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Colors Live
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Collecting Smiles
Collecting Smiles
Nintendo Switch
Release Date
October 24, 2020 (Calendar)
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Embrace your inner artist with Colors Live, a brand new art tool from developer Collective Smiles. 

Players can paint on their Nintendo Switch, as if it were a digital canvas, thanks to the Colors Live software and a brand new accessory, the Colors Sonar Pen. 

The Sonar Pen gives players more control with their strokes. The harder you press on the Switch, the more opaque your lines. The pressure-sensitive pen allows for ametuer and professionals alike to create their own lovely works of art, with the painting flow nice and  intuitive.

Colors Live was a kickstarter backed project, and is currently being offered in multiple bundles for sale by Collective Smiles. All of their bundles are offered by the Colors Live website as pre-launch bonuses before the toolkit is officially released. Kickstarter backers already have Colors Live now. 

Developer Quote

Colors Live is a powerful and fun painting game for Nintendo Switch that comes bundled with the super-responsive Colors SonarPen. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Nintendo 3DS game "Colors! 3D". Whether you are a seasoned artist or a person new to digital painting, we think you are going to love it!

Pressure-Sensitivity with the bundled Colors SonarPen gives you wider stroke or more opaque the harder you press. Combined with the physical buttons on the Nintendo Switch, the painting flow is incredibly fast and intuitive.