Image of a player in Enshrouded Looking over their custom built base

In Enshrouded, you'll awaken as the Flameborn and start an epic journey across different biomes and a vast world to explore and build in. With a open world teeming with secrets, difficult bosses, and and in-depth skill tree that lets you build your character as you wish - Enshrouded will give you an epic adventure both solo and with up to 16 friends. If you're someone who enjoys building in games like Valheim, Smalland, or V Rising - this game may just be the next one you should explore!

Key Mechanics:

  • Deep skill tree that lets you multi-class
  • Action RPG combat system - duck, parry, and exploit enemy weaknesses
  • Expansive Building System - create structures both small and massive, offering shelter to the NPCs of the world.
  • Gear Crafting - numerous options to help you on your journey
  • Multiplayer - Play with up to 16 other players!
  • Wide world - numerous biomes to explore and people to meet.
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Keen Games
Keen Games
Release Date
January 24, 2024 (Calendar)
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