Best Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mods for PC

Best Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC Mods that make the game better.

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Character of Final Fantasy VII standing before a sunset.

Now that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has hacked into the Steam community, players are thrilled to be able to play their favorite title on PC. Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise were thrilled to learn that the once Epic exclusive made its way to a new platform, and mods were the first thing that came to mind when playing the new game. While the addition of mods is not a necessity, players have found that they make the game more fun and exciting overall. Here are a few of the best Final Fantasy VII Remake mods that players can't seem to get enough of.

FFVIIHook - ini and Dev Console Unlocker

Final Fantasy characters fighting

This mod allows players to unlock the Dev console, allowing them to access an array of commands. This gives players the ability to make changes to their game on a developer's level however they see fit. This also allows gamers to change their resolution settings to use an exclusive full-screen mode.

This mod also sees to enhance the graphics of the game drastically when players mess with the resolution settings, making the hair on the character's head less grainy and pixelated. It can help gives the game a more buttery smooth texture, compared to a slightly blurry one that comes along with the original game. The mod also allows players to modify their anti-aliasing settings, post-processing settings, and even the finer texture and detail settings. 

Equipment Rebalance - Increased Materia Slots

Final Fantasy inventory

This mod reworks all of the stats on a player's equipment as well as the materia slots. This is a way for players to "hack" into their armor and gear to amp up the stats it comes with. Weapons will come with one additional slot for players to utilize. Extra materia slots can come in handy, as players can use materia orbs and gems to enhance their stats. This can even add to damage types, as well as the character's spells and abilities. Having more slots available means more helpful stats available to players. 

On top of that, armor will also come with additional defense, as the game heavily favors attack stats over defense. This means that as players progress, their defense level won't scale as high as their attack will. This mod provides several helpful tweaks to a player's armor and weapons in order to make them more powerful with a few clicks of a button. This makes a significant difference to those playing on Hard Mode, as defense helps provide more survivability. 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Camera Distance Modifier

Final Fantasy characters fighting a mob

With this mod available, players are able to customize and change the camera distance values more so than what the game offered originally. This tool is helpful to those who are used to playing games super zoomed out, while also helping players scope out their surroundings more so than they usually could. Those who wish to use this mod will also be required to download Cheat Engine in order for the mod to work.

Character Customization Mods - Hair Color, Eye Color, and Outfits

Starting screen for Final Fantasy VII with Cloud Aerith and Tifa

For those who are into the customization side of things there a quite a few mods to choose from, so let's take a look at the best ones. One of which is the hair customization mod. The only tool this mod provides is the ability to change and enhance the hair colors of the characters within the game. Some players want to mimic their own hair color or crazy colors that the game doesn't offer without the use of this mod. It is just a nice option to have for those who are interested in further customizing their characters. 

Another Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod that adds to this one is the Eye Colors for Cloud Aerith and Tifa. This one is also self-explanatory, as it allows players to change the eye colors of their in-game characters. It works in unison with the hair color mod and works with all of the costume swaps. 

Going even further into customization there is a Dress Recolors for Tifa and Aerith mod available. This mod allows players to change the color of Tifa's Purple Dress and Aerith's Sexy Dress. While there aren't many colors available, it does include a few that allow players to customize their character more so than in the original game. Players should note that in order to use this mod, they must also have the Purple Dress Tifa mod and the Sexy Dress Aerith mod

Advent ReShade - HDR FX

Cloud fighting in Final Fantasy VII

Gamers all over the community use reshading to enhance the lighting and aesthetics of their gameplay. This mod for Final Fantasy 7 Remake will add HDR lighting effects to the player's game to intensify the visuals.

Most of the time, enhanced visuals inside of different games will take a toll on a computer's performance. Luckily, this particular mod does not affect the performance very much at all, making it a great mod to choose.

Stuttering Fix - DXVK method

Character from final Fantasy VII remake standing with her sword.

This particular mod seems to be overlooked, but it's actually quite useful. The mod fixes some of the hectic loading stutters within the game and can also help make the game run more smoothly by fixing frame rate issues that can occur. A mod like this can help make the gameplay feel more smooth overall and less laggy, making it useful for those who may have an older processor. 

SOLDIER Sword Over Buster Sword

Final Fantasy 7 buster sword info

This mod really hits the nail on the head with the title, as all this mod is capable of doing is changing the look of the Buster Sword available to Cloud to the look of a SOLDIER Sword. While this may not seem like much, it really helps players customize Cloud.  A lot of gamers like to keep things as aesthetically pleasing as possible, right?

Aggressive Companions

Character from final Fantasy VII remake fighting and kicking.

This mod causes your AI companions to attack more often than usual. Most of the time, these AI have a nasty habit of just watching as chaos ensues. It is said to make Cloud and Tifa fight non-stop during battles and take on more of a player-controlled approach instead of aimlessly staring into the abyss. This becomes especially helpful when players take on multiple enemies, as the AI will now attack other enemies while players focus on the main one. 

FF7 Remake HD Project

Cloud and other characters standing together

For those looking to bring the game's textures to the next level, this is the mod for them. This mod offers over 20,000 textures that have all been upscaled. Players are now able to modify the environments, characters, enemies, and objects within the game however they so choose.

This is insanely cool for players who really want to enhance their gaming experience and cater to their preferences. More so, the mod will enhance the overall texture quality, giving a more enjoyable experience. The biggest differences in quality that can be spotted will be within cutscenes or close-ups, but the mod does affect the regular gameplay slightly as well. It is worth noting that his mod may not be for everyone, as it does take up 54GB of space.

While there are several useful mods on the market for players of Final Fantasy VII Remake, these seem to be the best out there to date. Final Fantasy is a game that comes with a vast amount of content and material already, but people who love modding can expand their horizons even more. Hopefully, this list of the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods for PC helps both beginners and experienced modders alike who want a list of the most popular ones to snag. 

Of course, there are several important ones out there that may not be listed here, which we'd love to hear about in the comments!

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