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The Dangers of Newegg Pre-ordering Videogames

Gaming article by Scott Rosenberg on Monday, February 10, 2014 - 10:00

Ever get super excited over a videogame? I was like, "OMG, BRAVELY DEFAULT IS COMING OUT!" It has an awesome voice cast. I'm a bit of a Spike Spencer fan. I once had Spike Spencer (Ringabel in this game, or most commonly known as Shinji from Evangelion) climb over a table to take a photo with me.

[caption id="attachment_6747" align="alignright" width="400"]Spike Spencer Spike Spencer at Anime Midwest[/caption]


It also has a strong background heritage (it's reminiscent of Final Fantasy III and IX mixed together + new mechanics), and the demo is fantastic!

This would be a review, but instead it's a lesson on being careful where you shop.


Bravely Default was released on Friday. We all know the bliss of a preorder. The excitement for it to come in the mail, telling your friends about it day one, not having to fight for a copy of the game when it sells out. Man, preordering has its perks. had it on sale 2 weeks ago 3$ cheaper than anywhere else, and of course, if you aren't in California, tax free. I also used Ebates to save another 1.5%.


I'm a cheapskate, so I went for it.

Oh boy, do I regret it.

It didn't ship until 6pm on Thursday, when the release date was Friday. It's estimated that I'll get the game on February 18th. When you preorder, nowhere does it state that it'll take an exceptionally long time to get the game.

This doesn't match the industry standard. When my girlfriend, Akari Momo, ordered a Pikachu Edition 3DS XL from Gamestop, it showed up in the middle of the day, on the launch day. When I ordered Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD REMIX, it came 9pm at night, but it, in fact, came on time as promised.


February 18th is a full 12 days after the release date. That's almost 2 weeks. I could beat Portal 2 18 times in that time period, if I set my heart to it.

Here is a chat log with their support.


Scott: I preordered this game, Bravely Default, well in advance. The purpose of a preorder, is to get the game on the day that it is released. That means the store which is selling it, has to ship it in advance, but not so much in advance that it comes early. Amazon has a long history of doing this correctly, Every game I've ever preordered on Amazon came exactly on time. I usually order from Amazon for this very reason, but I thought I'd give your site a chance for once. This order that I made, didn't even ship till February 6, at 6pm. It still hasn't left the shipment facility you guys sent it to. So now I'm here, waiting multiple days after the game came out, needing to write a review on it, for, a gaming review site I do work for. This is very upsetting. What are you going to do about it to compensate for it, and to fix this in the future? If nothing, I will have to never purchase from your company again, for anything time sensitive, ever.


Emma: It is my pleasure to assist you. May I please place you on hold for a moment while I look into this?

Scott: Okay.

Emma: Thank you for holding, Scott. Please kindly note the preorders are shipped first-come, first serve. When the item becomes available, the pre-order will transfer into a sales order, in which the order will begin to process. You will receive a sales order number, and the status can be viewed under your account. Upon checking, I show your order#WITHELD has picked up by the shipping carrier, and you could track it with the tracking #WITHELD on I apologize for any inconvenience.

Scott: "First come, first serve" I ordered it weeks ago Scott: Why can newegg not deliver the same way amazon does? Actually on time. Scott: Anything short of the day of, or the next day, is late. Scott: As I said, that is the purpose of a preorder.

Emma: I am sorry that for preorders our warehouse will pack the items and ship out the package in turn. We always try our best to ship out it as soon as possible.

Emma: I truly apologize for any inconvenience you have endured. In your case, I am willing to issue you a $5 credit as a courtesy. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to be processed and returned to your original method of payment. Would you take this?

Scott: I would infact take this. What I really would like though, is for your company to fix your gaming preorder system, to match your competitors for speed. Bestbuy, amazon, and gamestop all can deliver day of. There is no reason newegg can not. Scott: Your company is sufficiently large enough. Scott: It should have been delivered yesterday, or if a problem occured, today. Now it'll be Monday at the theoretical earliest.

Emma: Upon checking, I show your order# WITHELD was charged on 02/06. Please kindly note that the shipping carrier do not ship package on weekends.

Scott: It was "charged" on 2/6, which was well after I ordered it.

Emma: It should be delivered on 02/18 the day of the schedule timeframe. The shipping time frame is calculated starting from the following business day from the ship date. Tracking results may also be slower than usual, and they can look an odd crazy as we hand your order back and forth. I apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding. Emma: I am sorry for any confusion. Please kindly note that you will be charged for a preorder item when the item is in stock and to be a normal order.

Scott: So the problem is that your company has no method of dealing with videogame preorders, that coincides with the industry standard (Bestbuy, Amazon, Gamestop) of shipping the game 2-3 days before the game is "released", having it delivered on the exact day of "release", and Newegg itself receives games later than your competitors ship them. Interesting.

Emma: Dear Scott, the shipping method of an preorder is as same as a normal order, you could choose the shipping method in the shopping cart. I really appreciate your advice, and I will forward it to our related department. I have issued you a credit in the amount of $5. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to be processed and returned to your original method of payment. I truly apologize for any inconvenience you have endured.

Scott: Fine.

Emma: It is my pleasure to assist you. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Scott: No. I would like you to know I'm keeping a record of this chatlog, for the future though. Scott: Have a good night.

Emma: Yes, here is the reference #WITHELD of our communication. You could keep it. *******************************************************************************

You can see my frustration quietly building.

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