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Builders of Egypt
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Builders of Egypt is an indie city building strategy title that takes place in the valley of the Nile. You'll start in the protodynastic period and finish with the death of Cleopatra VII. You will have to shape the grid of the streets while placing buildings and designing the city to improve economic efficiency, and that's just the easy part. The hard part is that as governor, you'll have to navigate an ever-changing political environment. This can range to requests from the Pharoah or other cities, military threats, and how the mixture of different cultures can make assimilation difficult.

Builders of Egypt will be available on Steam sometime in 2022.

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Builders of Egypt is a city-building economic strategy taking place in the Nile Valley. Immerse yourself in a world full of pyramids, where you will become a part of the ancient world. Create history, be history!