fireball-throwing schoolgirls show up to help. Of course, Hitler doesn't go down easily. Instead, he's a mythical mage who puts up quite a fight, heals his Nazi buddies, and summons a dragon. But he's not enough of a match for a bunch of British furries at least.


Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode

Golgo 13

While doing some Hitler research for this article, I got to learn something new. I'd never heard of Golgo 13 before this, but it was cool to learn about it. A cyberpunk game based on a manga, Golgo 13 has you playing as someone hunting a mysterious organization known as the Drek group. Get close to the end of the game and you're in for a surprise! It turns out the leader of the Drek group is none other than a clone of Hitler himself. So naturally, you have to gun him down. The fact that his head decapitates from his body and flies at you? Well not expected, but at least you'll specifically shoot his head.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

OK, so let us say you can't kill Hitler. What's the next best decision? Well, the plot for Red Alert kicks off after Albert Einstein discovers time travel and uses this newfound power to go back in time and delete Adolph Hitler from history. Of course, messing with the timeline in such a way means he has completely and totally altered the course of history in a dramatic fashion, but to be totally fair, who could have predicted such a thing? At least we get to see Hitler warp into nothing. So that's good.

War Front: Turning Point

War Front Turning Point

Similar to Red Alert, you don't really kill Hitler directly in War Front. Instead, Hitler is killed in the early days of World War 2, once again radically altering the timeline and changing how everything plays out. Apparently, had we killed Hitler in World War 2, we'd have mechs or something? Hitler really ruined everything, and that's mostly what I've gotten from this. F you Hitler.


So there are some video games where Hitler meets his end, which is always a great thing. Celebrate 4/20 by giving one of these games a spin, and letting Hitler die. Or the other 4/20 way where you smoke weed. That's also an option.

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