Subway Midnight

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Bubby Darkstar
Aggro Crab
Release Date
October 28, 2021 (Calendar)

Subway Midnight is a horror game developed by Bubby Darkstar and published by Aggro Crab. It features a haunted train filled with various spirits — some friendly, some decidedly less so.

Your character finds themselves on this train, and must make their way forward through each train car. Sometimes they'll run into friendly spirits that can be helped, with the game's ending depending on how many you save. Many of the ghosts you encounter will not be so nice and must be avoided. This often involves running away from the camera as an off-screen enemy chases you.

Subway Midnight makes use of stylised 2D character sprites combined with 3D environments. As you explore the train, the world will often shift in strange ways. Regardless of what weird and wonderful train car you find yourself in however, you'll always want to press forward to escape the train and avoid a grim fate.

Developer Quote

A haunted-house style spookycute game set on a ghost-infested train, from the mind of Bubby Darkstar.