TechRaptor at Indy PopCon 2014 - What to Expect!

TechRaptor at Indy PopCon 2014 - What to Expect!

Published: May 30, 2014 5:24 PM /


Indy PopCon

We covered C2E2 last month, and got some amazing interviews in, which you can check out at the links below...but now we're moving on to Indy PopCon, a convention in Indianapolis that covers everything from Comics and Tabletop, to Anime and Video Games!

Curious about who we'll be interviewing?


Tethys Interactive - A gaming studio that is currently focusing all its time on Astral Terra, a voxel-based Action RPG. The game is all about player choice, allowing you to play how you choose, and your actions are what determine your class instead of being forced to pick one! With crafting, co-op, exploration, and more, this isn't to be missed!

Extra Life (Charity) - We'll be spending some time with Extra Life, learning more about their charity and what we as a gaming community can do to help it grow and help more people!

Plow Digital - Plow digital is a jack of all trades, but specializes in mobile apps and games - such as Zombie Rollers, Dead Island/CoD/LA Noir/Batman Arkham Asylum map apps, Last Front: Europe, and more! We'll be talking to them and getting details on what they've got going on!

RagTag - Ragtag is a small 3-person development studio that is currently working on Ray's The Dead, which is a nice spin on your typical zombie genre game...where you are the zombie! We'll discuss the game with them, as well as whats to come!

Hoosier Games - A development studio for students based out of Indiana University, we're going to talk to students about game development, gaming, and seek to find out their opinion for people looking to get into the game development field!

And more! We were surprised at C2E2 by people we didn't know would be there, and that's likely the case here too!




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